The Second Sight

The Second Sight – Episode 39

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®20+ SNVL


That was exactly what was happen!ng now.

I was filled with revulsion, and I wanted to drag Mrs. Shirley Okai off my face, but once my [email protected] clutch£d h£r arm someth!ng terrible happened. I knew $h£ was aged, and I knew h£r sk!n was leath£ry, despite th£ ¢ar£ $h£ had taken of it, and all h£r elaborate make-up.

Th£ sk!n I touch£d wasn’t crimpled at all … it was suddenly smooth, soft, silky! Th£ l¡ps on m!ne were no longer leath£ry and rough; th£y were fvll, luscious, dripp!ng with sweetness.

Suddenly I felt my m!nd go!ng to a blissful place, my s£nses be!ng dulled.

It was magical, th£ sweetness I was feel!ng. I knew somewh£re deep with!n me that it was all wrong, that it couldn’t be happen!ng.

But it was.

And I was enjoy!ng every s!ngle second of it. Suddenly !nstead of ₱ush!ng h£r away I wanted m©r£, and my [email protected] roved h£r sk!n, delight!ng !n h£r silky feel.

$h£ was [email protected]!ng now – no, purr!ng, like a naughty contented cat – and $h£ was mov!ng round over th£ top of th£ bench.

No, I was dragg!ng h£r, ₱v||!ng h£r over th£ bench and unto my laps…

Oh, Lord, what is happen!ng? Th¡s can’t be right!

I opened my eyes, but th£ face I stared !nto wasn’t th£ face of an old hag. Th¡s was th£ face of a fresh beauty, a budd!ng v!rg!n, th£ most desirable woman I had ever seen, and I wanted – no,

needed – h£r.

$h£ was everyth!ng my h£art craved for.


(croon!ng lvstfvlly)

Take me, Yaw, take me now!

Oh, Lord, Lord, Lord … save me!

One of my arms was support!ng h£r beh!nd th£ neck, and th£ oth£r was gripp!ng a fvll br£@st, th£ n!₱₱!e taut underneath my f!ng£rs. $h£ arch£d h£rself up, h£r arms go!ng @r0vnd my neck, h£r l¡ps smash!ng aga!nst m!ne.

I klzzed h£r violently, ravag!ng h£r l¡ps, my free [email protected] desperately seek!ng h£r curves.



Moth£r! What’s th£ mean!ng of th¡s?

h¡s voice was a whiplash, filled with horror and revulsion, bitter and absolutely angry

It broke through th£ clouds, dissipat!ng th£ madness.

My l¡ps came off h£rs as $h£ tried desperately to hold on, to keep me trapped. I saw h£r for what $h£ was th£n – an old hag!

Th£ bile rose up !n me as I threw h£r off me.

$h£ fell to th£ soft ground with a little cry – no, it wasn’t a cry, it was a h¡ss.

$h£ [email protected] on th£ ground and th£ expression on h£r face was one of pure malice as $h£ bared h£r teeth and h¡ssed at me, h£r f!ng£rs like talons now, digg!ng angrily !nto th£ gra$$.

I bounded to my feet and found Andrew Okai and Nicole stand!ng j√$t !nch£s away from th£ bench.

Andrew looked absolutely maddened, but th£ look on Nicole’s face was absolutely terrible. h£r eyes glared at me, and !n th£ir depths I saw how low I had sunk !n h£r estimation.



You st!nk!ng bas***d!

h£ was mov!ng suddenly, round!ng th£ bench and com!ng at me, h¡s right fist drawn [email protected]¢k.

My m!nd was still encased !n that terrible confusion.

Warn!ng signals were buzz!ng !n my h£ad, but for a moment I was so disoriented that I didn’t know what was go!ng on.

I side-stepped Andrew’s b!0w effortlessly and slapped h¡m [email protected] across th£ face. h£ fell on th£ bench and rolled unto h¡s moth£r, who ₱u$h£d h¡m away violently.



You meddl!ng little fool!

$h£ glared at h£r son as $h£ tried to get to h£r feet.

That did it.

Meddl!ng fool … diversion!

Paul Anderson!

I spun away from th£m, ignor!ng th£ hurt look on Nicole’s face as I raced ©vt of th£ garden. Somewh£re !n my confused m!nd I understood what had happened.

Somehow Mrs. Shirley Okai was mixed up !n th£ entire sordid affair. An old hag who could transform h£rself, somehow, !nto a desirable little seductress, $h£ had kept me occupied with h£r, whilst someth!ng went on somewh£re, someth!ng evil that needed me ©vt of th£ way.



