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The Star 2 episode 15


Written By:Abike
Episode 15
Emily sat in the living room, she on the TV to watch, first thing she heard was a gunshot and then she saw Dyal with blood before he fell down, Emily screamed so loud,which made Gold to ran in to the living room…
Newscaster:This is still difficult for us to believe, Dyal arrived today at exactly 12 pm today, Fans were happy and glad to see him, but it was unfortunate that Dyal was shot when he was trying to greet his fans today, this is still difficult to believe that someone could have it in his or her mind to kill Dyal, immediately after this happened the killer was no where to be found, Dyal was transferred to the hospital immediately which many fans are at the front of the hospital praying for Dyal’s surgery to be successful, we hope for the police to get the killer and to reveal the sender, We pray for quick healing for Dyal… (Gold felt dizzy and fainted immediately, which Emily ran to her, she called on the guards while they all rushed her to the hospital)
At the front of the hospital, Thousands of fans are outside with Dyal’s pictures, they all are in silent prayers
Jasper, Oliver, Carter, Liam and few boys waiting for the doctor to come out, Mr Max and Charlie with Whitney together with Crystal arrived at the hospital…
Crystal:Where is my son,Where is Dyal,I said where is my son, (screaming and shouting)My God! God please my only child, Dylan your son needs you, where are you, My son must not die, Dylan you must save Dyal, you must save your son, Am finished, my only hope, Ha!God!
Charlie: Crystal Calm down
Crystal: Uncle am finished, am done!
Charlie:Just calm down nothing must happen to him(Ezra and Henry brought in a man, he is an artiste, Jasper describe how poison looked and he was drawn for them, Poison picture was brought to the TV, He was declared as a wanted criminal, if found a sum of 20 million naira for anyone that finds him, Samson and Simeon together with some of Jasper’s boys and policemen, Soldiers are all scattered everywhere,every single human being is search thoroughly, Everywhere was tight with securities…..
Majid, Khalid and Jubril sat down after watching the news, they realize that they have found out who poison was, Majid called him
Majid:How can you let them see you, how come, You are such a fool,You don’t even aim his heart,why his stomach,You are so dumb you know
Poison:Am sorry boss!
Majid:Just shut up!You must leave the country tommorow night, I will prepare your ticket and everything, you will have to disguise for them, we will make sure that you are dressed as an old man or something, just for now till tomorrow, stay wherever you are, ok?
Poison:Yes Boss! (Majid hanged up the call)
Six cars arrived at the hospital,The guards came out first while they opened the door for both Emily and Gold, They were led in, the fans were glad that the two ladies were together, but still in bad mood for Dyal’s Operation, Emily and Gold entered the hospital, they met others sitting down waiting for the Doctor, suddenly the doctor came out to them and said…
Doctor:The operation was successful, right now we hope for him to open his eyes(Everyone was a bit relieved)
Gold’s house, Her parents and brothers are watching the news…
Newscaster: The information was brought to us that Dyal’s Operation was successful, right now we all hope for Dyal to open his eyes, we all hope and pray for him to have a quick recovery…
Jason:I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it that someone shot Dyal, just why?
Dad: Some People don’t think at all, Honestly some people don’t think back, they only think forward, when they were planning on how to kill him I don’t think that they give it deep thinking on how many people will go crazy and want Justice if Dyal die
Mike: Exactly
Dad: Imagine a lot of securities everywhere, looking for the killer
Mum:Am sure that those people can’t have a rest of mind right now, they must be in trouble
Mike:Yeah real trouble, they make an attempt to kill a celebrity, and not just an ordinary celebrity, But a whole Star, they are done for
Dad:Dear please call Gold so that we can all hear her voice and ask her if Dyal wakes up already
Mum:Ok dear…
Newscaster:To God be the glory that our Star opened his eyes, the good news was reported to thousands of fans that sat at the front of the hospital since the incident that Dyal opened his eyes,few fans gathered thierselves to the front of the police station, shouting that they want Justice and they want the police to get the killer,Max record label were able to send a letter to everyone,they said Dyal is getting better and he is responding to treatment so they want everyone to put thier mind at rest,and concerning the killer,the securities and policemen are still in town searching for the killer and as soon as they get the killer,they will let everyone know….
Everyone was with Dyal, including Evelyn and Gold’s mom,they were all glad that he woke up, according to the Doctor they were told not to make him talk a lot, everyone was staring at him,at the front of his ward was twelve Guards, outside the hospital was also twelve guards,six guards were hanged around the hospital to move up and down the hospital,at the front of the hospital gate were six soldiers,the hospital was fully tight with securities,After some minutes, everyone decided to go home to rest and take shower except for Gold and Emily who refused to go home, Dyal’s Mum said…
Crystal:Look Bella
Bella: Ma’am
Crystal:Appoint six ladies to go to Dyal’s house with you, Clean the house, cook good food, and go to thier wardrobes (talking about Emily and Gold)Get them some clothes to change into, they will have thier shower in the hospital since they are not going home, and make sure you bring them both breakfast and lunch and the the girls to make the house clean till they discharge Dyal, after that you can come home alone and leave the girls there to work,Do you understand me?
Bella:Yes ma….
