The Story Of My Young Life

The story of my young life batch 11

The story of my young life

Sequence 14



When my mother called me earlier today while I was at the office demanding

that I meet her at Leah’s residence. I never expected the outcome to turn

out so messy.

What I feared had finally happened, I really meant to tell her everything

maybe after our wedding.

But I never planned that she’ll find out in the most damming manner.

Now she hates me so much, what do I do now. I can’t bear seeing her get


We must surely find a way, I’m not giving up on her. Never.

I went upstairs to my mom’s chamber and I found her sitting, sipping a

glass of brandy.

I sat down to face her.

“I’m sorry mom, I……. ”

” shhhhh, save your explanations to your self. I’m very disappointed in you

Valentine, how could you? You couldn’t even confide in me, your own mother.

Do you realize the embarrassment you caused me?.

Here I was, proud that I raised a perfect gentle man, but I didn’t know I

failed miserably.

What kind of a mother am I?

She began to sob, and I was totally heartbroken. If there was something I

detested, it was to see my mom cry on my account.

If only she knew that I wasn’t responsible for the pregnancy. Of course

telling her the truth will make the matter even more complicated.

I was thorn in between two worlds, between the woman that gave me life and

the only one my heart beats for.

Slowly I went to her and I knelt before her “you know how I hate to see you

like this. If only I could just turn back the hands of time.”

There’s no day that passes that I don’t regret my actions mom. I was just

so ashamed of myself that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you

I even lied to Leah too, I never told her about her womb being damaged. I

made uncle Pascal promise never to mention it to her ”

She turned to look at me, and then turn away

” I’m such a bad person mom, and Leah is so mad at me, she wouldn’t even

talk to me, she said it’s over ”

I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as it flowed freely down my face.

” I would never survive it if she chooses to leave me ”

” then you better start preparing yourself because the wedding will never

hold ” she bursted out.

” you can’t be serious mom, I love her with my life ” I fired

” then it’s best you get a life, because my only son will never marry a

barren woman, not while I’m alive” she said as she walked out on me.

“no ooooh!!! ” I scre-med, shattering the glass I was holding on the wall.

All these happened because my stupid Uncle couldn’t keep a simple secret. I

regretted at once why I even took her there in the first place.

” Dammit!!! ” I scre-med, he was going to undo this havoc he caused or else

he’ll face my wrath in full force.

I wouldn’t mind if he’s my blood, he better learn that it’s very dangerous

messing around with a man crazily in love.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to make Leah see reasons with me.

If we were ever going to conquer this, then we’ll have to fight for each



My first day at work was supposed to be one of my happiest day, but how was

I supposed to be happy when in just a day, my wh0le existence became


Since that day, things have never been the same, my own Father wouldn’t

even talk to me and it hurt me to the marrow .

I totally avoided Val, and everyday I felt a part of me die.

Anita was the only one I cried on, the only shoulder I leaned on.

Since I couldn’t bear the cold treatment given to me by my Dad anymore, I

agreed to move in to the house the hospital gave to me.

It was a portable duplex with state-of-the-art facilities. It brought me

some kind of peace and I loved it already.

I packed my belongings in the evening and drop a written note for my Dad

informing him of my whereabouts.

Anita helped me settle into the new house and I begged her to stay with me

for some time, which she reluctantly agreed.

Having her around was like a breath of fresh air, she was indeed a great

source of strength these few days.

She also suggested I started taking God seriously, letting him lead my life.

I took her advice and that night when I read a couple of scriptures and

prayed, surrendering my wh0le existence to God, casting all my cares unto

him, I felt total peace.

That night I slept soundly like a baby and the next morning I found a

thousand reasons to smile.

Getting into my office, I was greeted with a lovely flower with sweet

smelling fragrance.

A smile spread my l-ips as I knew the sender, I inhaled deeply into the

flower,, Gosh!!! It smelt heavenly.

There was a written note attached to it and I quickly opened it.

