November 29, 2021

The Smile That Left My Eyes episode 74 – 75



🤩 CHAPTER 74🤩.




Warning: Strong s£xual content ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuff🔞

Veronica walked into her room after a long day at work and switched on the lights. She flinched in fear when she saw William sitting on a sofa in my room with a wine glass in his hand.

“William you scared me what are you doing here?” She asked as she dropped her bag on the table and rested on the table

“I told you I will be here every night” he stood on his feet and walked close to her “since I am not allowed to see you in daylight” William slowly used his hand to brush her hair off her face “I am sure seeing you in the night is fine for me”

Veronica Chuckled “William have you been drinking?”

“But I am not drunk,” he said as he placed his hand on the table blocking her sides and making her stand between him and the table

“William had a long day at work…I am a little tired”

“Take them off”


“Your clothes, take them off,” he said with a very commanding tone while Veronica smiled and slowly took off her black coat, she grabbed on to the thin strap of her green dress as she pulled it off her shoulder making it fall leaving her with just her bra and panties on.

William placed his hand on her tiny waist as he slowly moves it up till his hand reached for her bra and unhooked it.


am going to do something to you now,” he said as he removed her bra and threw it aside “you not allowed to cvm” he said while Veronica gulped

“But William I….” William spun her around and made her bend over on the table

“William I” Veronica tried to stand up straight but he placed his hand on her back holding her down.


“Is it going to hurt this time”

“Did it feel good the first time?” William asked as he went down on his knees with her still bent over on the table

“I really can’t explain it, some part of me wants it so bad, I didn’t want it to stop, but the other part could not ignore the pain”

William dipped his finger in her panties as he gently pulled it down giving him a perfect view of her p**y


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What are you going to do”

“Why don’t you find out ” he slowly kissed her legs while Veronica inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. The feelings she got from that little kiss on her leg was incredible.

His planted another kiss on her the thigh, as he went up and kissed her gently on her butt while Veronica closed her eyes

“Everything about you is so perfect”

“William you…”

William stood on his feet and said ” remain in that position” he opened the wardrobe door as he grabbed something that looks like handcuffs and walked towards her

“Bondage cuffs,” she said as she looked at the leather handcuff padded with fake fur, unlike real handcuffs, this can’t hurt her wrist. “You into BDSM?” she asked while William smirked

“Not exactly” he put the cuffs on her wrist and attached the chains to the table preventing her from moving

“Then you have this cuffs why?”

“So I can do things I want to do to you without having you stop me,” he said as he grabbed her by the butt

“So you not into BDSM?”

“I was, but that was a long time ago”

“What made you change?”

“I guess I got tired of that when I met you, I never wanted to be a Dominant, I never wanted you to be my submissive. I don’t want pains for you, I do not want you to be tortured, I do not want to hit you just because I derive pleasure from doing that to women”

“You know I am not into stuff like that right, but if it makes you….”


am the one allowed to make sacrifices for you, not the other way round,” he said as he went on his knees again and placed his hand on her butt getting a clear view of her p**sy ” Why are you w€t for me already,” he asked as he slowly dipped his finger in her while rubbing her cl*t lightly with his thumb

“Oh f” k William” Veronica bit her lower lip and placed her head on the table she was currently Bent over on and chained to.
He stopped whatever he was doing with his finger as he pulled it out her w€t dripping hole.

“I want to kiss you here as I said earlier you are not allowed to cvm till you beg for it”

“I don’t think there will be a need to beg” William smiled lightly and Veronica mentally screamed when she felt Williams warm lips on her p..y

“Arghhhhhhhhhhhh shit, William What are you doing?,” She asked as she bit her lower lips in pleasure “, don’t stop what you are doing right now” she pulled at the handcuffs but she couldn’t get herself Free. It was really frustrating, all this immense pleasure and she is not allowed to cvm and to make matters worse, she can’t even stop him since she is chained to a table.

“Oh sh***t” She tightened her fist as she wiggled her legs

“Hold still,” William said while Veronica inhaled deeply and tried to control herself. William stopped whatever he was doing with his tongue as he used his finger to pleasure her again.

