The Sacred Bride

The sacred bride episode 23

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The Sacred Bride

Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel.

Segment 23

>>>>>>>>>>> Alisdair <<<<<<<<<<<

I dragged Bloom into the house as she sang and swayed her hips in my arms, we explored outside the beach and ended up at a club at her wish and now, she keeps trying to seduce me. I huffed as I tried to balance her in my arms at the same time open my locked room. Remind me why I didn’t carry any guards and since when did she get freaky heavy; what have she been eating! I can swear that three days ago, she was lighter.

‘Oh come on now Mr. Handsome

Stop acting like you just can’t fathom

Just call my name and I will come

If you don’t want me sitting near

Too bad, I’m still not gonna hear

Honestly, can you make me drip?

Literally, you just made me flip….’ I puffed as I threw her on the bed, she bounced up and folded her legs.

‘Yeah, I’m sexy

Call me lazy

Hey, I get it

That’s how I’m crazy

Once a girl code

Fuck my heartcode

Broke…..’ If her drunken singing doesn’t kill me, the useless lyrics will.

‘What are you singing!’

‘I’m describing how sexy I am, duh!’

‘Please Bloom, you almost made me drive us to our graves with your disturbance. Right now, I am horny and right at the bridge of raping someone’s daughter, please….’ I clasped my hands together. ‘Go to sleep and leave me alone.’

‘You call my name so sexually

Fire me up erotically

Your intense electric touch

Flows through every line of my veins….’ She continued. I sighed and sat on the bed.

‘Give me your legs,’ she stretched them out and threw it on my laps. I took off her shoes and dropped them on the floor, she twisted her ankle earlier but it’s surprising she wasn’t hurting. Talking about healing, what happened to the burn on her arm? I haven’t asked her. ‘Does your ankle hurt?’

‘No, you being gay does.’ I chuckled as I slowly massaged her ankle.

‘My heart flutters over again

But yet, I still dare to say

You can’t know my emotions

Not with this look on my face….’ She pouted and giggled. ‘You know, I never believed I was going to get married, doubted it.


‘Because I’m the burnt offering for thy people to live and kingdom to go on! Onward!’ She squealed and clapped her hand childishly.

‘Burnt offering?’

‘I love ice cream

Ice cream loves me too

We got married

Now I want a kid….’ She sang and laughed.

‘Bloom, can you tell me what is wrong with you? Why you think you would never get married?’

‘I’m an Angel!’


She whimpered and sniffed. ‘Why are you gay? Why can’t you be straight? Why can’t you love me? You know,’ she took her legs back. ‘My heart beats so crazily whenever you are around, I can’t breathe well either. Leila thinks I’m just attracted to your good looks, your charms but Bernice think I’m in love with you, why? Am I in love with you?’

‘I don’t know,’

‘I don’t think it’s a negative result,’ she said sadly, shaking her head. ‘I’m starting to love you or even better, you being gay is breaking my heart. I feel like you’re lying to me, like you aren’t gay but you don’t want me to know. Why? Am I ugly? Do you hate me that much?’

‘I don’t hate you….’

‘Then why are you gay!!!! Why! Why! Why!!!!’ She thundered, the sudden loud voice made me flinch away from her. ‘I don’t mind if you don’t love me back, understood. However, just don’t be gay, be a man I can be proud of loving.’ She cried.

I got into the bed and cuddled her into my chest. ‘Tell me about your love life, can you?’

‘Will you love me back if I tell you?’

‘Okay, I will try….’

‘I’m a virgin, not because I want to but because I have bad luck. All the guys I ever liked, crushed on, none worked out. It was either they were loving Leila, lusting over her or seeing me as a little sister. Some just wanted to be friends but the only one who liked me back died, have you seen it?’

‘Yes, I see.’

‘Why don’t you deflower me? I want you to make love to me Alis, I won’t mind, I promise.’

‘You are drunk,’

‘I’m not, just being….I can see a lollipop twerking for me.’ She giggled, I imagined the scenario and laughed, funny.

‘Let’s do this, by the time you wake up, I will tell you the truth about my sexuality. Then, we can think of a way forward.’

‘Do you love me?’

‘Maybe, go to sleep.’

‘No,’ she said stubbornly, pushing herself off me. ‘I want you to kiss me first.’

‘Shut up and got to bed,’

‘No,’ she smirked ad crawled into my laps, not again. ‘Where were we?’ She purred locking her hands around my neck. I chuckled, I don’t have strength to resist her.

‘Okay, let me get something first,’

‘What?’ She pouted.

‘Something that will make you happy,’ I lowered her on the bed and went to my drawer, I can swear I kept three handcuffs here. I searched until I found the cuffs. ‘Remind me never to let you drink alcohol again,’ I frowned.

‘Why are you holding that?’

‘Just hold s….’ She made to sprint but I caught her and cuffed her to the bed bar. ‘There you go,’ I smiled and patted her cheek. ‘You’ll thank me later.’

‘Let go of me!’

‘Goodnight angel,’ I kissed her cheek, time to get lost before I do something stupid.


