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The sacred bride episode 32


The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel
Segment 32
>>>>>>>>>>> Narrative <<<<<<<<<<<<

Tucking her glossed hair behind her ear, she wiped off the tears in her eyes with her other hand, her heart was broken; something she was used to. For years, men had toyed with and broken her to pieces, to an extent she didn't even feel it anymore. Yet, she still felt pain in her chest just by thinking about him. She didn't know how it started but if she should think back, she knew when... (Flashback) It was three months after her last breakup; she had caught her ex pounding his so called cousin in her own bedroom. It was funny, they were both homeless people she was feeding, it didn't bother her much because she was use to the pain. The two had been dating but when they went bankrupt, they improvised and changed plans, used her as generous donator. To her, she was dating someone, not knowing they had been dating for over ten years. It was in the past, she just wanted to drink after a busy day. 'One glass of something strong enough to knock me out,' she said tiredly to the barman. She didn't know anything about alcohol.... Well, she knew because she worked for Eric, but she was mentally convinced that such expensive drinks won't be found there. 'Coming up,' he said with a smile which she returned. She watched him mix something up and slid the glass to her without another word uttered. She grabbed the glass with both hands and put the glass to her lips. It wasn't her first time drinking, the only problem was that she was drinking to get drunk. 'Blech! Gross!' She spat out with disgust after taking a sip of the acidic substance. She coughed and dropped the glass. 'Change my mind, get me a club soda.' 'What's your name sunshine?' 'Kate,' 'One glass won't kill you, just take in with one gulp.' 'True,' she could stand the alcohol. Without thinking it through, she gulped down the whole thing. 'fvck!' 'Sorry,' he chuckled. She remained still until the alcohol kicked in, she found herself dancing in the midst of crowds and different guys. Finally deciding that she had had enough, she returned to the bar to rest a little before she would leave. 'Have a good time yet, babe?' The barman asked with a slight smirk. 'Yup!' She popped. 'Now, are you interested in a one-nightstand?' 'No, just self fun.' She smiled. 'Even if I flirt or pay you?' 'Especially when you do that,' she said with a stern look. She noticed the way he nodded at the guy, the quick eye conversation they had. She felt her head swell; with sharp thinking, she brought out her phone and blindly sent a text to Eric. She told him to send his guards before she get captured and raped, even turned on her GPS so he could find her easily. 'What did you say your name is again?' He asked coolly, sliding another glass of something else over to her. Just stall Kate, stall. She thought. 'Kate, you?' 'Ben,' he leaned on the counter. 'What brings you here?' 'Nothing, just felt like having a alone time.' 'Well then, take another shot.' 'I'm sorry, my boyfriend would kill me if I dare,' she lied. 'We broke up twice because of this.' 'No, he isn't here.' He smirked. 'True,' she picked up the glass and stirred the drink with a far away look. He impatiently tried to get her to drink it, but she kept making small conversations to buy time. When she was completely sure she couldn't stall him anymore because of the way the men were moving closer, she started sipping the drink slowly. There was nothing worse than rape they could do after all. 'How do you feel now?' He asked with a smile. 'Sleepy,' she yawned. 'Good, just two more minutes.' He said with a delighted nod. Two men came behind her, each grabbed a arm, sending fear to surge through her system. 'What's going on?' She asked drowsily. 'Take her to him,' the barman instructed. She smiled at them, her eyes closing slowly. A loud murmur broke out, the music turned off as all attention turned to the door. A group of eight soldiers had trooped in, all covering a man wearing a mask. The mask guy who was staring at his phone screen, raised his head to her direction instantly, the men dropped their hands from her in fear. He started walking towards them with his soldiers; his stone face soldiers with heavy guns. 'Kate,' he called. She didn't hear it well, but she smiled knowing it was Eric. 'What are you doing here?' 'I came here to get drunk, you?' 'I came here to catch fishes,' he said sarcastically. He looked at the barman and the trembling men. 'You think touching my girlfriend makes sense?' 'We're sorry,' they apologized. He didn't have their time, he carried her into his arms and walked out. She was damn heavy! 'What are you eating, you are fvcking heavy.' He grunted. 'Pain-burger,' she whispered. He huffed, deciding to upgrade his gyming. He carried her out of the club to one of his cars, put her in and got in too. He removed his mask and sighed, a big smile on his face. 