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The sacred bride episode 46 – finale


The Sacred Bride
Written by Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB)
Segment 46
Final chapter
★ Eric ★
I coughed violently as the nurse patted my back, running her other hand into my hair. I choked on what I was drinking all thanks to her and her worthless seduction. She intentionally removed one of her b00bs from her uniform so I would see it and I have to confess that it looked pretty great and attractive but I couldn’t fall for it. Haven’t you ever

noticed that when such a wonder s£xcapade is about to take place that one usually get caught? I don’t know about you but most times in my life, it always back fired in different ways. I wasn’t going to cheat on Leila and even if I must, certainly not in such a place and with a mask so they won’t know who was sleeping with them.
Are you kidding me! You are contemplating cheating on her?
I am contemplating breakup… I replied. And before you yell why? Think about it, she hasn’t been fully honest with me and that almost got me killed. Two, didn’t you see the weird things that happened back there? How she…that panther and even Alisdair! I can’t handle any of this!
You shouldn’t judge her, she gave you the highlight of the information because she was scared or something.
I doubt that.
I jerked when I felt the nurse’s hand in my pants, I looked at her with a frown and held her hand. ‘Don’t push me.’
‘Don’t push you? I am doing nothing to you,’ she said innocently.
‘I swear I will get you fired if you ever try such disgusting move with me again. You are a lowlife nurse and you remain that, stop trying to act like you are somebody.’ I spat angrily. I was about to remove my hand when someone walked in. See what I mean? I always get caught.
‘Eric?’ She asked with hurt evidence in her tone. I quickly pushed the nurse away.
‘It’s not what you think, let me explain…’
‘No need. I already knew you’re were contemplating dumping me anyways, you can enjoy your new single life.’ She turned and walked out.
Great, she broke up with you.
‘Have you seen what you have caused!’ I yelled at her. I inhaled and stood up, ready to stomp to the head doctor’s office while the nurse pleaded. Leila stomped back in and stomped her foot childishly.
‘No! I refuse to accept a breakup! You!’ She pointed at the nurse. ‘Get lost! He is my man! Not yours!’ She yelled, stomping her feet angrily, it made her look so cute. I stifled my laugh. The nurse sprinted out, careful not to touch Leila. Leila turned to me and pouted. ‘That is the thing you think is better than me? She don’t even have b00bs!’
‘Leila,’ I breathe, trying

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not to laugh. She whimpered and hurried to the bed, sitting beside me and taking my hands. ‘I can’t do this, you weren’t completely honest with me and it almost claimed my life.’
‘You can’t leave me because I’m different, I was born this way. I know I didn’t tell you the whole truth but what did you expect me to do? Telling you was implicating others, I’m sorry Leila…I mean Eric. You see Eric, I love you very much, very very much, I can’t leave you for anything, please. Don’t worry, I won’t lie again, ever use my powers

either as long as you don’t leave…’
‘Leila,’ I wasn’t going to leave her again but then, the drama she was putting on was amusing. ‘I’m sorry, we need to end this relationship…’
‘No!’ She wailed, sinking down to the floor on her knees. ‘Don’t dump me because I already dumped you first…er…I mean I can do a lot of things others can’t. I can cook, I’ll wash your dishes and dirty laundries, take care of Ella…hell! If you want me to give you s£x anytime and anywhere, I will. Whatever you want, please don’t leave me.’ She cried, falling her head on my knees. I laughed silently.
‘If you want me to stay, I need a reason to,’
‘Aren’t I enough? You can’t just eat my goodies and disappear, for what! Listen…’
‘I want a baby,’ I cut in sharply. ‘Tie me down with a baby Leila, I want you to carry my child.’ I smirked, knowing very well that she would explode.
‘Your head is upsidedown Eric, is it now a must to have one now, I’m not ready! I can barely handle Ella, then I would be working on a crying baby when I still have so much to live for!’