“William please just let me do this, I can’t take it anymore”

“Where do you want me to take you, here or on the bed”

“Uh?” Veronica blinked abruptly and said “do it here and right now”

William smirked as he hit her butt lightly while Veronica smirked

“The last time I didn’t go in deep, I have a feeling it won’t be the same”

“I think I can handle it”

“Okay” Veronica blinked abruptly when she heard the sounds of trousers unzipping and gasped when she felt something hard against her vagina “try to be a little gentle”

“Okay,” he said as he slowly slides into her tight walls while Veronica m0aned in pleasure. It still hurts a little but didn’t hurt like it did the last time. Her body was finally adjusting to his Size as she m0aned loudly while William slid in and out of her

“William.. ohhhhhh shit” she m0aned as she bit her lower lips

“Keep it down you do not want to wake the neighbors” William teased while Veronica pulled at the cuffs

“You think I give a fvck about them right now?” She asked while William slowly increases his pace making the sound of m0ans and skin slapping against skin filled the room.

“I am going to cvm William”

“Do it, now” he said as he increases his pace and in the process, Veronica released herself and not too long after she felt something warm explode into her as Williams slows down and pulled out as he slowly uncuffs her and made her stand up straight.

“Please do not tell me we are done for the night,” Veronica said between her breathes

“Do not be ridiculous” he kissed her gently on her neck” the night is still young” he lifted her in his arms as he placed her on the bed

“It going to be a long night”

Veronica slowly opened her eyes the next morning and smiled lightly when she saw Williams looking at her

“You, why are you staring at me like that?” She asked with a smile on her face


it just makes me feel good to watch you sleep”



She rubbed her eyes and asked “what time is it”

“7:53 am”

“Oh no” she sat up straight and looks at William “I am going to be late for work”

“I still do not know why you are so interested in this job, I am pretty sure I can afford your daily needs” he stood on his feet and brought something out of his wallet and gave it to her

“An American Express Centurion credit card, what do I need this for?”

“It’s yours, whenever you need money”

“I do not want this”

“You want a normal credit card then, I will give that to you”

“No, I do not want credit cards at all. First an American centurion, no one will believe me if I tell them I am an ordinary waitress when they see me with a card like that”

“But you are my wife, you are not an ordinary waitress”

“I know but no ones knows that, I remembered the last time I told my friend at work that you are my husband, she laughed at me”

“Why did she do that?”

“Because you and I are from different worlds. I am a nobody, you are William Morgan and, I don’t know it just gets really funny to people whenever I tell them that you are my husband”

William inhaled deeply and looked in her eye ” I am willing to tell the media and everyone else that you are my wife, but it seems you do not want that”

“You can’t do that William, remember my deal with Catherine” she stood on her feet and grabbed a towel from the closet and wrapped it around her body.

“I don’t need your money, I am not a gold digger”

“I know you not, but you still my wife”

“I know I am, but still can’t accept this” she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her while William sighed.

Veronica walked into the restaurants and was shocked get see Kyle

“Kyle” she called his name while he turned to face her.

“Chelsea, you are a bit late today,” he said with a smile on his face while Veronica smiled, walked towards him, and hugged him.

“I miss you so much, how have you been?”

“Miss you too Chelsea, I needed a break so I went to see my family in New York”

“Please call me Veronica now” Kyle’s expression immediately changed as he stares at her. Do you remember?

“Yes, I do. I am still a bit confused though, why didn’t you tell me?”


“That you are my childhood best friend, my Kyle”

“Helping you remember the past will have a negative effect on you”

“I understand,” Veronica said with a smile on her face “we have a lot of catching up to do, don’t you think so?”

“Actually I do”

Linda walked into Veronica’s restaurant a few hours later to talk to her about something important.

She bumped into someone who accidentally poured water on her coat 🧥.

