November 29, 2021

The Smile That Left My Eyes episode 67 – 68







Warning: Strong s£xual contents ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuffs.🔞

Veronica laid down on her new bed enjoying the comfort it yields just before her phone made a ping like sound. She wasted no time in picking it and her lips formed a smile when she read a message from William.

💬I am guessing you still awake💬
💬 How did you know that ?💬
She hit the send button as she patiently wait for Williams to reply her text

💬Just a hunch💬 Veronica smiled to herself as she thought of what to say while biting her nails. Something suddenly hit her as she started typing again

💬was this really necessary?,💬

💬and what is that ?💬

💬the little house redecoration…I really appreciate it ,but I have always been an independent woman .I love doing things myself …now all I can think of is how to repay you for the little favour.💬she hit the send button and patiently waited for Williams message. Veronica got really uncomfortable after two minutes of waiting and there was no reply from reply

💬you still there William?💬 She asked

💬 just thinking of what to say?💬💬 did I maybe say something wrong💬

💬Not really, Just can’t help but wonder why my own wife feels the need to repay me for doing my duties💬

💬no William, I just feel.. I really don’t know how to explain this💬


you look at the time. I have to be up early for work tomorrow.. goodnight, sleep tight💬

💬Good night💬 was all she could send. She couldn’t help but wonder if William is actually upset with her. She does not want him to think she does not appreciate what he did for her, but she also do not want to appear like a gold digger cause that definitely the opposite of who she truly is. Veronica woke up the second money and as usual got ready for work.

“Hold on ,I am coming” she said to whoever was pressing her doorbell consistently

“Hello, Good morning” she said to the man dressed in a white uniform who stood outside her house. Veronica was trying to sound as polite as possible even though she has never met this man before.

” Good morning Miss, your car is ready”

“My car?” She asked with a puzzled expression clearly confused about the whole situation


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husband, Mr Morgan told me to come pick you up for work this morning”

“My husband ”

“Yes ,you are Miss Veronica Morgan right?”

“Yes I am….just give me a second please” she used her hand to signify one as she slowly closed the door behind her. She rushed to her phone and dialed Williams number

“Hello..I mean hi William” Veronica greeted immediately he picked his phone

“Hey nica” she blushed s little bit when she heard his voice over the phone

“You sent a driver to pick me up”



“Do not complain this time around, just get into the car” he said she Veronica smiled lightly to her self before saying

“Okay.. have a wonderful day”

“You too” he said just before she hung up. Veronica stepped out of the house and got into the car. Work this days has been boring, her boss who also happens to be her best friend as been gone for a month now. Veronica had no idea when he is coming back since she has not been able to get to him.
After a long day of hard work, she walked into her house not waiting for the driver William sent over.

Veronica changed into a comfortable shorts and oversized T shirt as she collapsed on the bed. She kept on contemplating on calling William. ” No I do not want him to think I can’t live without him. I will Just wait for his calls” She Said as she stares at her phone. After staring at her phone for hours, she got bored and decided to go to bed. Her phone rang waking her up from her sleep and Veronica smiled lightly to herself when she realised it was william.



can you go to bed without even talking to me”

“You didn’t call me either”

“Well that because I was busy with work”

“Well my apologies”

“I want to see you tomorrow”

“Why ”

“Should there be a specific reason I want to see you ”

“Yes there should be William ”

” I went an entire day without seeing you, I do not think I can do that for one more day”

“Oh I am sure you can do that, there’s no need to see you” Veronica was clearly trying to avoid William because she has no idea what their next meeting might lead to. William clearly wants to have s£x with her, it not something she can not give but she tends to be shy around him and she is not too sure of being able to have s£x with him without her backing out. She respects him for waiting for her for almost seven months now and if he wants s*x then that shouldn’t be so difficult to give. Veronica feels she will just have to put her shyness besides her and give her husband what he wants.

“I see what’s going on here”

“And that is?” Veronica asked as she bite her nails . It something she does whenever she is nervous.

“You avoiding me cause you think I want to f**k you ”

“Well don’t you? I am sure you do not want that right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I definitely want to ”

“I see”

“But if you not prepared for it, I can wait”

“But William”

” Do not avoid me , I do not want you to do that”

“I am not avoiding you”

” Then are you scared ?”

“No I am not”

” Can you proof that?”