‘You are twenty eight, what other life would you want?’
‘Eric please, don’t force me into carrying a baby,’ she sobbed.
‘If that is the case, then we can’t work out.’ I looked down at her as she muttered to herself.
5, 4, 3, 2…
‘You crazy asshole!’ She yelled, standing up abruptly. ‘How can you do this to me! Throw away all we have shared just because of one thing! Are you insane! Fine! I’m different and weird and crazy – don’t forget I’m gorgeously s£xy, if I do say so myself – with a

weird family, but I’m still worth being with!’ She swayed her hips. ‘Look at these hips Eric, do you think I will willingly surrender these to anyone! You are the first man I let dominate me yet you want to throw that back at my face!
Listen here, even if you leave me, other men that will adore me are in existence. Okay, you are the only man I can ever love but I will still move on and… And… Oh oh!’ She stomped her foot. ‘You can’t leave me when we still love each other. If you want to leave, you will have to give me a refund!’
‘Refund?’ I chuckled.
‘Yes! Have you forgotten all the times you squeezed and sucked my bre@sts like a mad man, a man whose mother didn’t give him enough bre@stfeeding as an infant. Remember how you blabbed about my b00bs being your favorite part of my body? How every time you were with me, you found pleasure in sinking your face in or sucking it while you pound the life out of me? Leading to that, you have fvck me too much my s£x organ has extended, you must replace it. My b00bs have sag slightly because of you, refund! All the maims from you spanking and lashes, you have to heal it and last but not the least, my fallen lips. We will discuss about the rest later.’
I broke into a bout of laughter, falling off the bed and hitting the floor. I rolled on it laughing my ass out while she stared at me frowning embarrassedly. ‘Oh fvck Leila… My stomach…’
‘I’m sorry, do you find my complains amusing?’
‘Amusing? You mean hilarious!’
‘Stop mocking me Eric, you are already breaking me as it is…’
‘Did you really think I would break up with you? Maybe I did contemplate it but I wouldn’t dare leave a queen like you. If I leave you, doesn’t that mean you will be out in the market again? I can’t let another man fvck my woman, that’s absorb.’ I said between my laugh.
‘So you made me nag for nothing,’ she sobbed. ‘Do you think playing with me is fun? I was shattering inside as I panicked. Eric, it isn’t fair to do such a thing to me, not at all. If you knew who I was before, you would know me submitting to you is a big deal…’
‘Of course, of course,’ I laughed, climbing back on the bed. ‘I’m honored to be the only man in Her Imperial Majesty’s heart, long live the queen!’ She swat my arm with a shy smile. I shied away playfully, whimpering like the slap hurt. ‘Ouch, that was as painful as a butterfly pat.’
‘Eric,’ she whined. I threw my hands up in surrender.
‘Okay, okay, I give it in. But still, do something,’ I looked at her chest and back at her, wiggling my brows suggestively. She growled and pushed my head while I laughed.
‘No s£x for you, for three weeks.’
‘So, I’m granded?’ She nodded poutingly. ‘Yes, mommy,’ I cooed, pulling her closer to me. ‘No s£x…’
‘You are touching my bre@st,’ she said plainly, a deep frown on her face.
‘You said no s£x, not touching. Beside, I know you miss me.’ I smirked, zipping down her jacket. She watched my hands frowningly but didn’t make a move to stop me.
‘No, I didn’t. I was so worried about my sisters I didn’t think twice about you.’
‘Then why aren’t you stopping me from stripping you in an hospital?’ I chuckled as I folded her camisole at the top of her bre@sts. She didn’t wear any bra, her perky norks sprung out, begging for my attention. I smirked at her, causing her to roll her eyes. ‘Tell me you miss me.’
‘I didn’t,’ she said stubbornly. ‘Eric, can we do this when you get discharged? I don’t like taking hospital risks, anyone can walk in here and interrupt us. You know how I become when interrupted, and I wouldn’t want anyone to hear me m0aning like an…why don’t you ever listen?’ She sighed as I pushed her down on the bed. I towered over her, placing my knees at each side of her body.
