The Second Sight

The Second Sight – Episode 46

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®20+ SNVL


But I couldn’t stop.

My [email protected] bunch£d up h£r skirt, ₱ush!ng it upward until th£ edge rode on h£r [email protected]¡$t, and I grabb£d th£ silky [email protected] underneath, sl¡pp!ng my left [email protected] !nto it, and gripp!ng h£r pliant buttocks.

$h£ [email protected] deeply, shoot!ng h£r h£ad [email protected]¢k so that I could klzz h£r smooth throat.

Somehow h£r blouse came open, and a perfect little deliciously-rounded br£@st sh°t ©vt, curl!ng !nvit!ngly upward.

I bent low, clamp!ng h°t l¡ps on h£r n!₱₱!e, which was [email protected] and pleasantly roseate and tender. h£r feverish f!ng£rs were work!ng my shirt, popp!ng buttons, and th£n h£r f!ng£rs were rov!ng over th£ hairs on my ch£st.

My [email protected] delved b£tweeΠ h£r th¡ghs, ¢ar£ss!ng th£ h£at, th£ warmth, th£ w€tness, th£ sweetness…and $h£ [email protected] and bucked with primal unbridled lvst!

I swung h£r toward th£ b£d…and that was wh£n th£ door cra$h£d open.

Frost was look!ng !n at me, and beh!nd h¡m was a terror-struck Nicole.

And beh!nd h£r, look!ng on coldly and gripp!ng h¡s cane so [email protected] that h¡s knuckles showed a terrible white, was Charles Bonner.

I wasn’t surprised.

Somehow I had known it was bound to happen.

s1©wly I released Jo.

$h£ had a [email protected]!$fied little smile on h£r l¡ps, a k!nd of know!ng look, and as I stared at h£r I was once aga!n struck by a great s£nse of déjà vu.

Somehow $h£ and Ela!ne were !nterlac!ng, and for a horrified moment I wondered wh£th£r th¡s too had been pre-def!ned, wh£th£r $h£ had known somehow that Nicole and Bonner were on th£ir way up, wh£th£r th¡s was also th£ beg!nn!ng of some elaborate plan to alienate me aga!n.

$h£ ₱u$h£d h£r skirt d©wΠ and ₱v||ed h£r blouse close, button!ng up with sure f!ng£rs. $h£ walked past me to th£ t£[email protected], and I let h£r.

Nicole was walk!ng toward me, h£r expression one of pure hurt and $h£er fury.

h£r face was colder than th£ h£art of ice, and wh£n $h£ stopped !n front of me I could see j√$t how much I had hurt h£r, reflected pla!nly !n h£r moist eyes.


(voice filled with revulsion)

You have th£ time to fornicate wh£n my fath£r is ly!ng on a hospital b£d almost dead? What have you brought h£re? What have you done to my fath£r? We trusted you, Yaw, but all along you were j√$t a fake, weren’t you?



I’m extremely sorry, Nic.



Nic? Sorry? Did you say sorry? Well you have a terrible way of show!ng how sorry you are, Yaw Boat! Wh£re were you wh£n my fath£r was attacked? Were you with h£r? Wh£n we needed you most you were not th£re, and you say sorry? Maybe you shouldn’t have come h£re at all! Maybe if you had stayed away noth!ng of th¡s sort would’ve happened. Lord, to th!nk I felt love for you! I hate you, Yaw Boat! God forgive me, but I hate you with all th£ core of my soul!

I looked away from h£r.

I told myself that $h£ was !n un¢©Πtr0|lable pa!n; h£r fath£r was dy!ng, and $h£ had found me !n a really uncompromis!ng situation with anoth£r woman, and that was why $h£ was say!ng all those horrible th!ngs, th!ngs $h£ would regret say!ng later.

But that did not wash with someth!ng deep !n me.

I found my throat clos!ng over suddenly with th£ pa!nful lump of tears.

I knew that I had j√$t lost th£ most important gem !n my life. I wanted to [email protected]|| at h£r feet and cry ©vt my supplications. I wanted so much tell h£r how th!ngs had gotten ©vt of [email protected], how I felt so lonely and s¢ar£d, so !nadequate … how everyth!ng I did could not stop th£ Legion.

I even began to reach ©vt, but $h£ slapped my [email protected] away.

I s£nsed anoth£r m©v£ment, anoth£r pres£nce, and wh£n I looked up Andrew Okai was stand!ng beh!nd h£r.

h¡s arm went @r0vnd h£r shoulders protectively, and $h£ turned to h¡m, bury!ng h£r face !n h¡s shoulder, and as h£ led h£r away I could see h£r b©dy shak!ng with th£ depth of h£r tears.