Oh, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

I ran [email protected]

I rudely ₱u$h£d people ©vt of my path.

I knew that Anderson was !n trouble, very great trouble.

I burst !nto th£ adm!nistration block of th£ church and found myself at a large reception area. Th£re were a few people h£re, grouped togeth£r and eat!ng rice ©vt of th!n disposable packs.

I grabb£d an elderly woman by th£ shoulders quite roughly, caus!ng h£r to drop h£r little white plastic fork, h£r face suddenly frightened.



Pastor Anderson! Wh£re’s h£? Wh£re can I f!nd h¡m?

$h£ po!nted toward a closed door, one of several lead!ng ©vt of th£ reception area. Embossed on a golden plate were th£ words: Offices of Th£ Chairman.

I threw th£ door open and found myself !n a wide hallway. Th£re were a lot of gla$$ and less wood h£re. Ah£ad was a gla$$ office from which a group of men with th£ collars of th£ clergy were emerg!ng.

I raced toward th£m. One of th£m, a junior pastor, was a familiar face. I remembered be!ng !ntroduced to h¡m by Nicole. Seems h£ was much respected and had a lot of spiritual gifts.

h£ was be!ng pegged as a future Chairman of th£ church.


(striv!ng to be calm)

Excuse me, wh£re can I f!nd Pastor Anderson?

h£ po!nted toward th£ closed gla$$ door on which was anoth£r !nscription: Chairman Paul Anderson.


h£’s !n consultation with a poor widow. It is not a good idea to !nterrupt now, Mr. Boat.

I nodded at h¡m, my face sick, try!ng to rema!n calm.


(!n a rush)

Th¡s is urgent, believe me. Wouldn’t take m©r£ than a few seconds.

Th£ stench! Lord, th£ stench!

I could smell it all @r0vnd me. It was bad, chok!ng me so that I found it [email protected] to breath£. I wanted to throw up, and I bunch£d th£ muscles of my stomach t!ghtly.

Th£ stench of th£ Legion!

It was h£re!

Th£ faces of th£ young pastor and h¡s colleagues reflected th£ir disapproval but I ignored th£m and m©v£d forward. I slid th£ door open, entered and closed it gently.

I was !n a wide corridor with several closed doors on th£ right side, and one at th£ end. Alone now, I raced toward th£ giant door at th£ end of th£ corridor, grabb£d th£ [email protected] and violently swung it !nward.

Th£ room beyond was h*g£ and spacious. It was luxuriously furni$h£d, and exuded an atmosph£re of warmth and peace.

But th£re was noth!ng peaceful ab©vt th£ scene confront!ng me.

Pastor Anderson was on h¡s knees, [email protected] clamped togeth£r !n supplication, tears of anguish [email protected]||!ng d©wΠ h¡s face, h¡s terror so complete that h£ could barely m©v£ a muscle.

Advanc!ng s1©wly and deliberately toward h¡m, was th£ black-clad figure of th£ young widow. Clutch£d !n h£r right [email protected] was a long-bladed ugly knife.


(h¡ss!ng furiously)


But h£r voice wasn’t a woman’s voice.

It was a rumbl!ng, resonant voice filled with evil. A voice that belonged to sewers.



Please, oh please! Spare me, please, spare me, I beg of you! I beg of you, please!

Anderson wh£ezed as h¡s tears fell h£avier, all semblance of decorum and honour gone from h¡m, leav!ng h¡m a path£tic and weak excuse for a man.

Th£ th!ng was all puffed up, fvll of its own power and th£ sight of th£ wh!n!ng man of God at its feet. It was enjoy!ng every little tick!ng second of th£ moment, and it was so happy that it failed to realize immediately that I was !n th£ room, j√$t beh!nd it.


It exploded !n my br£@st, and before I knew what I was do!ng I flew across th£ room.

At th£ last !nstant it f!nally became aware of me. It swivelled round … an ugly face, eyes blaz!ng crimson, and on h£r foreh£ad was th£ mark of th£ beast, dripp!ng pure blood.


But it was s¢ar£d.

It was terrified!

It h¡ssed, barr!ng s£[email protected] teeth at me.


I sma$h£d a fist !nto its face. Th£ b!0w drove it all th£ way across th£ room.

It took d©wΠ a desk, three h£avy chairs, and a flower pot. It sma$h£d aga!nst th£ wall, and fell d©wΠ, th£ knife skitter!ng across th£ soft rug on th£ floor.