” Yes I can..try me” she said while William smirked before hanging up

“What that jerk, he just hung up on me” Veronica said as she stared at her phone.
Veronica flinched when she heard her doorbell “who could that be, it probably one of the neighbors” she checked the time and it was just 8:44pm, and it felt she has been sleeping for hours while she has only been sleeping for 20minutes

“I am coming” she said to whoever was pressing her doorbell repeatedly ” you?” Veronica said with her mouth wide open.
“How did you?”

“Do you seriously think I will go a day without seeing you?” William asked as he walked into the house while Veronica stepped back .

“You were standing outside my house while talking to me over the phone”

“Yes, and I was about to leave and let you have a good night rest until you told me that you are not scared over the phone” William said as he walked closer to her while Veronica stepped back slowly

“Well….I…I was”

“You were?”

Veronica inhaled deeply as her back met the wall ” William I”

William placed his left hand on the wall while the second hand went around my waist and used it to yank her close while Veronica gasped by the little action

” William you shouldn’t….”

“Shhh, tell me how am I suppose to control myself now especially when you wearing that?” It was now Veronica realized just how short her Jean short were revealing her legs and a little bit of butt.

Williams hand slowly caressed Veronica leg from the back as he slowly moved up to grab her butt lightly while a m0an escaped Veronica’s mouth

“Williams I….”

“You what?” William asked as his mouth slowly moves towards hers.
Veronica closed her eyes waiting patiently for Williams lips to touch hers just before his phone rang interrupting the whole process.


bit his bottom lip in fraustration ” this better be important” he said as he picked his phone and moved away from Veronica.

He was obviously talking about work again. Veronica couldn’t deny the fact that she was already turned on by Williams little action and she just wanted him to explore every inch of her at that moment.

Williams finally hung up as he walked towards her, ” , sorry about, work and all. I hope you understand”

“Yea I do, it no problem”

” so where were we?” William asked but before Veronica could reply, her door bell rang while Veronica rolled her eyes and put on a joggers before walking towards the door.

She was a bit shocked to see the police standing outside her house “officer ,is anything the matter?”

“Mrs Veronica Morgan”

“That me”

“You under arrest for the Muderer of Cecelia Morgan ”

“What?” William said the word just before it came out of Veronica’s mouth.

“William, I am under arrest. I didn’t even murder Grandmother”

“I am just as confused as you are Veronica”

Before Veronica knew what was going on, she was handcuffed and escorted into The police car while William wasted no time in calling his personal lawyer.

Veronica couldn’t figure out the reason she was arrested for that.

Who could have filed that case against her since she was not even the one who killed Grandmother to start with.






Warning: Strong s£xual contents ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuffs.🔞

William stormed into his room as he ran his hand through his hair. It going to be really difficult to get Veronica out of this, first she was framed by the drug lord for Killing her Aunt and he hasn’t even gathered enough evidence to proof her innocence In that aspect and now this.

“I hope you will stay away from her after this” William turned his back abruptly as he made direct eye contact with Catherine

“Catherine, you, why will you?”

“Unlike you, I do not forgive easily William, It obvious Veronica is no good for you. I am doing the right thing by protecting to you”

“By getting her arrested for what she didn’t even do?”

“It temporary, the police will release her very soon.” She said as she crossed her arm and walked towards William “you might think you are all grown up now William,but I know what best for you and Veronica is the opposite of that”

“Of all people, it shouldn’t have been you Catherine. I thought you were the only person who understands me and my feelings after Grandmother”

“I am doing this because of you, because I love you.Veronica is not good for you”

“I do not want to talk about that right….please leave now Catherine” William said and Catherine nodded. Catherine was the last person he expected that from and he has no idea what could have prompted her to do and say that.

“I will be leaving for paris today and will be back in 2 days ” she said and walked away when she did not receive any response from William

“You did the right thing” Chelsea said to Catherine immediately she walked out of the room.

“I don’t feel right Chelsea”

“I know you might hate me alot because you think I am trying to steal your brother from Veronica or something but that is not true, yes I love William alot that why I do not want a girl like Veronica around him”

“I understand, so what do you think I should do next”

“William will surely listen to you, tell him to get married to someone else as soon as possible”

“So you want him to get married you ”

“Not necessarily me Catherine, anyone of your choice. As long as she is perfect for William”

“Where is William?” Catherine asked one of the helps.

