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The scar that made him beautiful Episode 9


💔(betrayed and accused) 💔
By: Godswill Uchenna Ajah
💙Episode 9💙
“what the heck is wrong with you? “Mr Scmith fired at a smirking Nelson.

Nelson chuckled aloud but the next thing, a punch rammed into his cheeks as blood spurted out.

A silent sob could be heard emanating from a corner of the room.

“Charlotte! For how long has this been…? “he asked the sobbing figure.

“dad…”she cried.

“answer the damn question you… “he growled at her as his veins popped out thereby revealing his intimidating look.

“…since… I was 12 dad, he’d said he’ll kill you… Tear my hymen and kill me”she replied.

“what?! “he gasped as he cringed backwards in fright.

“Nelson? ”
“brother! Never try to play the saint here. You started this… “Mr Nelson said with fury brewing in him.

“how? “a confused Mr Kenneth asked.

“remember Valerie? Remember Georgette? You fvcking raped my girlfriend and her daughter… My daughter! You killed them after… You blamed it on alcohol then… You earned dad’s trust… You piece of shit ruined me! “Mr Nelson growled in annoyance as an agony of yesteryears came back.

Seeping through his very system… His heart breaking all over again.

“What?”Mr Kenneth and Charlotte gasped in shock.

“Dad!”Charlotte called.

“Nelson,I… You… My daughter… You wanted to rape Charlotte in retaliation?”Mr Kenneth spike rhetorically.

“But… I was saying the truth then Nelson”Mr Kenneth spoke as GE groped for words furtively.

“Cut the crap you dimwit! Admit it… You were after the will and when it seemed no lady wanted a drunk and pu33y fvcker as a husband you got envious of me,admit it Kenneth”Nelson growls at a shocked Mr Scmith.

“Dad?!” A now calm and shocked Charlotte called.
“Charlotte,it’s complicated… I… I…”Mr Kenneth stammered.

“You thought I helped you trail your daughter for nothing? I always wanted to complete my revenge… Now you abducted an innocent man already”Nelson said further with a devilish grin.

“Wait Nels,what do you mean?”

“I ain’t telling you a shit oh! Mamafvcker. The cops gotta hear this…”Mr Nelson said grimly as he brought out his phone and stood up not minding his dangling “Rod of ages”,he phoned the cops at once and faked a distressed voice of one being attacked.

An awkward silence prevailing over the room as Mr Kenneth was drowned in thoughts and he became dejected and sat down on the edge of the bed.


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“cut the crap Andrew! You keep repeating the same goddamned word for this past 16 years! Who conspired against you. Who the hell did? You are the devil here… You… “Mr Scmith roared in annoyance as his eyes shone red and his veins popped out.

He was sweating profusely. Mr Osborne had his head bowed as sorrow beclouded his heart.

He slowly raised his head up and streaks of tears could be seen flowing through his cheek.

“believe me Andrew, I never did what… ”
“… I was just unfortunate that night… I… ” Mr Osborne tried to explain but he failed as tears streamed down his face.

Mr Scmith stared at him with a thirst of strangling him yet he restrained himself.
To cool off his brewing murderous thirst,he stood up and walked out of the room as the men switched off the light.

He walked quite slowly as he got to the base of a staircase and began climbing till he got to the top,the door before him slid open as he went in.

He was revealed unto a well furnished lounge as he walked slowly. It was quiet here. Suddenly,he heard a still small sound which seemed to echo.

He traced the direction as he can before a door. His daughter!

The sound was now louder as he heard it clean and clear. She was m0aning?!

Has til and quite shocks,he barged in only to behold the greatest shock of his life.

His own brother was about to pump in his pumper into his daughter’s Scarlett home.

And so,as swift as he could,he had Valle his fist in fury as he punched Nelson over which led to a gbam sound.
They both sat down as they glared at each other.

Two cops sitting too. The cops were confused though as they looked from one man to the other.

The tension grew that the men were perspirating even when the air conditioning was active.

On Mr Kenneth’s face was a dangerous glare but Deep inside him was a pool of worry,pain,regret and confusion.

A cop clears his throat.“With due respect I’m sure as hell confused about all this and I’d appreciate it if things are made clear” He said quite logically.

“Detective,I know about the abduction of Mr Andrew Osborne as well as they mastermind…”Mr Nelson began.

“What? For real?”both cop gasped and asked in surprise.

“Yes..”Nelson tried whilst nodding.
“Then…why the distress call faking?”

“There is more to it… An old friendship quarrel precisely”Nelson replied.
To be continued.

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