The Revenge (18+)

The Revenge – Episode 6

Red Friday II

Few minutes after Jack left Zick and the other guys back at the table with the stripper girl,,three vehicles drove into the large compound of club play house. It was two cars and a bus all filled with members of the “wolves”. The vehicles drove straight into the car park of the bar and then two men alighted from the first car. They were dressed in a red t-shirt and black trousers,,timberland boots on their feet and then one wore a red beret on his head while the other was putting on a red head warmer. They put on their black jackets to reduce suspicions and had tucked in their belt their shot guns.

The two men moved slowly into the bar,,looking around them to observe. They went straight to the counter in a pretence of making orders and then they went to sit at a table at the far end of the bar. They kept turning their heads left and right and after a while one of them stood up and walked back to the car park. He was to inform them of the number of “cobrans” he noticed were around and also to inform them that zick was not among them. His name was “Lekan”.

He reached the second car and bent his head close to the passenger’s window in front and made some inaudible comments. After a while two men came down from the back of the car. They were dressed in the same outfit too. They followed the first guy and walked back to the bar,,moving towards the direction where the other guy was sitting.

Now the four men were sitting at the table. Waiting for a signal to strike. From where they sat,,they were able to observe all the members at one view. The “cobrans” had been off guard none of them had noticed the four men walking in and even sitting on the table. They were taken unaware. Fifteen minutes after the four men had been seated,,a call came through to lekan’s phone. It was from someone at the car park. A few minutes after,,he put the phone in his pocket.

“It’s time” He said.

They all nodded in agreement. He pulled out his black gun from his jacket and put it under the table,,corked it and looked around one more time. He stood up and he quickly pointed the gun at the closest “cobra” member.

“POW!!” The gun shot went.

In a few minutes after that shot a lot of things transpired. The three other men with Lekan also stood up and pointed their guns at other members of the “cobra” and fired shots.

“Pow! Pow!! Pow!!!”

“Blam! Blam!! Blam!!!”

“Gboa! Gboa!!

There were glass cups breaking and flying in the air. The chairs scattered around and people hiding behind the tables for cover. There was a long silence and nobody moved. Nobody was standing except the four men who had now come together in front of the counter. All the “cobrans” were hiding behind tables and they were scared to bring out their guns. It was very clear that their sole motivator was zick. If he was not around them then they were hapless and couldn’t do a thing.

Back at the club jack had heard the first gun shot and he quickly came to his senses. He put in back his J0yst!ck and zipped up bringing out his gun at the same time. He left the stripper there who was in fear and surprise. When he got back he saw they were all at alert.

” I heard a gunshot” He said. While looking at zick as if to get an explanation from him.

Zick was calm. But he knew there was trouble. He was holding his gun too. He summoned jay jay and lekinz to go out and check what went wrong,,asking them to be careful and alert. But jack wouldn’t have that;he wanted to go out and see for himself.

“Capo who get mind dey shoot gun for this place where we dey? That person dey craze?” he said.

By this time more shots had been fired and when they heard it they knew it was worse than what they thought. They had been ambushed. Zick wasn’t ready to go down without a fight and when he thought it could be obaz who had planned the ambush he was impressed. Cos he never expected it. Though he had been warned before hand but he didn’t take it seriously. Perhaps he felt too powerful to be taken off guard.

Jack and jay jay left the club and walked slowly into the bar. They had sighted the position of the four men and opened fire immediately they entered the bar. Jack was a sharp shooter and he hærdly missed a shot.

“Gbo! Gbo!! Gbo!!”

“Pow! Pow!! Pow!!!

Shots were fired continuously from jack and jay jay’s angle as three of the men went down immediately. Lekan who was closer to the counter was lucky enough to dive behind the counter as quickly as he could move. There was a scre-m by one of the attendants who was hiding there. Jack and jay jay kept shooting at the counter continuously. Glass cups and bottles of alcoholic drinks were broken and shattered around. Lekan was badly hit on the leg. The wooden counter made of mahogany was ridden with bullet h0les and it looked as if it would fall down any moment soon.

Everywhere was quiet now.

Jack walked slowly to the counter with his gun facing towards the direction where Lekan dived. All of a sudden Lekan sprang up holding the female attendant by the neck and pointing a gun at her head. She scre-med loudly. This was to use her as a bait so that jack would free him. It was a cowardly act. This was certainly not the movies. Jack smiled in an “I don’t give a fuçk manner” and shot the girl on the fore head twice. Lekan was hopeless now as he raised his two hands up in the air to surrender. Jack Pointed his gun at him. By this time members of the “cobra” who were hiding behind the tables began to stand up and take strategic positions.

As jack was about to shoot Lekan there came another set of shots fired. This time it sounded like Ak-47 and M-16 machine guns.





The other “wolves” had come down from the bus and the small car to attack. They were coming towards the bar with full force. This was their plan,,to send out a small team first so as to draw out the top members and kill them. Obaz and alberto alighted from the first car. obaz moved towards the direction of the club with some men while alberto led the attacking force to the bar.

It was total WAR! And there was no escape for the “cobra” this time. But they wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Sporadic exchange of gun fire ensued and bodies were dropping left,,right and centre.

Jay jay was about to fire a shot at alberto but he was too slow for the knife master. In swift seconds a knife was stuck in his throat,,blood splashing everywhere. He quickly drew his knife from his throat and took cover behind one of the tables. A man fighting with a knife cannot be running around when bullets are flying in the air.

Members of the “wolves” were gaining ground now as the body of “cobrans” were littered on the floor like fishes in the sea. However,,jack was still able to kill a large number as he shot swiftly hiding comfortable behind one of the tables too.

Obaz had rushed with some men into the club where they would find zick. As they entered shots were opened on them immediately.

“Pa! Pa!! Pa!!!”

“Bow! Bow!! Bow!!!”

Four of obaz’s men went down instantly as zick and his two wing men were shooting from their hideout. They were hiding behind the counter of the club and had held the people in,side hostage.

Obaz in a swift reflex action quickly dived in slow motion behind one of the tables with glass shattering on his body.

There was a long silence….

One of obaz’s wing men raised his head and began to shoot at the counter where zick and his crew were hiding. Bottles were breaking and glasses shattering. The strippers were scre-ming loud but the sounds from the shots fired overpowered everything.

A sky vodka bottle which broke found a larger part of it landing directly on Fab’s neck and he died instantly. Obaz and the two other men left stood up and began to shoot at the counter too.

There was no way out.

Zick had to act fast. He saw a table at the far end which was curved in a perfect way for a shield and he set himself to dive. In an instant he dived and fired shots simultaneously at one of the shooters killing him and he landed behind the table perfectly,,just as he had mapped out. The shooting stopped.

Zick had to find a way out. He knew he was over powered and there was nothing he could do. Turning to his left was a glass window which was locked. That was his only way out. He crawled on the floor with the broken bottles piercing his elbows and knees but the pain was not the important thing for him right now. He had to save his life first. Immediately he dived towards the window,,hands first,,crossed in an “X” position in front of his head and he shattered the glass. His body following swiftly and he landed on the hærd concrete just outside the club.

To Be Continued…

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