“He told me to tell you that he will be back,he went to visit Mrs Morgan”

“Okay” Catherine said with a forced smile

“Seriously Catherine is this what you want ?” Chelsea asked out of the blues as CATHERINE turns to face her.

“What are you doing here? Why are you always here”

“Came to visit Beatrice”

“Okay that great now get out”

“You might not like me but trust me catherine 100% better than Veronica”

“Do not compare yourself to Veronica you are nothing like her in fact she’s better that you in every way possible”

“is that what you think Veronica does not love William she’s only feeling guilty right now because she felt she was the reason grandmother died”

“What do you mean ?”

“If she truly loves William , why did she refuse to forgive him back then. Why did she only forgive him when grand mother died” Catherine looked away from Chelsea as she thought of the matter

“Think of what your brother will go through when Veronica breaks his heart again. Do you think he will be able to recover. Instead of you trying to be a good sister by supporting his every little action. For once do something that will help his life. Keep away from Veronica, he will learn to move on eventually. At least it better you do that before things get too deep. It up to you to decide this Catherine. Excuse me ”

Catherine thought of this for awhile as tears rolled down her eyes .she can’t bare to see her brother in pains. He meant the entire World to her and if Veronica is going to be the reason for his pains, he will keep her away from him no matter what.


” Here you go” William handed over a lotion to Veronica to rub her wrist since it was feeling a little dry due to the handcuffs that were around her wrist for awhile. Williams just got her released from jail and now his car is parked in front of her house obviously not looking happy at all.

“William ” Veronica called his name


“Are you okay.. or are you maybe upset with me . You know I did not kill Grandmother, I do not even know why the police arrested me when they have no evidence…”

“It is okay Veronica. Let forget about that okay.”

“Okay” she said as she got down from his car. Williams also got down from the car

“I will be on my way now” she said while William smiled lightly, moved closer to her, cupped her face in his and planted a soft kiss on her .

“Good night” he said while Veronica smiled and walked into her house leaving William behind. She looked through her window and William was Still standing outside. She waved at him while he waved back just before she closed the curtain and laid down on her bed. She closed her eyes for a second and suddenly opened it when she felt something squeezing her neck. She opened her eyes and saw a figure in the dark as the unknown figure continue strangling the life out of her.. Veronica could not scream as her hand roughly search the table looking for what she can use as a defense. Her hand finally landed on the table Vase as she picked it up and hit it on the mysterious person .

Whoever it was immediately let go of her as the mysterious killer fell on the floor in pain.

Veronica ran out of the house screaming William and William who was about to leave already suddenly stopped and got out of his car

“Veronica, what wrong with you ?” William asked looking worried as Veronica couldn’t stop crying and panicking. ” Who did this to you ?” He asked when he saw red hand print around and a few scratches on her neck

“William there is someone in my house”


“There is someone in my house, they tried to kill me William” she said crying

“Hey it okay calm down ” William said as he hugged Veronica ” just calm down. I will go check what is in there”

“No no no William do not go in there, please ”

“Do not worry i will be fine”

“Then I am coming with you”

“What why ,you just wait out here for me”

“You can’t convince me otherwise William, I am coming with you ” she insisted while William smiled and held her by the hand.

He got into her apartment and switched on the light, there was nobody there except blood stains and broken vase

“See I told you. There was someone here. He tried to kill me so I hit this Vase on his head for defense”

“It okay, I will call the police now” he said as he checked the bathroom and kitchen and there was no one there ” whoever did this must have escaped when you ran out of the building”

“Yes,they must have….William I can’t stay here tonight , what if he comes back and tries to kill me ”

“No one will kill you and besides I can’t allow you stay here either”

“Uhn ”

“You are coming with me tonight, the police will be here in few minutes”

Veronica picked up her little puppy as she nodded. The little dog also looked as terrified as she was and beside there was little he could do in such situation since he was just a pet dog.

“Come on , let go”

“To where ”

“To my place Veronica. You can’t stay here anymore” he said while Veronica nodded and agreed to follow him.

Whoever the unknown person who tried to kill her was. Even though he did not achieve his goals this time around. He won’t stop until he finally put a stop to her life

It seems Veronica Hathaway has a lot of enemies


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