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The Star 2 episode 16


Written By:Abike
Episode 16
Mr Max:Oh my God!
Emily:She is pregnant and the doctor said…
Doctor:She is pregnant and she needs to be very careful with herself, she must not do anything that deals with stress please, she must not do anything that deals with stress at all, or else she will loose the baby, please make sure you have a lot of rest Ma’am
Flash back end
Mr Max:Oh no!
Emily:W… What are we going to do?
Dyal: Jasper!
Jasper:Yes Boss!
Dyal:I don’t care if thousands of guards and securities are spread out to the town, just search for Gold, both her and the baby must be safe, understand?
Jasper:Yes Boss!
Dyal:Ain’t gonna stay here again, can someone please get me the doctor to discharge me? Charlie:Dyal you are not yet ok
Dyal:I need to be discharge
Charlie:You are not ok yet
Dyal:Sir, Gold is out there, and d…do you think I will be able to sleep here? Please get me the doctor to discharge me, Like now!
Oliver:Yes Boss!
Gold was kept in a room, she was blindfolded, she heard the door opened, it was Khalid and Majid who came in with two guys, they told one of the guys to removed what was used to covered her face…
Gold:You monster! How dare you! (Majid slapped her immediately which made her mouth to bleed)
Majid:You don’t talk when am standing, what Dyal is doing to my best friend is more than this, you will be the one to suffer it all, Understand! (He shouted and slapped her again which made Gold to screamed out in pain as her lips bleed more)
Khalid and Majid sat down to watch the news,they saw Dyal coming out of the hospital with a lot of securities, a lot of fans were glad to see him, Dyal stopped and faced one of the cameras and said…
Dyal:I know that both of you are watching this, but I want you to know one thing, Just hide very well, try your possible best to hide very well, because I promise you that if I set my eyes on you, you won’t get to the court before I send you to my father, and one more thing, if you lay a finger on that woman, I swear to God that I will surely send you to hell, I swear on my father’s grave that your death is going to be in a painful way, just try your best to hide very well…. (Khalid off the TV angrily)
Khalid: Bastard! This guy is mad, he still have the guts to threaten us(Majid stood up angrily to where they put Gold, when he entered the room,he was surprised to see Gold vomiting)
Majid:You Bitch, a…. are you pregnant?
Gold:(cleaned her mouth and said) I am pregnant for my boyfriend is there a crime in it or are you blind? (Majid want to slap her again but was stopped by Khalid, while Khalid dragged him out)
Majid:I can’t believe that shit, I can’t believe it, I should have kidnapped Emily and not this bitch, now she is useless to me
Khalid:Can we please calm down and let’s think on how to leave the country first, you can’t fvck her again, she is meaningless to us, when we get the chance to leave the country we can just kill her to use her death to hurt Dyal for killing both Poison and Jubril cause there is no way those two will come out of there alive, so let’s consider them Dead, let’s look for a way to leave this country first…
Gold stood up from the bed, she came out of the room to the living room slowly, she couldn’t see anyone, suddenly she saw a phone on the table, she took it and sneaked back to where they put her,she took Khalid’s phone cause she saw Khalid picture as the screensaver, She couldn’t remember anyone’s number but Evelyn’s Number, immediately she dialed Evelyn’s number….
Dyal and all his boys all sat down, they brought the news that Gold is not yet to be found, Suddenly Evelyn ran in breathing heavily while Jasper stood up to her, she said…
Evelyn:I know where Gold is(everyone stood up)
Dyal:Where is she?
Evelyn:She called my number with Khalid’s phone, she was unable to get the location of where she is, but I told her to on the location of the phone,but if we traced this number she used to call me, we will get thier location… (Immediately they got someone who will trace the number and it was detected immediately, Samson, Simeon, Jasper and his boys, few policemen all gathered to leave, while Dyal said…
Dyal: listen everyone, i don’t care if you will kill them, I don’t care about what you are going to do to them, just please bring Gold to me Safely, I beg of you, make sure she is safe, no matter what, please! Jasper?
Jasper:Trust me Boss!
Majid and Khalid sat down discussing….
Majid: So we are leaving the country tonight?
Khalid:Yeah by road, we will go to Ghana first, from Ghana we will book our flights to Canada,and what about that bitch?
Majid:Am taking her with me?
Majid:Yeah am taking that bitch with us, but are you sure that our traveling to Ghana is safe, what if we….
Khalid: Common don’t worry, we will disguised, not as an old man this time around, but as a lady, while that bitch, I don’t know what to do about her, can’t we just waste her and leave her here to make things easy for us? Common Majid we can’t take her with us,think about it tok
Majid:It’s ok no problem, Just us, You told the boys to go right?
Khalid:Yeah I paid them already
Majid:Good let’s get ready….
They arrived at thier hideout,it was more like a bush,very far from the street, Gold who was standing near the window saw them immediately, she opened the window slowly to call out on them, Jasper and two boys ran to her while other surrounded the house…
Jasper:Can you jump?
Gold:I… I can’t, this…
Jasper:Ok I will carry you, Try to jump..
Gold:I can’t this is too high for m… (Suddenly Khalid came in immediately and dragged Gold towards himself, putting the gun to her head, Jasper put his hands to the air Khalid called out on Majid immediately, while he rushed in)
Khalid:Majid get our bags(He dragged her out of the room, slowly they both came out with Gold, still pointing the gun at her, Everyone put thier hands up)
Khalid:This is your Boss’s girlfriend, am sure you all know what will happen if I should pull this trigger at her, Dyal is going to kill you all, So now raise up your hand everybody (They obeyed them, Majid dropped thier things in the car,he entered the car to drive waiting for Khalid to enter the car with Gold so that they will use her to escape from them, unknown to both Majid and Khalid that Simeon and Samson was at the back of the house, suddenly Simeon shot Khalid at the back which made him fell down immediately and die, the sound of the shot which scared Gold made her to fainted, The other guards and policemen all surrounded the car Majid was, while he surrendered and came out of the car, while they handcuffed him, Jasper carried Gold in a bridal style not too long, the ambulance arrived to take her away)
Majid was forced to give out the location of the guys they sent to kidnapped Gold, some were shot While they were trying to run away, while few were caught, The judge sent the boys and Jubril into life imprisonment, while Majid and poison were to be hanged till Death….
Gold and Dyal sat in the living room, Emily came out with her luggages and said…
Emily:Gold, Dyal?
Gold:W… What happened where are you going?
Gold:To be candid, I realized that you guys are meant for each other, I just have to accept the fact that Dyal wasn’t meant for me in the first place, He is yours, am just like a passing wind, believe me on this, Gold you made me realize what true love is, I realized that the love Dyal has for you is very special, for the first time I saw Dyal’s tears,and that was for you, that’s when I realized how much he loves you, and I think Gold loves you more than me,believe me am happy to see you both together, and am glad to witnessed a lot of things with you guys, You guys are the best for each other, we don’t need to stress this issue,and it is obvious that Dyal loves you more than me, because if Dyal really love me then,there is no way for him to fall in love with you,We love eachother Dyal,but you and Gold’s love for each other is more deep and meaningful, You have my blessing…..
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