‘God, I’ve missed you so much Leila,’ I muffled into her twins. ‘I almost died of fear back there and it sucked that you had to be the one to play Supergirl for me.’
‘Eric,’ she m0aned, pushing my head further. I took a tit into my mouth, biting down harshly, I soothed the sting with my tongue as I brushed it over where I bit. She threw her head back. ‘Ohhhhhh…’ She hissed, sinking her nails into my scalp. I knead the other bre@st in my hand and focused on the other. ‘Eric…’
‘Good gracious guys!’ Kristal exclaimed. Leila and I grunted. ‘What is the use of locks if you don’t make good use of it!’ I continued what I was doing. ‘I’m talking and you are still doing it! You are spoiling our holy Kate.’
‘Excuse me!’ Kate squawked. ‘Holy? Have you seen what your stupid brother do to me?’
‘Stupid, that is a term I am very proud of, thanks for referring to him like that.’
‘I am not holy,’
‘Breaking news! Popular American singer Heartcode, is caught on camera, sucking his girlfriend’s b00bs dry!’ Leila and I sighed simultaneously and entangled from each other. ‘Wow, I’m impress Leila, that is some nice specimen you have got there.’
‘Are you seriously kidding me,’ Leila breathe, adjusting her dress. She glared a “I told you so” my way. I stared at her apologetically.
‘Look what we have done now virgin Kate, we ruined a perfect moment for this juvenile.’ Kristal said smirkingly, leaning on the door with arms folded.
‘I am not a nun Kristal,’ Kate whined.
‘I know. I have never seen you as a nun…’ Knowing Kristal, she has more to add but had to give off the dramatic effect. Kate smiled and that was her cue. ‘I have always seen you like a dedicated woman from a congregation.’ Typical.
‘You are insufferable,’ Kate huffed. ‘I’ll report you to Seb!’
Kristal snorted. ‘And have him do what? Spank me? Oh pe-lease. That d!ck has no balls…oh I’m sorry, forgot you were already sucking his balls…’
‘Kristal!’ We shouted. She sighed and dramatically waved her hand.
‘Nobody appreciate the truth, I guess I will take my honesty somewhere else. You people are free to continue… Hey! Did you know that I met my first love few weeks ago?! He’s so dreamy but I hate him…I went clubbing yesterday and go a head from a girl, ew! My birthday is…’
‘Shut up Kristal!’
‘Fine, geez!’ She exclaimed, throwing her hands up. ‘Anyways, I’m leaving.’
‘Because I want to study fashion. I got an admission to study it for two years in France, I’ll be back after that and I probably would leave in two weeks.’
‘What’s with the why!’ She yelled. There was something about her tone, but I didn’t push it.
🍀🌺 Bloom 🌺🍀
Have kids, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. How is having three children bound to kill me sane! I wanted a baby, yes. I didn’t ask for triplets! I didn’t ask for two to be smart ass and one to be wiser than his age. And above all, I didn’t ask for troublemakers!
‘Hailey, Hadley, Hans, pleaseeeeeeeee.’ I cried, holding my waist as I watched them run around the house n@ked. They looked like baby dwarfs running around, too advance for their age. They were just few months above a year but they could run very well and boy can they talk!
‘Can’t catch me mommy!’ Hailey, the eldest squealed. I sighed and slumped on the chair. Once upon a time, I had a normal life. Once upon a time, I was dying of stress.
I had enough difficulty taking care of my highschool, enough trouble satisfying Alis’ abnormal s£xual demand, having serious shit to create enough time for him and the kids at the same time, so no one would feel left out. But I certainly couldn’t handle three children on my own. When Alis was around, he helped me as much as he could, but a workaholic is a workaholic. I love him, he tries his best too but we just didn’t have enough us time. Yes, our s£xual life was over active, we got to play few times but not enough.