“I am so sorry” Kyle apologized as he dropped the water on a table and wanted to help clean her clothes

“Just leave it, do you know how much this coat cost. This Is a BRUNELLO CUCINELLI, you have no idea how expensive this Cheap you”

“Hello Miss, you have no right to just walk in here and talk to me anyhow.. I already apologized, what is your problem”

“How dare you” she said as she lifted her head and her heart almost stopped for a moment when she looked in his eyes. He was extremely handsome, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean she will not give him a piece of her mind

“Where is the manager, I demand to see the manager right now”

“I know you” he dipped his hand in his pocket “are you not that actress”

“That actress, I am not just ” that actress” I am America’s sweetheart. I earn over millions in just a day, how much do you get paid by being a shabby waiter ”

“Okay, please leave now”

“You have no right to tell me to leave, will report you to the manager and you will get fired..i want to see the manager and my friend Veronica ”

“Sir, Linda.. What going on and Linda why are you here?”

“I came to see you and this waiter spilled water on me. Do you know how much my coat cost and why the hell are you referring to me as sir ”

“Linda he is not a waiter, he is my boss. The owner of this restaurant”

“Last time I checked, this is a five star restaurants, how can someone like him own this place and why will the owner work as a waiter”

“Because I enjoy working with my employees, I don’t do this all the time, but I do it sometimes okay, I enjoy doing this”

“Oh I see” Linda said as she lowered her head “it still doesn’t change the fact that you an ass and you ruined my Coat”

“Linda!” Veronica called

“An ass seriously? How much is that ugly coat?”

“Ugly? This is a ten thousand € coat how dare you call it ugly”

“Bella, get her account details and have ten thousand € sent to her to get a new and extra five thousand to wash the old one…i hate being screamed at by brats” he said to his P.A as he walked away

“Brat seriously? Can you hear that Veronica” Linda asked Veronica who rolled her eyes and smiled lightly


🤩 CHAPTER 75🤩.




Warning: Strong s£xual content ahead. Please feel free to skip if you do not like reading explicit stuff🔞

“So Linda came to see me at work today,” Veronica said as she chopped the vegetables in the kitchen while William sat down staring at her.

“Really, why?”

“I don’t know..nothing important…she picked a fight with Kyle”

“Why am I not surprised, I am sure she gave him a piece of her mind”

“Yes, she did. Don’t you want to know why she fought with Kyle?”

“I am sure he started it”

“You don’t really like Kyle do you?”

“I don’t”

“, why?”

“Because he is obviously interested in you, why should I like a guy who is interested in what is mine”

Veronica moved the string of hair disturbing her face away with the back of her hand

“You just jealous..kyle is not interested in me”

“He is”

“I should also be jealous of Linda then” she tucks her hair behind her ear, but it falls back to her face again

William stood on his feet and walked towards Veronica. He stood behind her as he gently brought her hair to the back and tied it into a ponytail “Linda is just my friend” he gently kissed her on the neck while Veronica inhaled deeply.

“What I feel for you, can never feel the same for anyone else” he whispered in hair “And besides she does not like me so,” he said as he moved away from her

“Really you think so?”

‘Yeah, I am sure about that”

“But Kyle does not like me, why are you so jealous of him”

“Do not be ridiculous, I am a guy and I know things like this okay. I have seen the way he looks at you”

“Do you know he is my childhood friend”

What?” William asked as he turned to look at her “your childhood friend”

“Yes he is…it a long story, I only remembered him when I regained my memory”

“Oh I see” he dropped his wine glass on the table and ran his hand through his hair “so I am guessing you guys use to be so close”

“Yes very close” she dropped the knife on the table and removed her apron “do you have a problem with that?” She asked as she folded her arms

“Do not be ridiculous” he picked up the glass and gulped the entire contents down” no way someone like him can compete with someone like me ”

“Really, how you so sure about that?”Veronica asked as she bit her lower lips

“So are you considering choosing him over me”

“Well I don’t know, he is tall, handsome and rich….who knows if you consider going for Linda, then I might just…..” William grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to him

He glares at her while Veronica blinked her eye abruptly thinking she might have taken the joke a little too far. His face slowly softens as he released his grip on her

“You are mine Veronica, you can’t belong to anyone else”

“You are being super possessive,” Veronica said while William tightened his grip on her

“I am only possessive about things that I believe is mine, and you are mine”

“William” she removed her arm from his grip as she wrapped her arms around his neck ” I am yours and you are mine…it was just a little joke”

“A little joke”

“Hey,” she said as she kissed him on the lip “it was just a joke”

“Okay, if you say so,” William said as he walked away from her while Veronica sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear.