Frost and Bonner entered th£ room fvlly.

Frost opened h¡s beautiful cigarette case and w!nced wh£n h£ found it empty.


Sorry, kid. I should’ve told you th£y’ve been h£re all th£ time wait!ng !n th£ next room to see you. Th£ lady wanted to speak to you so I brought h£r h£re.

I nodded numbly.

Bonner walked up to me.

h¡s old face was not hold!ng th£ disgust I had feared would be th£re.

!nstead th£re was someth!ng close to real panic !n th£ depths of h¡s eyes, and a very silent fury.

h£ tapped my ch£st fiercely with a bony f!ng£r.


What th£ f**k do you th!nk you’re do!ng? Damn you, boy! What do you th!nk th¡s is? Some sort of k!nky game? You’re deal!ng with lives h£re, boy, lives! Already th£ Legion has it !n for you big time, and its fear of you is wan!ng because of whatever filth it has aga!nst you. And now you go and !nvolve yourself !n th¡s dirt! Why did you do such a stupid th!ng?


(wearily, pa!nfvlly)

[email protected] off. Maybe we were all wrong, old man. Maybe I’m not th£ chos£n one! Maybe th£re’s anoth£r Unbl!nd somewh£re m©r£ capable of deal!ng with th£ Legion.



Stop your drivel and concentrate! You fool, we’re never wrong ab©vt th!ngs like th£se! It is j√$t your !nability to let go of your damn decadence! Forget ab©vt what’s b£tweeΠ your damn legs and concentrate! First it was Nicole, and God knows I was s¢ar£d enough ab©vt that but I hoped with that k!nd of clean love someth!ng good would come ©vt of it. But now your soul is lvstful, and believe me, it doesn’t matter how much God loves you or how much power h£’s put !n you, but wh£n you s!n – fornicate – God turns away, and you would be left to deal with those damn demons on your own! That girl shouldn’t be near you! Get rid of h£r. $h£’s one of th£m, purposely s£nt to weaken you up for th£ kill.

I buttoned up my shirt with angry jerks of my [email protected]

I met h¡s gaze, and s1©wly I felt th£ coldness well!ng up !n me, th£ h£at mount!ng, and th£ fear crystalliz!ng.


$h£’s j√$t an officer from th£ BNI, old man, j√$t a f****ng law officer! Why don’t you give me some rope h£re?


(harshly, angrily)

Because th£re’s no f****ng rope to spare! You’ve entangled yourself to th£ neck, and you’re dead meat! You should know better!

I lost it at that po!nt.



j√$t leave me be! I’ll deal with th¡s !n my own way!


(quietly, sadly)

Th£n you’ll die.

h£ turned away from me.

h¡s gait was s1©w and pa!ned, h¡s old shoulders sagg!ng.

h£ gripped h¡s cane t!ghtly, and silently h£ offered h¡s arm to Frost.

Th£y h£aded for th£ door, and !n that moment of despair I almost cried ©vt to h¡m.

Paul Anderson was ly!ng on h¡s death b£d, Nicole was f!nd!ng solace !n th£ arms of Andrew Okai, and h£re I was los!ng my only ally !n a fight I had lost all guts for.

True, h£ had been [email protected] and unrelent!ng, and sometimes d©wΠright overbear!ng, but h£ had always been th£re for me wh£n I needed h¡m.

h£ had taught me m©r£ ab©vt my gift than anyb©dy else, and had filled th£ vacuum !n my life, th£ empty space wh£re my fath£r had been.

h£ was m©r£ than a mentor and a friend. h£ had become a soul mate, and see!ng h¡m go!ng away from me was m©r£ than I could bear.

h£ stopped at th£ door and turned halfway, still be!ng supported by Frost.


(softly, voice unsteady)

Paul is almost dead, you know. Th£ Legion would prefer Paul to live a life of misery, conf!ned to a wh£elchair for th£ rest of h¡s life. That’s what I th!nk. You, on th£ oth£r [email protected], have done to it what no oth£r Unbl!nd has ever done. You hurt it, and on some occasions you gave it real terror. I th!nk maybe we don’t need you anym©r£, Yaw. Th£ Legion has done its worst, and for now Paul is safe.



What are you talk!ng ab©vt?

But I knew what was com!ng, and it drove terror !nto my h£art like daggers.

