The Revenge (18+)

The Revenge – episode 4

Obaz never knew his elder brother belonged to a confraternity. In fact,, it was osas who always advised him to stay away from such group of people.

Daniel osato was more of the quiet one among the brothers. He was always cool and didn’t like anything that brought great trouble. He tried to be at peace with everyone all the time and nobody ever suspected he would end up in such a drastic and sad way.

Obaz on the other hand was quite more extrovertious in nature and didn’t take shït. He was quick to anger and he forgave easily too. But not this time. Osas knew it won’t be long before his brother joined the cult so he always tried to shield him from trouble. He knew how the game went down. But his own mistake led his brother to fall into what he was always protecting him from.

Obaz was really thinking hærd. How did his brother end up like this? What went wrong? Why did zick his own best friend betray him?. So many questions left unanswered. And he had to find the answers.


July 8th,,2007.
Obaz knocked on the gate of St.paul’s hostel in Osasogie. Another off campus base for University students.

“Who be that? Wetin you dey find?”

A short dark and stout guy shouted from a corner in,side the hostel compound. He came closer and obaz saw his face. He had a big scar on his left side and a marijuana was in the left side of his mouth. It was alberto aka scarface. He removed the weed and puffed out smoke from his mouth and nose.

“I say who you be?”

Alberto asked again with a thick Hausa accent.

“I be jeff,,I dey find una capo”

Obaz replied.

He was definitely not scared. He knew what he wanted and so he came for it. Alberto opened the gate and allowed him to enter. He asked obaz to follow him while he led him to their capo.

St.paul’s hostel was definitely not living up to it’s name. Anyone who is not conversant with things happening around would think it was just a normal hostel for students. But those who know,,know the kind of people in st.pauls. It was the den of the “Wolves”. In fact it was their headquarters.

Anyone who doesn’t belong to their confraternity can not stay there. Except he’s willing to join. The story goes that the hostel was once a normal lodge for different students but sometime in 2003,,there was a “heat”. The “wolves” had some people to settle scores with and so they attacked the hostel and killed those people. After the heat,,many of the normal students couldn’t stay there again and so they left the place des**ted. The “wolves” decided to make that place their territory and that was how they took over and have remained there till this moment.

Alberto led obaz upstairs and they walked through a dark passage with different rooms by the left and right side.It was a storey building. There was a very strong stench of weed in the air that one could get high from just inhalation. It was coming from various rooms.

Some Mach men were gisting and making noise in another room by the left. They were drinking and smoking too.

“Last card!!”

Someone shouted from the room. It was obvious they were gambling.

They kept walking through the passage. Obaz turned his face to a room by his right. Door left ajar!. He saw a näked girl riding on another guy reverse cowgirl style. Her br-asts were jumping up and down like basket balls and her gr0aπs were loud.
She saw him but didn’t seem to care as she was lost in the moment.


His leg hit an empty bottle in the passage and alberto turned back to look at him. He shook his head and they continued their walk.

At the far end of the passage was a room with a large door. It was the capo’s room.

“Wait here!”

Alberto commanded.

He knocked for a while with their signature knock. Two times a mild knock and then one hærd knock. That was how they were able to identify their member if he visits. Obaz could remember hearing such a style of knock when someone came to visit his brother in their room back then.

Alberto went in and came out few minutes later. A young girl also walked behind him and passed by the both of them. She was wearing just a b-ra and bom short.

Scarface beckoned on obaz to follow him and they entered the room. It was spacious and the walls were painted red at the top and black below. Students style. There was a large wall paper of a wolf pasted on the left side of the wall as obaz was coming in. On another side by the right there was another wall paper of pack of wolves howling in the snow. Then a few other wall papers and drawings of some american h¡p hop celebrities. An American h¡p hop song was playing from the sound system. The capo came and put it off.

“Jeff,,i’ve been expecting you since. I knew it won’t be long before you came here”

Capo said. As he asked jeff to sit on one of the plastic chairs opposite the bed.

“Yes. I need answers! My mind has not been at peace since osas passed away”

Jeff replied.

“Hmmm…your brother was a very close friend when he was alive. we did so many things together.”

Capo continued after a brief silence.

“He always protected you from our activities,,but I knew it won’t take long before you find yourself here. However,,i didn’t expect it to be through his death.”

Capo spoke again.

Obaz could see the pain in his eyes. Then he said loudly:

“I want vengeance! And I will do anything to get it. Nobody takes the life of my brother and goes scot free”

There was a long silence…..

Capo stood up from the bed and went to his cupboard. He took a rizzler and went to the table in front of obaz. There was a weed tray on it. He took some weed and put it in the rizzler,,rolled it,,used his saliva to w-t the edge and wrapped it. He picked up the lighter from the table and lit the rizzler. There was another wrapped weed on the table. He picked that one and gave to obaz but he declined.

There was another long silence…
Capo took a long drag from his weed,,then he spoke.

“I like your courage and determination jeff. We had been planning a revenge mission but we had not decided when to strike;I wanted you to bury your brother first and mourn him then I would reach out to you. I believe you are the one who can really fight this war…because it is your war. But you have to get prepared first. There are so many things you do not know”

Jeff retorted;

“I am willing to get prepared for any war.”

Capo summoned on alberto through a phone call and he was in the room within a few minutes.

“Follow this guy,,he said”

Obaz stood up and walked behind alberto. In his face one could notice his determination. He was not smiling.

They went ahead to prepare for his initiation and preparation.

To Be Continued…

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