*****Time is running out on me

I’m confused, I don’t know what to do

My love is slipping away from me

I can’t wait to say I DO

Troubles coming from here and there

Trying to make us not to stick to the end

We move from one problem to another

But baby it only makes me stronger

You’re my only angel girl

I can never love another but you

No matter what I face in life

I’ll always stick with you until the end of time

No one can ever take your place

I love you Leah, our love is worth fighting for


I wipped the tear that had escaped my eye as I placed the note on my chest.

He was right, our love was worth fighting for.

Just then I heard the door open and there he was, in flesh and blood,

standing before me.

I knew that instant that I’ll never survive without him

Every person was created for some one

And he was made, just for me, to complete me.

I ran to him and he caught me in his arms, absorbing every part of him.

This was a man who had sacrificed everything for me, even though he ought

not to keep anything from me.

But what right did I even have to blame him? Wasn’t I the one who was so

selfish in the first place by wanting to take my own life? Despite him

giving me his words that he would always stick with me?

“baby don’t ever shut me out of your life again, it almost killed me” He

spoke with all sincerity

“I’m so sorry my love, I was so mad at you for hiding something that

important from me” I replied, still holding on to him as tight as I could,

least he slipped away from me.

“I love you so much Leah, its you or no one else, its you and I against the

world baby, and I swear to you ill never give up on Us.

I’ll fight, even with the last drop of my blood ”

Then he pulled my face up, slowly he planted a k-ss on my fore head and

clutched me tighter in his arms.


I took of my glasses immediately I stepped out of my private Jet.

Life is surely good when you have money, everything bows at your feet.

“Welcome Don, hope you enjoyed your flight ” Skipper said as he handed me

my Cigar and lit it for me.

” oh yes boy, she is worth every f—–g dollar I spent, have you made the

delivery ” I asked walking into my mansion?

” yes Don, and 5 million dollars have been credited into the account ” He


” impressive, you’ll surely be rewarded adequately ” I said patting his


” thanks Don”

“So you got the bitches for me huh? ” I asked

” yes Don, three of them, hot and s€×y, just the way you love them ”

” good, very good, tonight is going to be fun then” I said as Walked into

my private Chambers.

Building a successful drug empire for myself within seven f—–g years was

really a tough one.

I was introduced into the business immediately I got into Ghana by my uncle.

He was a drug baron and he sent me off to Malaysia to sh¡p drugs.

I was never admitted into the University as he had initially promised my


While in Malaysia, I did the job with my wh0le heart, determined to make a

great fortune and be like my uncle someday.

Whitin two years, I already became an expert and I began to travel to so

many other countries, stepping up my game.

Five years later, my Uncle was shot by an opponent and just before he died,

he handed everything over to me.

And I harnessed it into the Empire I now control.

With so much wealth, the girls threw themselves at me, and each one that

came never wanted to go away because I gave it to them hærd and hot.

No wonder they called me the “The Tiger” But what ever I had with them

ended on the bed.

Outside there, they are just bitches I f–k them, I have fun, they enjoy it

and I pay them off.

There was only one woman who had my heart. The main reason I came back to

the country.

I was going to make her mine, and nothing was going to stop me.

Anyone who dared interfere would be messing with the Don.



All through these years, Val has been more than just a source of strength

to me. He had never given up on me. Not even for once.

Now it was my turn to fight for him, to fight for Us, and come what may,

we’ll be together forever………

I put on my clothes and took my car keys. I was going to see my Dad. He

couldn’t just shut me off just like that.

I’m his only child and it’s high time he realized he wasn’t doing either of

us any good.

I know he was hurting, but he would never allow his pride to show his


Today we’ll put an end to this meniance surrounding us, threatening our


My wedding must go on as planned. And if he refused to give his consent, he

should start preparing to loose his only child.

As I stepped out of my apartment, I noticed two white GWagons parked in

front of my house.