I was aware that I was glow!ng brilliantly, my force-field sizzl!ng with div!ne energy.

I was aware too, of a different k!nd of power mov!ng through my ve!ns, lend!ng unrestra!ned malice to my crav!ng muscles to hurt that th!ng.

I ru$h£d forward, my b©dy trembl!ng with th£ anger I was feel!ng. That black-clad figure was [email protected]!ng. I reach£d d©wΠ, grabb£d a [email protected] of long black hair, and yanked th£ face up.

My [email protected] was drawn [email protected]¢k, ready to crash d©wΠ on h£r –

its – face aga!n, or rip ©vt its eyes if need be.

A clear face marked by a badly split m©vth wh£re I had hit h£r, stared up at me. No mark of th£ beast, no crimson eyes.

Th£ Legion had fled.

Th£ woman [email protected] with great pa!n and starred at me with horror. h£r l¡ps opened as $h£ gath£red air !nto h£r lungs to s¢r**m. I clamped a [email protected] across h£r l¡ps, cutt!ng off h£r s¢r**m.

$h£ was struggl!ng violently now, try!ng to b¡t£ me.



Hush, it’s okay!

I wh¡spered bitterly as I looked at th£ open w!ndow.

A h*g£ black dirty crow was sitt!ng on th£ sill … and its eyes blazed a terrible crimson.

We stared at each oth£r with mutual hatred, and th£n it appeared to [email protected]|| [email protected]¢kward off th£ sill, and a moment later it flapped its way !nto th£ skies beyond.

Th£ widow was still struggl!ng, still try!ng to b¡t£ me.



Be still, gaddemn it!

I grated ©vt angrily, bitterly, and $h£ became very still.

I could h£ar pound!ng on th£ door, and I quickly ₱v||ed th£ woman to h£r feet, dragg!ng h£r quickly toward th£ door, mak!ng sure I shielded h£r confused eyes from th£ [email protected]!ng form of th£ pastor on th£ floor.

$h£ struggled at first, feebly, but my [email protected] t!ghtened on h£r arm as I ₱v||ed h£r along. I threw th£ door open and found all th£ pastors grouped th£re, j√$t like verm!n com!ng !n to feed.

Th£y gazed at me with horrified eyes as I propelled th£ woman ©vt and ₱u$h£d h£r toward th£ young pastor.

$h£ stopped and I saw h£r rais!ng h£r [email protected] to h£r l¡ps, feel!ng h£r m©vth.

Th£re was still a lot of blood @r0vnd h£r l¡ps… but th£ torn and shattered wound my fist had opened on h£r l¡ps was gone!

I had clamped my [email protected] across h£r m©vth, and h£r wounds had h£aled!

h£r eyes came up, !ncredulous, shocked, disbeliev!ng!

$h£ tried to speak as $h£ touch£d h£r l¡ps with wonder, ignor!ng th£ prob!ng questions from th£ young pastor and h¡s colleagues.

I stared at h£r, and I loath£d h£r for whatever s!ns $h£ was !ndulged !n that had enabled h£r to be possessed and used to almost destroy a good man.

Th£ young pastor quickly brought ©vt a h*g£ white [email protected] and wiped th£ woman’s l¡ps clean of blood, and h£ stared at h£r with uncompreh£nd!ng eyes.


What happened?


Pastor Anderson wants you to take ¢ar£ of h£r. That blood is m!ne. Fell d©wΠ and someth!ng sharp cut me. I covered h£r m©vth because $h£ was s¢r**m!ng wh£n $h£ came ©vt of a trance and saw me bleed!ng.


But Pastor Anderson … I mean, is h£ okay? We thought we h£ard s¢r**ms. A man’s s¢r**ms.


(forc!ng a smile)

Everyth!ng is f!ne. It was th£ lady s¢r**m!ng, I told you, not a man. A very bad and regrettable !ncident, I know. But please, would you take ¢ar£ of h£r? Someth!ng important came up, and I’m afraid Pastor Anderson doesn’t want to be disturb£d now. Everyth!ng’s f!ne.

Th£y exchanged puzzled glances and it was quite clear that th£y did not believe me. I thought of go!ng [email protected]¢k |ns!de anyway and shutt!ng th£ door !n th£ir faces, but j√$t th£n Bonner appeared from beh!nd th£m, s1©wly and pa!nfvlly mov!ng forward with th£ aid of h¡s walk!ng-stick.

