The Revenge (18+)

The Revenge (18+) – episode 1

March 26th,, 2008.

It was a very dark and cold evening. The sky had just finished reminding the residents of benin city that it has lost it’s child with a heavy downpour.
The sun had set so quickly,,like it was in a hurry to attend the funeral and the moon was no where to be found either.

Down in the streets of ekosodin,,it was as quiet as a grave yard. You could hear your neighbour breathe in the next house. The town of ekosodin is known to be one of the most dangerous and dreaded towns in the city of benin.

Nobody dare walk along the street in the dark except you are a MACH. This was also the territory of one of the most feared confraternity in Benin City “The Cobras”

In newton street,, two groups of men were coming towards each other. One from the left made up of two men and the other from the right consisting of four men. They were both walking steadily and at alert. In case of any move to attack from the opposite direction.

Slowly and steadily they walked until they met in front of the Newton hostel. Newton Hostel is one of the many lodges that students stay off campus.
The bright light from the fluorescent shone on both groups and they could see each others faces.

Nobody was smiling….

“So you get the liver to carry your two legs reach this cabal abi? You nor dey fear again?”

Asked Zick. With a dangerous smile on his face.

Zick was the capon of “The cobras”. He was tall,,well built and dark. The upper part of his lip was slightly deformed which made it look like he always smiled. The deformity of his lip comes with a story though.

Zick was well feared amongst the members of his confraternity and he was also well known in the confraternity world. He really worked and fought hærd to earn that respect for himself. This is because when he joined “The cobras” they were at war with a rival group called “The lynxx”. It was a very big war and “The cobras” were at the losing side. They had lost 19 members and many others had to flee for safety. Zick was brave enough to org-nise and lay an ambush with 7 other brave mach men against the top members of “The lynxx”.

It was in the heat of a gun fight with the capon of the rival group that he sustained the injury which has come to stay forever.

“Capo make I sample them sharp sharp. No time to waste time. Body dey hot”
Said Jack,,Zick’s most trusted wing man. As he c*cks his gun and points it at the two men.

The capon signalled him to be quiet with a stop sign from his hand.

The two men from the other group belonged to another confraternity known as “The Wolves”. They were Obaz and Alberto;also known as scarface. Alberto was a very short and stout guy. He hailed from the north and he was very good with knives. There is a story that he single handedly fought and killed two men who were with guns when they attacked him at his house. He also had a very sharp reflex and could throw a knife before one could pull out his gun. Scar face kills ruthlessly and makes sure that an internal org-n comes out of his opponent’s body whenever he fights at close range. That was how good and devilish he was.

He got his nickname “scar face” after a fight with another knife wielding fighter back in the north. He ran to benin city after killing the opponent for fear of being killed by his followers. His name was “tom Daggers”

As usual,,he was wielding two daggers in his hands ready to strike at anyone who makes a move. He also had with him four pocket knives hidden at different positions on his body where he could easily access.
Obaz who had been calm and quiet all these while with his left hand in,side his jacket,,car-ssing his shot gun opened his mouth to speak.

” I came here with a message”

“And that message is for you alone zick.”

“But anyone of these fools who wants to go down with you can as well join you”

Obaz spoke calmly as he points to the other three men standing behind zick.

“Don’t make me laugh obaz”
Zick replied; smiling.

“You are still the little boy I know”

“You have always been like a younger brother to me,,but now i’ve seen that you have grown wings. I laugh at your stúpidity.”

Zick had always known obaz from their childhood days. He was the friend of obaz’s elder brother Daniel osato or Osas. But things went very sour when they all got into the university and Daniel lost his life in a fight between the rival confraternity zick belonged to. Obaz believed zick was responsible for it.

“Those wings which I have grown will make me fly and i’ll triumph over you”
Obaz replied.

Jack again pointed his gun in a bid to shoot at obaz but alberto was quick to stand in obaz’s way raising his knife in a swift second at jack’s neck.

Zack spoke again.

“Tell your man to calm down obaz. You are greatly outnumbered and surrounded.”

“Look at all these men around you”
he uses his hand to direct obaz’s attention to various dark hideouts where some men were coming out from.

“I for don use you do suya now now but I nor dey fight like that. I wan make you prepare well for your death so that I go dey justified say I fight you well”

He continued talking in pidgin with a higher tone this time.

Obaz then beckoned on scarface to withdraw his knife and then he removed his left hand from his jacket and handed a little piece of red paper to zick.

It was encrypted….


And they both walked away,,fading into the dark.

To Be Continued…

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