Then a man came out from one immediately he sighted me walking to my car

and he walked briskly towards me.

“Good day mam, my boss would like to have a word with you” He said


Then I stepped back from my car and gave him a mean look.

“if your supposed boss is so keen on seeing me, then he should be here

himself ” I fired back irritated. It should be one of those politicians who

were so full of themselves.

The man walked back to the car and opened the passenger seat.

Then another man steeped down. Just his appearance alone smelt luxury.

He had a sunshade on and I couldn’t really recognize him as he walked

majestically towards me.

“Hello beautiful ” He said pulling of his shade and smiling to reveal those

side gaped dentition I once fell for.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Eric, in flesh and blood. How on earth

did he become so rich I thought.

Then like a bee sting, all that he had done came to me and I changed from

being surprised and impressed to paranoid.

“How dare you come to show your ugly face to me after all these years” I


“hey baby, take it easy please. I’m here to say sorry for everything and

I’m prepared to say it in any way you want it.

“to say say sorry???, can sorry take away all the pains you made me go

through??? Can sorry give me back what I’ve lost, answer me,” I scre-med.

“I’m willing to make it up to you darling, just give me a chance. I still

love you Leah, I’ve never stopped thinking about you”

“The only way to make it up to me is to take your sorry self out of my

sight, and never show yourself again to me or else I’ll be forced to make

you pay for your crimes” I yelled.

I immediately went Into my car, and moved away raising enough dust as


“bastard” I cursed, as I drove speedily to our house.

When I arrived, luckily he’s car was packed outside, meaning he was around.

I slowly took a breath to calm my nerves down, before coming out of the car

and heading in,side.

I found my Dad sitting, reading a newspaper over a glass of juice.

“good day Dad I greeted”

“i don’t remember sending you a message that I’m ready to see you” He

answered still focusing he’s gaze on his papers.

“are you truly my father?, because it’s over a month and it hadn’t botherd

you to know how your only child is faring” I fired back and that really cut

deep in,side him as he quickly dropped the papers and glanced at me.

“how dare you utter such rubbish before me, are you insane? ” He thundered.

” you leave me no option Dad, had It ever occurred to you that your silence

is killing me slowly. That you’re the only family I have.” I asked close to


“you would have thought about that before trying to commit suicide and

keeping it a secret from me for all these years ” He replied, picking back

the newspaper

Then I fell on my knees and started to sob.

” I’m sorry Dad, please forgive me. I was so afraid of how you were going

to feel if you found out I was pregnant ”

” and you think killing yourself won’t even make die of a heart attack

afterwards? Look Leah, I’m not even upset that you got pregnant, but that

you tried to commit suicide.

My own child, and to think that I wasn’t even aware of it for all these

years rips my heart apart ”

” please forgive me, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time, please father,

you’re all I’ve got. I can’t bear this treatment anymore.

It’s killing me father, punish me anyway you can but don’t shut me out of

your life Dad, please ” I cried, kneeling before him.

” but you were the one that left the house, I didn’t chase you” He replied,

looking at me now. I could see the pain visible in his eyes.

“I couldn’t bear it Dad, that’s why I left, but I can come back home” I said

“you better, if you really need my forgiveness, anyway Val has been here

uncountable times, he explained to me how he had agreed with you that he’ll

inform his mom and then me of the pregnancy but instead you decided to end

your own life.

In as much I’m very upset that he got you pregnant in the first place, I

can’t help but admire his love for you.

That young man loves you so much Leah, its very rare to find such kind of

love in this present days.

You’re not doing yourself any good shutting him out of your life”

“we’ve made up Dad, we’re good now.”

“that’s good, as for me, I don’t have a problem with your supposed wedding,

but the only problem is Faith, she came by my office saying the wedding

would be cancelled, that her son wouldn’t get married to a barren woman.

And I didn’t fail to remind her that it was her son wh got you pregnant in

the first place.