'Sebastiano, what are you doing here?' 'You sent me a message,' 'I did?' 'You did,' he said, showing her the message. "You better jog here before you never see me again, tomorrow. Scary cute men are staring at me and I am all alone, help me before I die. This is the address: heh heh heh heh heh heh heh, mwah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah." Was the rubbish she sent. She turned her head away, a blush coming up her cheeks. 'I had to track you here through the IP address.' 'I'm so sorry,' 'It's okay, I assumed it was meant for Eric. I had to come get you.' He said smilingly. 'Thank you, you saved me,' she said, suddenly bursting into tears. 'I'm so sorry, it was stupidity calling me. I don't know why I even tried to club on my own....' 'Hey,' he said softly, grabbing her cheek. 'I will fly from the furthest distant to come save you,' 'Why?' 'You mean a lot to our family Kate, remember that.' He whispered with a genuine smile. She smiled back, her heart melting to his words. Without thinking it through, she snuggled into his arms and he gladly let her. With other ladies, he would have just taken her there in the driving car as always, but with Kate, he would always find himself unknowingly cautions, caring, delicate. He gladly patted her back, his heart thumping against his chest as he watched her sleep in his arms. No woman, not even his own mother or sister had slept in his arms, not even after s£x. But there a woman he barely knew was, sleeping in his arms. It felt good for a change. Unknowingly to them, that was when their heart clicked. (End of flashback) Since then, he had treated her with more care than he did any other woman, even Alis' mother who he cared about. They chatted most times, smiled and had small talks once in a while; those small talks were enough to bring both hearts together. She sighed, remembering how loose his libido was. She didn't care; as long as he could love, care and give her what she wanted, then she would be just fine. 'Miss Kate?' A boy called softly. 'Are you okay?' Another asked. 'I'm fine kids, don't bother.' She smiled at the children staring at her. 'But you are crying!' A girl shouted. 'Oh?' She asked, touching her w€t cheek. 'I see.' 'Guys! Santa Claus is here!' A girl screamed. 'But, it's not even December yet,' a boy snorted. 'Come on!' All the children ran outside, including Kate herself. At the compound were dressed up elves men giving out gifts to children and a Santa Claus giving them bundles of notes. It was hilarious the way his stomach kept shaking and pants pulling down, but she was glad someone had been generous enough to donate too. She leaned on the doorframe, each kids showed her their gifts and money, tears of joy in their eyes. She smiled and nodded at each of them until they were all gone. Each children evenly got their share, it brought joy to her heart too. 'My waist!' The Santa Claus cried out as he held his waist. His pants fell off because of how he bent his waist. He quickly pulled it up embarrassedly; that didn't stop the elves and her from laughing. 'Shut up....' That voice.... 'Seb,' she gasped. 'You guys should keep laughing, I'm broke now. Who will pay your salaries now?' He asked earnestly. Their faces paled out, she couldn't help but laugh out. 'Katie baby!' He chirped. She watched as he carried his pants in his hands so it won't fall off and then ran to her. 'Do you forgive me now?' He asked with a boyish excitement. 'You did all of this for my forgiveness?' 'Yes, that's it.' 'You must have spent a lot....' 'In a sort of way,' he said with a smug smile. 'I pinned all my debtors and workers in a room with guns pointed at their heads. I made them empty their accounts; the debtors that is. As for the workers, I forced them to donate to charity or they are fired. So you see, it's somehow my money, right?' She threw her head to the side and laugh, something he finds very adorable. 'That is wickedness Seb,' 'My own money,' he said absent mindedly, admiring the way her lips spread across her face in a grin because of him. 'You need help,' she laughed again. 'Okay boys, what if I treat you to dinner for a job well done?' She asked with a stylish cock of her hips. 'Yay!!!!' They all shouted. 'Don't even think about it,' he cut off their joy. 'Awwwwwn,' they chorused sadly. 'You can all go to K-Diner, eat as much as you all want and tell the manager to send me the bills.....' 'Yes!!!!' A loud roar of jubilation broke out amongst the men, soon they were jumping. She smiled at him, very impress by the fact that she made Sebastiano Delantero give generously. 'Hey wait!' He shouted. They quiet down. 'Buy too much and I will sell each and everyone of you to pay back,' he threatened them playfully. 'Trust us boss, we won't ever dare.' 'Bossman!' They hailed, it was nice seeing the good side of their boss. 'Madam,' one she knew well as his personal bodyguard. 'Beg boss for us, let's take plus ones, please?' 