Th£y parted for h¡m, and wh£n h£ was close enough to me h£ stopped, and h¡s old eyes roved my face.



t happened aga!n.

I looked at h¡m with many emotions rag!ng through me. For a wild moment I almost s¢r**med at h¡m, and I had to fight th£ sudden urge to lash ©vt at h¡m with my fists.



You better get |ns!de.

I dragged ©vt, my jaws work!ng with th£ depth of my anger … a fury that was borne ©vt of great fear.

h£ turned and spoke calmly to th£ pastors.



Please go and attend to Mrs. b£diako. We’ll take it from h£re. Thank you very much.

h¡s calm demeanour and gentle voice calmed th£m, and s1©wly th£y turned and hurried away; th£ young pastor’s arm was across th£ widow’s shoulders, and I smiled bleakly.



Go on, boy, open th£ door.

We entered th£ room aga!n, and I locked th£ door beh!nd us.



Oh, dearsweet Jesus!

Bonner wh¡spered with great shock as h£ beh£ld th£ spectacle !n th£ room.

Anderson was curled up !n th£ foetal position on th£ floor, and h£ was weep!ng silently, violently, h¡s b©dy trembl!ng.

h¡s arms were t!ghtly drawn up aga!nst h¡s face, h¡s h£ad ₱u$h£d very low !nto h¡s ch£st. h£ looked like a young boy who was afraid to watch a horror movie. h¡s legs jerked spasmodically as h£ cont!nued to [email protected] deep with!n h¡s throat.

It was path£tic, but th£re was noth!ng I could do for h¡m. No one could do anyth!ng for h¡m now. h£ was totally gone, and I shut my eyes wearily as I sank !nto an armchair, not wish!ng to see h¡m, or even h£ar h¡m.

Somehow every little wh¡mper that came from h¡m was like a nail be!ng driven !nto me as th£ feel!ng of guilt a$$ailed me.

I had failed h¡m, and by that I had taken th£ last vestige of pride and strength h£ possessed.

I had reduced h¡m to a fumbl!ng weakl!ng, and I knew that until I found th£ Legion and dealt with it, Pastor Paul Anderson would never be any use for h¡mself … or anyb©dy else for that matter.



What happened h£re?

I glared up at h¡m, and wh£n I spoke my voice was not respectable at all.



What th£ f**k didn’t happen? Everyth!ng bloody happened, okay? Some serious sh*t happened h£re, and you could’ve seen how well I [email protected] it! Please what th£ h£ll is go!ng on h£re? How do I deal with th¡s k!nd of sh*t? Damn it, old man, do you know I nearly killed that widow? Oh, yes, I did! I hit h£r [email protected] enough to break an elephant’s neck, if !ndeed elephants have necks! And you know someth!ng … I almost hit h£r a second time, and that would’ve killed h£r if I hadn’t noticed !n time that th£ damn demons had left h£r b©dy!

Bonner was still star!ng d©wΠ at Pastor Anderson, and h¡s wh0l£ b©dy had become very rigid.



Fury is a useless tool to employ now, son, It will warp your judgments and lead to your [email protected]||, so you better learn to ¢©Πtr0| your damn fury! You’re new to your gift, so don’t expect to be a master of every damn situation. You’re learn!ng, and all you have to go on is your !nst!ncts, so cut ©vt th£ emotional bullsh*t and tell me what exactly happened h£re.

h¡s words not only startled me, th£y also !nstantly doused th£ burn!ng flames !n my ch£st.



Come h£re, son, h£lp me get Paul unto th¡s [email protected], and th£n you can tell me what’s plagu!ng you.

I made h¡m stand aside and dragged th£ $h!very!ng pastor unto th£ [email protected] alone.

Pastor Bonner sat on a [email protected]¢ked designed chair by th£ w!ndow.

Th£ chair was like a m!niature throne, and it was very attractive and yet oddly repulsive, as if it didn’t belong to th£ room, as if it was look!ng d©wΠ at th£ rest of th£ furniture with a secret sneer.

Bonner listened to me with©vt !nterrupt!ng, keep!ng h¡s magnetic eyes fixed unwaver!ngly on me.

Wh£n I f!ni$h£d h£ was quiet for a very long time, and th£n h£ rubb£d an unsteady [email protected] d©wΠ h¡s face.



“Shirley Okai! Someth!ng always struck me as be!ng funny ab©vt h£r. It is all very strange. Is that what is both£r!ng you, your !nability to read h£r?

To be cont!nued…

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