Poison at the airport, He was indeed disguised as an old man, it is difficult for a seer to see that Poison is not an old man, when he gets to where they will check him, suddenly Simeon and Samson arrived to the airport, they came to hear thier report if they see anything suspicious yet, suddenly both Samson and Simeon saw Poison where they were busy searching him, they moved closer to them, Seeing them coming, poison was already Sweating which made both Simeon and Samson to be more suspicious about him…
Simeon:Good evening sir
Poison:(acting as an old man)Good evening young man
Simeon:We will like to do the searching please
Poison:B…. But am late for my flight
Samson:No sir you are not late sir, can you please move to that side to check you very well please?
Poison:I said am late for my flight, they have searched me already,What else do you want again?
Samson:We would have been done by now if you are not talking, can you please kindly move to… (Suddenly Poison brought out a gun from his hand bag which has not being search yet to shoot at both Samson and Simeon but he was too late, before he could brought out the gun, Simeon whose hand was in his pocket the whole time was also holding a gun in his own pocket, he had the feelings that Poison might do that and that’s why he put his hand in his pocket holding his gun, before poison could shoot, Simeon shot him on his arm which made poison’s gun to fell down, Both Simeon and Samson rushed to him and pinned him down)
Newscaster: Yesterday night at exactly 8pm,the killer was caught (Showing poison’s face on the screen)He was caught by the two agents from Ghana,They said was disgused as an elderly man,which made the securities not to pay much attention to him before the agents arrived and revealed who he was,He was holding a weapon which the agents were able to collect from him, the police are already in the town searching for both Khalid and Majid, The killer said he was sent by these two Stars to kill Dyal, he said they gave him the Job to kill him right from the last award show but he was unable to kill Dyal that day, the police already went to both Khalid and Majid’s house but they couldn’t find them, they were able to caught thier close friend who happens to be a drug dealer, right now both the killer and Jubril who is a close friend of Majid and Khalid are in the police custody, Khalid and Majid’s record label has been shut down very early this morning,we hope for the police to speed up thier work to get both Majid and Khalid before they will harm more….
Comments are like:_Whattttt! I can’t believe it,how can those guys act that way,it is not new that both Khalid and Majid are always not happy to see Dyal,it is very obvious, please they must not go unpunish,They should make sure that our Star is save, Honestly I still can’t believe that both Majid and Khalid are the sender,what were they thinking……
Jubril and poison in the police custody,they have been beaten mercilessly, Jasper came in and the first thing he did was to hit Poison which sent him to fell down,the police who tried to wake him up realized that Poison already passed out…
Jasper:Don’t worry give that bastard five minutes, he will still wake up and you,where are your friends, what’s your next plan?
Jubril:Next plan?(He laughed in a devil way and said)Our next plan is to kill Dyal (Jasper hit him immediately on his stomach)
Jasper: You are a bastard!
Jubril:(vomiting blood and said)Don’t worry, you will hear from them soon
Jasper:(Jasper hit him again)I said shut up, Shut up you bastard!….
Emily and Gold were left alone with Dyal, he was just staring at them, while they also stare at him, He doesn’t have the strength to talk yet,but was happy to see them together, Not too Dyal slept off again….
Gold left the hospital to have some shower at home, Her phone rang, it was his Mum, she picked up the call..
Gold:Hello mum!
Mike:Gold this is Mike
Gold:Mike what happened, where is mom?
Mike:Mum is really sick, She doesn’t want me to tell you but I had to let you know what’s wrong, and we have transferred her to the hospital
Gold:Don’t worry Mike nothing will happen to mum, just text me the hospital address please, Ok?
Mike:Ok sis…
Gold was done checking his mom, she hugged both her brothers and her Dad, she hugged her mum and Said….
Gold: Before I go, I want to tell you this
Jason:Hope it’s a good news
Gold:Yeah sure, Dad, Mum, am pregnant for Dylan
Jason: Wow!
Mike:That’s good news
Dad:(her dad hugged her) That’s a great news, Are we the first to know about this?
Gold:No Emily was the first to know, infact she was the one who made me realize that am pregnant, so I called for the doctor to come home to check on me and he said am pregnant, that was around when Dyal travelled
Mum:Am so happy to hear this, so happy
Gold:Don’t worry mum, don’t stress yourself to talk, I will still come back to check on you
Dad: Alright dear take good care of yourself and your baby
Gold: Yes Dad!… (She hugged them once again before leaving the room while her guards led the way)
On Gold’s way to the hospital where Dyal was, four black cars crossed them on the street, sixteen hefty men came out, shooting, The Guards asked Gold to stayed down in the car, the guards came down firing at the guys, while the guys also fired at them,The guards were able to shoot four of them while the guys shot all the guards and took Gold away with force….
Mr Max,Charlie, Emily, Jasper, Oliver and Carter all are in Dyal’s ward, Dyal can speak very well but his voice are not yet loud, They were all happy to see Dyal, suddenly Liam rushed in and said
Oliver: What’s that?
Liam:T…. Th…. They…
Oliver:Liam speak up what’s going on?
Jasper:Where is Gold?
Jasper: Yeah she went to see her mum in the hospital this morning, Where is Gold?
Liam:S…she is kidnapped and w….we lost twelve guards
Mr Max: What?!
Dyal:G… Gold is what, s….she is what?! (Dyal was shaking and at the same time tears are dropping on his face for the first time)
Charlie:(Rushed to Dyal)Take it easy Dyal, we will find Gold, just calm down,you are not yet fully ok, please take it easy
Emily:Dyal,I think you have to know this, G…. Gold is pregnant for you
Mr Max: WHAT?!(Tears streamed down rapidly on Dyal’s face)
What do you think will happen in the next episode?
Will Gold be safe?
What about the baby in her womb?
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