We ended up in an argument before she left”

I cried the more. If only they knew Val wasn’t even responsible, it was

that fool, to even think he had the guts to show up earlier.

I honestly pray Val’s mom come around, I mean there are various options, it

was only my womb that got damaged, but my ovaries still produced eggs.

We could try IVF and even get a surrogate if need be. Technology has made

things easier and Nita has also promised to help in anyway she could.

Just last week a set of twins were delivered through IVF and the babies

looked cute and very healthy.

There was surely going to be a way out and God will definitely see me



“mom, I don’t like this at all, I love Leah so much and she’s the one I’m

going spend the rest of my life with ” I stated pacing back and front in my

mom’s Chambers.

” you are not going to marry someone who can’t give me grandchildren, for

God sake you are my only son ” she replied.

” you seem to forget that it was my fault things turned out that way mother

I got her pregnant in the first place ” I fired back

” but you weren’t the one that asked her to poison herself did you, her

womb is damaged son, are you prepared to live the rest of your life without

a single child?

“don’t he ridiculous mom, your big mouthed brother should have told you

that there are other options, besides, you used to love her, just like your

own, what happened mum?

Why would you let this mistake spoil everything now? OK, let me ask you,

supposed I was in Leah’s shoe, would you have allowed the guy in question

dispose me off like a piece of trash?? Think about it mother, think!”

With that I stormed out of the house and headed to my uncle’s hospital.

Getting there, I headed straight to his office, despite the protest from

the nurses and badged into his office

“how could you Uncle, We. Agreed that this remained a secret between us and

the little chance you got you sold me off?” I yelled

“calm down Valentine, this is a hospital and you’re are disturbing my

patients” He replied

“don’t f—–g tell me to calm down, now you listen to me, I give you 48

hours to Call my mom and convince her back to accept my marriage with my

fiance or else I’ll have your hospital published on a national daily,

stating how you disrupted my marriage simply because you couldn’t keep a

simple medical ethic.

You know how the media is, they’ll surely add some things to make the story

more spicy and I’ll have you know that someone is more than ready to do it

at no cost, he’s just waiting for me to call the shots.

Let’s see how many more patients you’ll still have here”

With that I stormed out his office, got into my car and zoomed off to the


I just settled down when my secretary called that someone was waiting to

see me so I asked her to let him in.

Some minutes later, she arrived with the person who I least expected to

see, I discharged her and turned to the unexpected visitor.

“to what do I owe this Visit ” I said, giving him a mean look.

” is that how you accord visitors here”

“I don’t remember inviting you besides you are never welcomed here” I fired


“Anyway I’m here to thank you for helping me look after your friend all

these while and I’ll like to inform you that you’ll no longer be needed as

I’ve come back to take what’s rightfully mine”

“you are really a clown I must commend, anyway, Leah and I would be getting

married very soon, so sorry, you’re late, you can try elsewhere, how about

that girl you used to hang out with ” I replied

“that weeding will never hold. Just call it off now, Leah is mine” He


“listen up Eric or whatever you are called, this would be the last time you

show your face here to say rubbish before me now get out of my office ” I

fired at him

” you do not know who you’re messing with, I’ll suggest you take my advice

or face the full rot of the Don, I don’t do well with rivals you know, I’ll

have the peices of your flesh fed to my vultures at my amusement.” He

answered to my dismay

“ohh, I’m scared! I’m really scared, now let me warn you, if I ever see you

even an inch close to my fiance you’ll regret the day you step your feet

back into this country, you seem to forget your old crimes you didn’t pay

for. Real dogs don’t bark you know, they bite.” I fired back at him.

He burst into an annoying laughter then he shuddered.

“you’re Still a small boy Valentine, I’ll advice you don’t play games meant

for your elders. He who strikes a contest with the spirit must get ready to

dance with the spirits.

And for your information, I don’t bark, I roar!! ”

He steeped out of my office immediately, banging the door loudly be hind



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