William can really be a strange person sometimes

“So tell me, how are things going between you and your husband?” Ruby asked while she raised her to look at her and smiled lightly

“Fine, I guess,” she said as she chewed on her biro

“Someone is blushing”

“Me blushing I am not” the new came up and both Linda and William appeared on the T.V, they have been going to different parties together and other gatherings. Veronica was a bit jealous, she desperately wishes she was the one with Linda. She hardly sees him this day since he and kinda traveled on to Paris for a week now since he was invited to some important events

She was jealous, she can’t deny that. But there was nothing she could do since she already made a deal with his sister and she still has no idea how to prove herself

“Isn’t William and Linda the greatest couple ever”

“Yes, they sure are,” I said as I blinked abruptly preventing tears from rolling down my eye

“Veronica are you okay?”

“Yeah I am, totally”I held my head when I suddenly felt dizzy

” Are you okay Veronica?” ruby asked as she placed her hand on her should

“Yeah I am”

“I am not so sure, you have been dizzy and nauseous every morning for the past three days, don’t you think you should visit a doctor?”

“No, no, I am sure I am fine”

“Wait, are you perhaps pregnant”

“Do not be ridiculous, I am not pregnant, I mean come on”

“, okay…I don’t believe that” she looked into her bag and brought out a pregnancy test” here, test yourself”

“But this isn’t really needed”

“Just do it,” ruby said while Veronica sighed and went into the bathroom. She came back a few minutes later with a long face

“What is wrong…what is the result?”

Veronica stares at Ruby for a while before tears roll down her cheek” I am pregnant ”

“Waw” ruby hugged her and said” I am so happy for you…you have to give your husband the good news”

“, yeah I have to”

Veronica was totally unsure of what to tell William, should she really tell him about this

She was not sure if Williams wanted a baby or not. I mean he loves her, no doubt but she isn’t exactly sure he wants a baby.

She walked into her apartment later in the night and someone hugged her from the back

“Did you miss me?” William whispered in her ear while she smiled

“William” she turned her back to look at him as she hugged him right

“You have no idea how much I miss you,” she said with a smile on her face “so how was your little trip?”

“It was okay, but boring without you,” he said

“Hmmm, you have Linda there with you”

“Linda is not you, and don’t you give me that jealous look. I won’t be doing this in the first place if you didn’t convince me to”

“Yeah yeah, I am sorry…William, I want to tell you something”

“Which is?” He asked as he wrapped his hand around her waist

“William I am…..” His phone rings interrupting Veronica while William sighed and looked at Veronica for permission

“Go ahead please,” she said while William picked his call and walked away from her. Veronica placed her hand on her stomach and inhaled deeply

“Hello” William greeted again a few minutes later

“You are done with your call”

“Yeah, it was just my friend Michael..he called to inform me that his wife is pregnant”


“Yeah…I don’t know what the deal is with people and pregnancy, they all seem so happy. I don’t know about others, but I really do not want to share you with any baby right now”

“But you want to have kids someday right?”

“Of course, I want…I dream of starting my own family with you, have lots of kids but now…I just want to spend some time with you before a kid comes. You will start loving them and have no time for me”

“That is not just sound jealous

“Whatever you call it”

“But William, we have been having s£x without condoms…don’t you think”

“You take pills right?”

“Well, I d…”

“Veronica are you..”

“No no no… am not pregnant…I am not…I am just…”

“Veronica if you are you know you can tell me, don’t mind what I am saying right now”

“, but you won’t be happy with it”

“Anything that comes from you will surely make me happy…I admit I do not want to share you just yet but still”

“Trust me, William, I am not pregnant”

“Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent,” she said while William sighed and walked away

Veronica sighed and placed her hand on her tummy

“I am sorry, but I can’t tell your father about you just yet” she inhaled deeply and continued “I still have a deal with your aunt Catherine, if I tell your father about you, then he will back out of our little plan..he won’t do what I ask him to, he will only to focus on you and me alone…but then again, I am not so sure if he wants a kid just yet. I really do not want to make him feel uncomfortable, I will tell him about you later but not yet…i will eventually but not now.


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