I yawned as I slowly opened my eyes, I can’t feel my eyes at all. I opened my eyes and sighed, I got drunk while thinking of Alis, oh no. I whimpered and huffed, what did I say? What did I do? Hope I didn’t do anything utterly stupid? I mu….hey! Who cuffed me! I tried to shake the thing off but it wouldn’t remove. Why would I think it would? What am I, Supergirl!

‘Good morning beautiful,’ Alis greeted as he stepped out of the bathroom. ‘Looking good there.’

‘What happened?’

‘You got drunk, tried to seduce me so I cuffed you.’

‘Did I say anything stupid?’

‘Hmm, let’s see,’ he said stroking his chin smirkingly. ‘You kissed me, dipped your hand into my pants while I was driving us home, sang about how sexy you are and then spilled some juicy secrets.’

My heart skipped, I gulped and laughed nervously. ‘What secret?’

‘You’re a virgin because you have bad luck with love, all your likes and crushes and then you begged me to get you laid.’

‘What are the possibility of you deleting last night out of your head?’ I asked sheepishly.

‘Slim to absolute zero,’ he said with a teasing grin. I whimpered, this is so embarrassing. ‘Your hands hurting?’

‘Yes, cut me lose so I can commit suicide,’

He chuckled and walked to the bed. He climbed the bed and picked up a key from the dresser. He unlocked the cuff and sat on his legs, ahem! Ladies and gentlemen, I am please to announce that my darling husband, Mr. Alisdair Kendrick is half naked and sitting so close. Brain vacation to Hawaii activated.

‘Wow,’ I said, sitting up and rubbing my aching wrist. If I don’t look, I will survive, right? Right. ‘Did I say anything else?’

‘Like you love me?’ My head snapped to his face. ‘Yes Bloom, you said you are in love with me and I like that.’

‘I was drunk,’

‘Drunken confession.’

‘I feel nothing for you,’

‘So if I tell you that I am a hundred percent normal man, you won’t be happy?’ He asked with a sly smirk.

‘If, you are not not so “if” is the keyword.’ I huffed, folding my arms under my breasts.

‘Is that so?’

‘What do you want me to say?! I was drunk!’ I yelled distraughtly.

‘I’m not gay Bloom, I’m telling you the truth right now. I lied to convince you and everyone so you could marry me, I’m sorry for lying.’ He said with an uncertain tone, looking at my cleavage.

Of course the writing on the wall was obvious but I refused to accept it, I refused to believe the fact. Deep down, the very moment the lie left his lips, I knew it was a lie but I convinced myself that it was true so I can be with him. My heart had palpitated and I was sweating and now crying silently not because he wasn’t gay, but because he had to admit it. What excuse would I use now? What lie will I tell myself? I intentionally let him see my body under my forced infuriation; what now!

‘You’re lying, take that back.’

‘I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to lie but I was desperate and it was the only thing I could think of….’


‘My mother’s wish was that she wanted a child, the wedding was Paige’s. My plan was to marry you first, then find a way to get you pregnant….’

‘You’re lying….’

‘I wasn’t really expecting to but I am….I don’t want to hurt you anymore Bloom, I need you to know the truth. I’m not giving up on my quest, I will completely win your heart and make you the mother of my child….’

‘Don’t fucking say that!!!’ I screamed maniacally, crying at the same time. ‘Don’t admit that you are not gay!!! You don’t understand, I can’t bear you children….’

‘Why?’ He asked calmly. ‘Why can’t you? What harm will that be?’

‘Everything, everything ALISDAIR! EVERYTHING!’

‘What exactly is difficult? You losing your virginity or you can’t bear a child because you don’t even have one to bear?’ I glared at him as I cried. ‘Why can’t you just tell me what is going on? What is terrifying you? I can help if only you’ll trust me. Please Bloom, just tell me…..’

‘I want a divorce, get me a fucking divorce paper, now!’ He inhaled sharply and clenched his fists, his eyed went down to the pillow. ‘I can’t be with you Alis, not when you can easily force me into sleeping with you….’

‘Then get ready because you are stuck with me forever,’ he raised his head, his eyes were pitch black which was terrifying. I swallowed the lump in my throat in fear and scoot back. He grabbed my wrist and yanked me towards him. I screamed at that motion, he grabbed the back of my head roughly. ‘Now listen to me now princess,’ he said with a deep cold voice. ‘You belong to me, me and me alone and nothing will change that. You are not going to leave me, you are going to stay, love and care for me whether you like it or not. If anyone, I repeat, anyONE tries to take you away from me, I’ll end their existence and that includes your family. Now you are going to shut up, prepare for the gala I have to attend tonight and act normal. To your family I’m gay, and that I remain, is that clear?’

‘You’re hurting me Alis, please let me go,’ I sobbed.

‘I never lose what’s mine! I won’t lose you either and I mean every word of it! Now, is that clear?’ I nodded. ‘Good girl.’ He dropped me on the bed and stood up, I’ve never seen him like that. I shift away with fear, I think I just activated what Dark said not to.

Now, what the fuck just happened!


To be continued.

It is settled. Who do you think is Alisdair?

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