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The scar that made him beautiful episode 1 & 2


💔(betrayed and accused) 💔
💙Prologue 💙
Have you ever had that feeling of incompleteness?
Every time you sleep you experience emotional agony?
In the secrecy of your heart you weep distraughtly. But outwardly you smile in pains.
Ever lost the trust of the one you love most?
Have you ever been accused and rejected?
Have you ever been termed a ‘curse’ to unity?
Have you been slashed in the heart?
Are you one with a ripped soul?
Then this tale is for you.
Follow the life of an emotionally and physically hurt man. Sir Andrew Hanchester Osborne . What triggered his pain filled life is what a Curious reader would love to find out.
How his past tangled with his present sets to hinder the future of his son. Myles Richardson Osborne, how he overcame and what happened after.
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From the epic stables of #UCHENNAs_Romance_World

(betrayed and accused)
Written by; Godswill. U. Ajah
Episode 1
The weather was bright. The city was cool in a fine way. The moving of cars and the roaring of trucks on the highway was vivid.

It was the last day of the examination. As soon as he pened up. He grabbed his back pack as he moved swiftly to his destination. It was going to be prom night in two weeks after the vetting of results. Most certainly, he was a final year student at the prestigious HODGSON HIGH SCHOOL, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA.

Meet Myles Richardson Osborne the one and only son of former literary and creative writing champion Sir Andrews Hanchester Osborne.

He was 18years of age he was going to clock 19 in just a month’s time.

“hey myles”his bossom friend Wallace called as he jerked past him.

“hey buddy ”
“Whatsup ”
“I’m great man just gotta catch up with something ”
“yeah, see you around”
They did their signature pals handshake before they parted.

No doubt, he was an amazing lad and a handsome hottie. Every girls dream boyfriend but was not the relationship type.

But amazing as well as surprisingly he found himself falling deep for the one he had never thought of.

And then he saw her. Actually he collided with her. Seems both were lost in thoughts.

“hey Charlotte, I’m sorry. How are you?”he said meekly.

“I’m fine thank you”she replied as she hurried of.

He was dazed as to why she left hurried, no! She had never spared him a glance for once since his arrival at Hodgson high.

He felt she was shy but unknown to him it was more than shyness.

She had a thing bulging her mind.

Though she knew she had feelings for him even before he became a student of Hodgson high. What she learnt about the past troubles her.

She was afraid of getting close to him. She felt unworthy of his love but no one knew how the drama was gonna unfold. .
The car came To a halt at the garage of their elegant mansion.

He stepped out as he hurried to the door porch.

His sister was back from Thailand. Gawd! She had missed him badly and he was not left out too.

As soon as he rang the doorbell he heard a squeal of joy.

The door opened revealing his ever beautiful sister Ariana. Though she was a lady to kill for but to him His Charlotte was more beautiful.

“Uh.. Won’t you say your usual pretty line? ”she had queried.

“my rule is broken already ”he replied painfully.

“wow! ”she mouthed.

“so the almighty hot boy is now in love?”

He nodded affirmatively.

Though she was a bit sad but she wouldn’t show it. She had gotten used to his usual line of ‘oh! Wow here comes the queen of my heart’

For a moment she had thought he harboured feelings for her but nay it was not. He was just a young dude who cared for his elder and only sibling.

“Ahemmm! ”a voice silently coughed as soon as he had opened his mouth to tell her the lucky girl.

“dad! ”she groaned.

The middle aged man grinned boyishly.

Myles laughed softly but behind those glowing skin was worry and a disturbed heart
After lunch that afternoon, he sat down with his sister.

A fashion show was ongoing in the television. Undoubtedly, his sister was a fashion diva.

Even when she was busy gisting about her life in Thailand he was lost in ocean of thoughts.

He was wondering why Charlotte always worked away from him.

Ariana noticed his too gentle behavior and then she tapped him thereby jolting him to life.

“mind telling me what’s wrong? ”she had asked.

“Umm.. It’s nothing sis”

“if you say so”she said not pressing further.

“I will love to open a fashion home one day tho”she had said.

“hope dad is gonna support you ”

“I’m sure of it bro”


Just then his phone rang out loud. It was his friend Wallace who called.

“yo, man how are you doing? ”
“Myles can we hang out tonight? I got a thing to discuss with you ”

“sure bro ”

“ok,I’ll pick you up by 6pm, we going downtown club ”

“sure, I will see you later”
He sat down all set for Wallace’s arrival.

“hey Richard you gotta help me over here I wanna take this box upstairs ” Arianna called out to him.

“gosh! What are you still doing with dad’s novels? These big books ”he whined as soon as he saw the contents of the box.

“you ought to be proud that your pop is a novelist and a literary winner” she countered.

Well that’s it.. Arianna was the novel freak while Myles was the music addict. A gene he inherited from his mother.

“Who said I didn’t live novels, even… ”he was saying when the door bursted open. Wallace came in but he stopped on his tracks at the look he saw.

“OMG! You devils where are you going today? ”she asked.

All the while Wallace was staring at her but she made sure she didn’t look at him too. She could melt. She felt it was wrong to be feeling something for a boy whom she was older than by 2years. Her brother’s friend. But the effects he has in her could not be overlooked. She melts at his videos. His stares alone turns her on.

Myles knew about it but he was playing dumb and non-chalant.

The silence was awkward as she was stylishly checking him out. Brown hair, brown eyes pink lips and ear piercing with a wireless earpod in his left ear.