Bonner’s voice was steady and ¢©Πtr0|led, but it was t!nged with that strange sadness.


Th£ only person who needs a real Unbl!nd right now, son, is you. You’re next, and unless you get rid of that girl and really get yourself !n God’s books aga!n, I’m afraid you could be dead by morn!ng. It would be a s1©w pa!nful death because th£y would take special delight !n cutt!ng you d©wΠ to size for all th£ terror you’ve given th£m. Remember, th£ horde of demons that form th£ Legion never ever forgive!


It was that om!nous, and it was that menac!ng.

It even caused th£ taciturn cop to w!nce slightly.



h£y, h£y, steady th£re, old man! Are you not stretch!ng th£ boy j√$t a little bit too [email protected]?



I’ve had my say.You know wh£re to f!nd me, Yaw.

Yaw … not son.

Someth!ng was lost, and I knew how bad it would be to get it [email protected]¢k aga!n.

Th£ cold reach£d ©vt and caught my throat.

Savagely I tried to fight off th£ panic and th£ fear but to no avail. Th£re was a rustle beh!nd me, and th£re $h£ was stand!ng !n front of me.

For a brief moment I saw th£ fire !n h£r eyes, th£ terrible embers of th£ wrath that had engulfed h£r, but th£n th£y went all soft aga!n, and $h£ smiled at me.



So, what’re you go!ng to do now? Are you go!ng to throw me ©vt because th£ old man says I’m th£ Delilah to your Samson, or are you go!ng to let me h£lp you?

I paid no h£ed to h£r as stepped round h£r.

It was somewhat absurd to th!nk $h£ was a tool as Bonner had said. I could have seen it if $h£ were one of th£m. $h£ was noth!ng but a s!nner, and now that I had lost it all $h£ would come !n [email protected]

If Bonner were right – and I believed h£ was – th£n I needed to f!nd th£ vile th!ng before it plucked up enough courage to come after me.

Th£ door opened onto a wide corridor, and straight ah£ad was th£ elevator.

Wh£n I entered it $h£ breezed |ns!de and stood very close to me. As we were taken silently d©wΠ $h£ reach£d ©vt and curled h£r left f!ng£rs @r0vnd my right [email protected] and sqv££sed warmly.

I returned th£ sqv££se, and after a moment we turned toward each oth£r and smiled pa!nfvlly.

I wondered if I saw th£ fa!ntest glitter !n h£r eyes.

I wondered if it was compa$$ion.

Or someth!ng else…like triumph, like achievement.

Sergeant Jules Asomani lived on Towns£nd Street.

It was a small neighbourhood, not plush, and not dirty eith£r.

Th£ houses were built almost !n straight l!nes, row after row, separated by bumpy little streets. Th£re were trees and h£dges, not so well-kept, but manag!ng to give th£ area a little cla$$.


Most low-ranked cops live h£re. Used to be a really nice place. It was !nitially set up as a government hous!ng project aimed at provid!ng comfortable lodg!ngs for professionals – nurses, teach£rs, you know – but ended up !n private [email protected], and was seized up by most cops.

We cruised s1©wly along one of th£ streets, mark!ng off house numbers.

$h£ was driv!ng my Chrysler for two reasons – h£r reasons: $h£ loved driv!ng, and $h£ knew Portville m©r£ than I did.

No 406 Towns£nd Street was surpris!ngly one of th£ well-kept houses on th£ block. Th£ house looked bright, maybe recently pa!nted. Th£ driveway was h£dged by exotic plants.

Wh£n $h£ parked th£ car we saw a fenced off area to th£ right, and th£ $h£en of water. I smiled wanly. Th£ sergeant even had a decent swimm!ng-pool. Th£re had been an extension to th£ build!ng, and m©r£ trees had been planted.

Th£re were three cars !n front of th£ house – one van, one pickup and a cla$$ic sports car. h£ had taste, and h£ obviously earned j√$t a little m©r£ than th£ average sergeant.


Seems our man enjoys some appreciable profit from h¡s extra activities.

We mounted th£ marble steps to a h*g£ excellently-crafted mahogany door with a bra$$ knocker, which might have been odd and ludicrous !n any oth£r environment, but which looked at home on that door.

It was late even!ng, a time wh£n most lights would have been on, but Asomani had all h¡s lights off. A th!n yellow stream filtered through under th£ door anyway.

From with!n came th£ fa!nt sound of guitar music.

Jo raised th£ knocker and banged away loudly.

We waited for precisely one m!nute, and th£n $h£ repeated it.

No one showed.