‘Whoa! n@ked parade!’ My heart leapt with joy when I heard his voice. The children squealed and ran to him. That was my cue to fall back on my bed and let him handle them. ‘Long at all of these bums, what’s up?’
‘Mommy want to bathe us,’
‘You want to bathe?’
‘No.’ Hans giggled.
‘Bathroom, now.’ He commanded. They whimpered and ran upstairs.
‘Hi baby shark,’ I cooed. He chuckled and walked over to me.
‘How is my baby?’ He asked, going on his knees to kiss my protruding stomach. I accidentally got pregnant again, it was hard for Alis to convince me to keep the baby. Three headache was enough. ‘Hey my love,’ he whispered kissing my stomach. My baby stirred.
‘She’s happy to see you too, I got the scan done.’
‘It’s a g…’
‘Oh great, more women to control my life.’ He cut in complainingly.
‘What is that suppose to mean?’
‘Three women is enough…’
‘I was going to say it was a guy,’
‘Why guy? Couldn’t you use boy?’
‘I’m sorry,’ he chuckled. ‘We are naming him Henry.’
‘I let you name the others Alis,’ I whined. ‘I want to name this one, I already have a whole list.’
‘Let’s discuss this later, hope you are up for tonight?’ He smirked.
‘It doesn’t have to be only about s£x Alis, can’t we take a vacation? As a family?’ He nodded. ‘You already have it planned out, right?’
‘The kids would enjoy Disneyland,’
‘Yes!!!!!!’ The girls shouted. ‘We are going to see Rapunzel!’
Alis chuckled. ‘Bathroom.’
‘Are we just going to stand there waiting while you attend to mom alone, no way!’ Hailey who we named after Mrs Snapper scoffed. Her name was Hailey Piper Snapper, eldest. The second was Hadley Paige Kendrick and Hans Philip Kendrick.
Lovely kids.
‘Mom was just telling me about your baby brother,’ he patted my stomach.
They hissed. ‘More men.’ They chorused and ran back inside. I laughed at the look on Alis’ face.
‘Dad!!!’ They shouted.
‘Hold on!’ He shouted, standing up. He cracked his knuckles and rolled his hips to imitate what I do.
‘Very funny,’ I said sarcastically. He laughed and ran upstairs to join the kids.
‘It’s still unbelievable,’ I turned to Dark and smiled at him. ‘That you were able to triumph and have a family.’
‘Yeah, where have you been?’
‘Finishing the process,’ Dark had detached himself from Leila again, to go back to where he came from with Sapphire. It was hard on Leila but she got use to it. ‘How’s Leila?’
‘She’s eight months pregnant, what do you think?’
‘Hell.’ He laughed. I thought back to everyone; Mrs Snapper got married again, Bernice had a boyfriend that won’t stop worshipping her, Eric was facing hell because Leila was extra nasty with a big stomach and Kate was happily married to Seb. How she was able to cage him, don’t know. Mom was still well, mom. She took care of Ella, refusing to let go no matter what. As for Odyn, him and Leila remains enemy till today. He learnt to fight back and that was where true wall started.
The only odd end was Kristal, she had been away in France, rocking off her life. She kept her distance away from everyone, no one knew why but we assumed she was fine. ‘Will you be okay on your own?’ I asked Dark.
‘You and Leila have opened my eyes to what I have been missing, I have Sapphire, we will be fine.’
I smiled at him. ‘Thank you Dark, for everything.’
‘It was a pleasure helping you. Though we will never meet again, I wish you the best.’
‘I love you Dark.’
‘Reflected Bloom, reflected.’ I hugged him tight until he slowly faded away.
‘Bye Dark,’ I sobbed, wiping off my tears. ‘Hope to see you again.’
In the end, everything turned out okay.
Hold that thought…
Tada! Done!
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It’s Kristal’s story.
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