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The scar that made him beautiful episode 5


💔(betrayed and accused) 💔
By: Godswill Uchenna Ajah

💙Episode 5💙

The day went swiftly and night came but one moment that Myles will forever remember was the task of novel reading. It sure felt awesome as he discovered some messages in the manuscript.
For an instance; he read a passage which drew his emotions…
“… I was betrayed of my brethren, the love of my life and my very good and loyal friend… “

It was a tale of a pained and deeply hurt Prince of an ancient Kingdom.

Myles for the third time in his life praised his dad for a job well done. Arianna who had went to prepare dinner came to call them down for dinner.
Minutes later, they were through with the dinning activity as Mr Osborne bid them goodnight as he climbed the stairs back to his room. Certainly, he had emotional problems which he didn’t wanna share with his children.
At the sitting room where Arianna and Myles had decided to pass time by playing a video game, Myles sparked up a talk.
“so, Alberta! How is Gregory your college love” he had said intentionally. She had her brows furrowed in what was called confusion then it transformed into pain then tiny tears dropped down her eyes.
“hey,you are so mean! You knew he …”she tried to say but she gulped in air.

Myles sighed as he cleared his throat dramatically.

“Look sis, the problem ain’t the guys but it’s you. When guys sees that you could fall for mere words, trust me you gonna become a pawn to them”
“remember my words when he asked you out? All I could see in him was lust, he just wanted to taste your womanhood then trash you. You know you have such a goddess beauty which guys die for but you are too soft in the heart, gosh! You are always tricked and trashed, why? To them you seem gullible. I intentionally asked to know cos I noticed you haven’t been happy and lively as usual,you were just forcing yourself to smile and talk, you ain’t happy and I know it”he said.
Obviously, Myles and his sister shared such an enviable bond of blood. They seemed too close for siblings. Myles knows virtually everything about her life so the same was hers.
She smiled at such brave words from her younger brother. He surely would make a perfect motivational speaker.
Silence lingered for some moment before she broke the silence too.
“what about you? You seem bothered” she had thrown at him and he was befuddled.
He took a long sigh as he pondered whether to tell her what was happening or not.
“Wallace says to greet you”he said instead as he diverted the whole matter. Arianna sighed. It was obvious he didn’t wanna discuss it but he did something shocking.
“sis,what do you know about mom?! “he had asked and all she could do was stare.
Myles groaned as he roused up from his bed.
The sun rays that penetrated through the window drapes made him to squint his eyes shut. He rolled over as he opened his eyes slowly as his sight adjusted to the brightness.

“Myles, dad says you should come down for breakfast”Ariana’s voice pierced through the door to his room.

“Alright”he managed to speak as the previous night’s discussion replayed itself in his head.

“when you were two, dad had an issue with some partners which obviously affected his marriage with mum. I don’t know much but all I remember is that she left home unexpectedly with dad begging her”she had said.

“so, there is a probability that mum’s alive? “he inquired.

“yes, obviously “she nodded as she was sober.
He shook his head as he went into the bathroom and did his stuff.

15minutes later, he was seen walking down the stairs. He got to the base as he saw his dad with his spectacles on his eyes. Ariana was watching a fashion show while Mr Osborne was going through a news magazine.

“morning dad! Morning sis”he said.

“morning Myles, hope you dreamt well? “Mr Osborne asked.

“I had a nice night”he replied.

Ariana shifted her gaze to him as she winked at him. He let out a soft chuckle.

“your breakfast is on the table”she said.
“thanks”he replied.
He wiped his lips with the serviette as he sighed then belched in satisfaction.

Just that moment, his phone rang out, on the screen,’Bestie’was displayed. He let out a smile.

He then swiped the receiver icon.

“hey, Manny, how do you do? “Wallace’s voice came from the other end.

“Yo bro, I’m cool”he replied as he sunk into the dinning chair.

“your voice seem like one who’s just waking from slumber”he quipped .

“yep, I tasted a brand new wine which was obviously… ”
“alcoholic! “Myles cut in.
“absolutely “Wallace concurred.

“so, what is that plan? “he asked in a sing song voice.

“come over, I heard there is a new resort, we could explore together “Myles answered.

“Alright, see you in… 3 minutes time”

“you never told me you’ve migrated to being a magician “Myles joked.

“fvck off my phone. Let me have my bath”Wallace said.

Myles laughed. The call was hung.
He moved to the living room where he settled his butts on a single sitter chair.

“dad thanks for the meal, you made me bite my tongue “he applauded.

Mr Osborne chuckled.
He put his magazine on a space beside him.

“who are you kidding? What do you need this time around? ”

Myles smiled embarrassedly.

“dad, I wanna visit that new resort with Wallace. I actually need my credit card back”he pleaded while pouting his lips adorably.

“okay, promise me you ain’t getting drunk again. And… You won’t squander your allowances”

“cross my heart dad, I promise”he said.
Mr Osborne nodded. A broad smile spread through Myles face.
Mr Osborne made for the stairs so as to retrieve the card.

Myles gleefully shrieked softly.
Ariana scoffed. “devil’s! “she mumbled.

“I heard that Sis, I’ll tell Wallace “Myles said cockily.
She looked at him with a baby face. He smiled. They busted into laughter.

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