$h£ took th£ [email protected] and ₱u$h£d d©wΠward. Th£ door eased open silently. $h£ drew a snub-nosed automatic from h£r holster and entered cautiously.

$h£ paused so suddenly that I almost ran !nto h£r [email protected]¢k. $h£ uttered a silent [email protected] s¢r**m and stood rigidly. I looked over h£r shoulders, and my own breath caught !n my throat.

It was a h*g£ liv!ng-room.

Dimmed lights recessed !n th£ wooden ceil!ng cast a subdued glow on everyth!ng. Th£re were no chairs or tables. Th£ floor was covered with a thick woollen rug, and on it were small foam-stuffed mats.

On th£ walls were pa!nt!ngs – mostly of animals and plants. Th£re was a h*g£ flat-screen television and a games console that looked like a Sony ₱|@yStation 3.

Little low gla$$-topped tables were aga!nst th£ walls, and th£re was a small beautiful bar aga!nst anoth£r wall.

On th£ wide floor, on th£ little stuffed mats, were [email protected]£d men engaged !n a homos€×ual orgy.

I counted ab©vt eight of th£m, and I saw that most of th£m were muscular and powerfvlly-built. Th£ room reeked with stale beer and cigarette smoke, and th¡s was evidenced by th£ h£aped ashtrays and th£ empty canned t!ns.

A few of th£m peered at us coldly, but most cont!nued th£ir frenzied thrv$ts, s√¢ks and [email protected]

A door to my right opened and a grotesquely-dressed man emerged with a laden tray of food. h¡s pa!nted face, fem!n!ne wig, and gyrat!ng buttocks were !n perfect contrast to h¡s great h£ight and width.

h£ could easily be close to seven foot, and h£ got th£ type of bunch£d muscles that almost made h¡m a giant.

h£ had clamped h¡s genitals t!ghtly b£tweeΠ h¡s legs, giv!ng th£ illusion of a female’s genitalia. h£ paused at th£ sight of us and wiggled h¡s eyela$h£s at me.

h£ bent d©wΠ, sett!ng h¡s tray d©wΠ and th£n pos!ng s€×ily at me.


(purr!ng s€×ily)

What a fabulously dishy man you are! Would you like to have me !n your arms?

Jo was quiver!ng j√$t a little bit.

$h£ might be a tough girl, but $h£ wasn’t quite prepared for th£ terrible sight confront!ng us, a sight made even m©r£ terrible by th£ir complete dis!nterest !n our pres£nce.

I began to speak, but th£n I felt th£ t!ngl!ng, th£ awareness that was becom!ng all too familiar, and th£ overwh£lm!ng stench… com!ng from th£ open door lead!ng off th£ sitt!ng-room, suffocat!ng me!

Th£ Legion was near!

I started to m©v£ toward th£ open door, and th£n one of th£ h*g£ men stood up from th£ floor, withdraw!ng h¡mself from a slender man kneel!ng !n front of h¡m.

h¡s £r£¢t p***s glistened !n th£ low light, but h¡s face was devoid of all emotions as h£ looked at me.


You take anoth£r step toward that door and I’ll bra!n you.

h£ spoke !n a soft drawl that neverth£less managed to carry menace.

I ignored h¡m. Th£ urge was too strong, and I had no ¢©Πtr0| over it.



Get ©vt of h£re, Jo, now!

I ₱u$h£d th£ man-woman ©vt of my way and approach£d th£ door.

And th£n I felt th£ rush of air beh!nd me j√$t a moment earlier before Jo’s warn!ng cry.

Act!ng on pure !nst!ncts which had served me well !n my former life of drugs, s€× and violence, I dove for th£ floor, roll!ng first on one shoulder and th£n sp!nn!ng on my knees.

My quick reflexes saved me from th£ h*g£ club which th£ mean man had swung at my skull. Had it landed I would have been bra!ned, no doubt.

h£ gr!nned, and it was not a nice gr!n. Th£ club was a baseball bat, I saw, and h£ h£fted it now !n both [email protected] and swung it gently.


Good m©v£, kid! Told you I would bra!n you, didn’t I?

I could see that oth£rs were now untangl!ng th£mselves from th£ bad h0l£s th£y had been buried !n, and I knew that I had to put th£m ©vt of th£ equation quickly and brutally oth£rwise I would be !n real trouble.

Th£y were still flow!ng !n th£ cobwebs of pa$$ion, and th£y were [email protected]£d. Th£ advantage – if any – was on my side for th£ moment, but would not last long.

To be cont!nued…

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