His polo shirt hugged his masculine well sculptored body figure.

He was the next hottie after Myles.

“Myl…. Myles… Help me quickly ”she stammered. He smirked. As soon as he was done he came down the stairs as he gave her a knowing wink. She blushed at the he passed to her.

“bro let’s rock ”he called out go Wallace who had sat down on a cushion.

“don’t get drunk or else dad’s gonna kick your butts” Arianna said aloud.

“we won’t mom”the two boys said.

“devils”she scoffed as she tries to take off her eyes from Wallace’s direction.

They both hopped into the car as Wallace ignited it to life.

Unlike Wallace, Myles was dressed in a white vest over a blue trouser and a blue face cap topped with a white sneakers.

His handsomeness was well pronounced as his hair was in a bad boy bun.

He was gonna ease his mind off his thoughts at least for that night. He chuckled at the remembrance of how Arianna behaved earlier at the sight of Wallace.

Wallace was amused as to what made Myles to chuckle.

“Man,will you keep staring or you wanna drive us into our death? ”Myles jokingly said.

Wallace cleared his throat as nervousness took over him. He hoped Myles would help on the issue he wanted to discuss about…
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(betrayed and accused)
Written by; GODSWILL. U. AJAH
Episode 2
As soon as the car came to a halt at the club parking lot. The two boys stepped out. The nervous feeling still enshrouded Wallace. Myles was just calm in an unusual manner.

“hay man, let’s rock ”Wallace nudged his side as he released his hands from his pocket where he kept clasping and unclasping it.

His palms were sweaty already.

Myles scoffed.
“I don’t know whatever you wanna tell me that’s making you nervous man”he said out loud as they both grabbed a chair.

The club was just the club it was. The loud music from the stereo was enchanting.

The strippers were doing their best at keeping the customers well entertained. The waiters and waitresses moved about serving the customers.

“so tell me what’s the matter? ”Myles inquired.

Wallace rubbed his sweaty palms together as he inhaled and exhaled.

“it’s Mr Nelson… ”
“Mr Nelson? ”Myles threw at him.

“yeah….he actually… Omg!….. He wants me to Woo Charlotte to his side for a one night stand ”he landed the bomb.

“what? ”Myles exclaimed in shock.

“… It had been long he has been sending her signals but she just push him aside. He has tried to cut her scores but he couldn’t cos she was brilliant… And he has this revenge plan in his heart. I don’t know why or who but trust me he has evil stocked up for such person ”


Myles gulped in a lungful of air. He was literally out of… Don’t know what to say. He was too dazed to talk.

Mr Nelson?

What does the young, handsome man want out of the one night stand. Who offended him?

What was Wallace’s connection with the issue?

I guess those are questions you want an answer to.

Okay,this is it…

Ariana was tossing around on her bed as she felt the urge to go downstairs. She placed the book she was reading at a corner.

She picked her steps carefully. There at the sitting room. Mr Osborne sat down looking downcast. It was one of his moments of reflection.

He wasn’t a man of much liveliness.

“dad,watsup”Arianna quipped from behind the cushion.

“uh..nothing dear”Mr Osborne answered sharply.

She knew better not to push it but she knew her dad had alot going through his mind.

She sighed as she made her way into the kitchen to grab a glass milk.

“Arianna,what of Myles?”

“clubbing with Wallace”she said as she awwned mentally at the mention of Wallace’s name.

Mr Osborne chuckled.

“hopefully he doesn’t get drink else he will be grounded for days”he said.

Arianna chuckled too. There was noway he wasn’t gonna get drunk when he had a drunk as a bestfriend.

She stirred the milk enslessly as she fantasized about her and Wallace alone in a room.

She sighed. “this is wrong Arianna”she muttered to her self.
She finally gulped the whole milk in the glass cup.

She took careful and graceful steps back to her room so as to resume the book she was reading titled #CUPID
written by her dad.
“buddy,you messed up big time”Myles said to wallace after he finishes narrating his connection to the issue of Mr Nelson.

“I’m deeply sorry man”Wallace muttered.

“well,I’ve got nothing much to say but lets meet tomorrow at the library i might have come up with an idea but for now let’s get back home before dad becomes worried and before i drown in alcohol”Myles said. Wallace shrugged as they both maid their way out of the club.
.The alarm almost destroyed Myles’s eardrum. He groaned as he slammed the clock away out of anger. He was just enjoying his dream of Charlotte. He was almost kissing her in the dream. He cursed under his breath as he grumbled into the bathroom.

He hastily dressed up. He grabbed his backpack. He took a last glance at his room.

He nodded and made his way to the dinning.

After eating his breakfast of scrambled eggs,jam and bread topped with a cup of coffee he belged satisfactorily. Just his favorite.

“you weren’t drunk last night?”Arianna said as she made her way tothe dinning. Obviously,she was just waking up.

“nah! I couldn’t afford to be grounded again”he said chucklingly.

She yawned. “So,you are going to school?”

“no,I’m going to the farm with a backpack and a uniform”he threw back at her.

“crazy”she muttered as they both bust into a feat of laughter.

“love you sis,see ya later”he said as he grabbed his backpack.

“my regards to Wallace”she said but instantly regretted it as Myles gave her a knowing smirk and wink.

She sighed.

“Arianna,what’s wrong with you?”she muttered inaudibly as she rubbed her forehead.

Mr Osborne came out of the kitchen in an apron. He chuckled. He’d been eavesdropping on their conversation.
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