'Seb?' She asked him laughingly. 'Go ahead,' he said with a nonchalant wave of his hand. They jubilate again. 'Only if she agrees to cook me dinner tonight.....' 'Beautiful Miss!' They hailed her jokingly. She laughed again and curtseyed, they burst out in joy again knowing she had agreed. 'Here,' a sweet little girl said, handling her the blue clutch she came with. 'Thank you Lou,' she bent down, gave the girl a kiss and walked closer to Seb. He led her to his main car, the others were going to go with the trucks. Once they were in the car, she smirked at him. 'I didn't know you had this in you.' 'I guess I just needed the right Angel to bring it out.' 'You let them take plus ones,' she said with a questioning smile. 'By the time they see their salaries next month, they will cry.' They both burst into laughter as he drove off. → → → Fast forward ← ← ← She dried her hands as she gave the kitchen one final look, she was done with washing the dishes. Her cheeks burnt again as she remembered how he complimented her cooking over and over again, it felt good to hear that from someone other than Mrs. Snapper. She dropped the napkin and walked out to the living room where he sat watching a football match. He bent his head back and smiled at her. 'You done babe?' He asked her with his contagious smile. She shuddered again, he kept calling her that. 'Yeah,' she walked to sit at another chair but he sn@ked his fingers around her wrist and pulled her into the chair he was sitting at. She yelped, still she relaxed in his arms. 'So, what is going on?' She asked, trying to divert his attention to the television. He was staring at her, his hands around her shoulders and waist like she was his. 'Do you know who Arsenal are?' 'Is that a drink?' She asked dumbly. He laughed and fell back on the chair, pulling her along so she would rest on him. She was now laying on him with his hands around her waist, her legs entwined with his and her hands on his chest. 'Seb, y...y...y...you are a...a...acting strange.' She stammered. 'I know,' he smiled. 'I can't take it anymore Kate, I want you.' Her eyes widened, his hands were already working before his words. She squirmed uncomfortably and swallowed. 'Sir, this is inappropriate.' 'Don't call me that, I love it when you call my name.' He smirked, knowing exactly what he was doing to her. His hands already found their way into her flared blue dress, squeezing the cheeks he had been dying to touch. 'Er....sir....s.....s....' 'What's my name?' He asked smirkingly, letting his hand slip around to the other side. She gulped, beads of sweat forming in her head. 'Sebastiano,' 'Who is he to you?' She shut her eyes and threw her head on his chest as her body vibrated with pleasure; the pleasure shot from her core as his finger successfully found a way pass her underwear. 'Who am I to you Kate?' 'I don't know,' she cried out sharply, panting as she unconsciously moved herself down so his finger would thrust in. A low m0an escaped her mouth..fight it Kate, fight it. 'What do you want to be to me Kate?' He whispered huskily, thrusting his finger in and out of her. 'What can I be to you sir? Other than just a acquaintance to your family.' His brows furrowed, he wasn't doing things the way he planned. He removed his hands from her body and returned it to her waist. She opened her eyes in confusion; she wanted more. He lifted them up to sit and then slid down to his knees. 'I'm not suppose to be seducing you, that wasn't part of the plan.' He said with an apologetic look. 'W...w...w....' 'Kate,' he said softly, taking her hands. Her heart thumped against her chest as her head screamed "proposal." 'Kate, I'm in love with you, I love you.' 'Y...y...how?!' 'It took me time to figure out my feelings for you, but I finally did and I know I love you.....' 'But....' 'Please, don't reject me. Give me the chance to develop this, please help me. I need you to change me, I need you to love me back, I need you to show me what true love is. I know you love me too, I know that and I am hoping we can build something together, please....' 'You are a cheater,' she sobbed. 'I can't....' 'I will try, I promise. I will try to stay with you, I will fight the temptations and be with only you. Please Kate, I beg you.' He pleaded desperately. She smiled; he would have gone straight to sleeping with her, but he didn't, even knelt for her too. This was what she wanted, she could try too. 'Okay,' she said softly, wiping her cheeks clean. 'But you will be the one to break the news and you will have to be gentle with me, teach me how to get to your s£xual standard so I can be enough for you. I will learn, do anything you want, is that okay?' 'I promise,' he smiled. 'Then, we are dating now?' 'Yes, if you.....' He shut her up immediately with his mouth, that was all he wanted to hear for him to get back to what he was doing; hopefully, he won't shatter her heart too. . To be continued. There! Coupled up!

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