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The story of us episode 27


(You And I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter 27
Audrey’s POV
Kyle continued to sing melodiously and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was harmonious.
When he sings other people’s song Melodiously, how beautiful would his own song sound like? I just couldn’t wait to listen to it but he won’t sing it to me since he already dedicated it to someone.
“Wow” I applauded when he was done.
“You’ll teach me one day how to own an angelic voice and how to sing too” Simon said to Kyle and he smiled.
“And also how to play musical instruments most especially the violins and guiters”
“My Pleasure” Kyle said.
“Ho-ho, It’s time to depart Kyle” I announced when we came across a U-turn.
“Oh true but I’ll love to see you off first” Kyle said.
“Well it won’t be necessary, because I will be with her since we’re passing through the same lane” Simon told him.
“That’s true Kyle, you don’t need to” I said but Kyle insisted.
“Your best friend is safe here with me” Simon said.
“Er…Yeah” I added ‘cos it looks like Kyle finds it hard to trust him.
“See you tomorrow” I waved at him and he smiled this time and waved back at us.
Oh….. Uh?
Simon and I began to walk silently, didn’t he say he hates silence?
It was awkward, I should have just allowed Kyle to come with us, I’m more free with him but being just me and Simon, my heart was beating really fast and what happened between us in the morning flashed back into my head; the Kiss, when we caught ourselves staring at eachother..
Hah Good, I would get to my house soon, so I walked ahead of him.
“Audrey” He called my name and caught up with me.
“We are walking through the same lane, why are you leaving me behind? ” He asked.
“Well… Errm, Sorry but walk faster ” I stammered and didn’t say anything else.
“Ok Audrey” He paused.
“About this morning, I’m sorry for the Ki –” I quickly interrupted him..
“My.. My house, it over there” I exclaimed pointing at my house which was still few metres away but I ran towards it quickly. Breathe an heavy sigh, I didn’t look back at him.
“Hey Audrey! ” He called my name again but I walked into the house but before I slammed the door, I heard him say;
I leaned on the door and felt my heart racing.
I really cannot be alone with him not to talk of looking into his eyes.
I placed my hand on my chest; – I know this feeling.
“Continue to stand there and no dinner for you” My mom said.
I just realised that I’ve been standing at the door since I rushed in and I haven’t even greeted my mom.
“Hi Mom, Good evening” I sighed again and walked towards her.
Where she was arranging the table with my dinner.
“Hmm Audrey, is there anything you have to share with me? ” She asked me and I wondered what she meant by that.
“Uh no” I said and took a seat.
“What about the guy that walked you home yesterday, the one that came to pick you up this morning.
“Oh, we are friends” I answered.
“Did you say Friends?” She asked.
“Ye-ah” I stammered.
“Like, Boy – friend? ”
“No. They are just part of the few friends I’ve made in Wearous” I rolled my eyes.
“They? ”
“Yes, they”
“I’m talking about the guy who came to pick you up this morning and also came home with you yesterday”
“Oh, no. They are different” I briefly said.
“Oh… Okay. So who is who? ”
“What’s that supposed to mean? Come on Mom, we are just friends and nothing more” I said and drew out a fork.
Just then, I remember I haven’t pulled off my clothes. So I stood up, went to my room to change my clothes before coming back to have dinner.
*🏫*🏫*W*H*S*🏫*🏫 *
The next day, Simon didn’t come to pick me up from home. Anyway, I wasn’t really expecting him to do so.
I did the early morning routines, preparations to get ready school today.
Then I informed my mom that I was leaving and she told me that she has a surprise for me today.
Oh no again, what is it this time? We’ve only paid half of the loan she received then. What kind of surprise is it this time?
The only idea I have is that it would be an expensive one.
I walked alone and lonely up the lane, when I got to the direction Kyle’s house was located, I checked only to see if he was on his way too but he wasn’t.
Despite the fact that I don’t usually come on a car, I’m always punctual.
I smiled as I walked into the class, Kyle wasn’t in school. I got to school before him as usual.
I said Hello to Elena whom was already in school and her seat was behind us.
She smiled back at me. Well it’s just happened that we aren’t really close.
I turned around and traced my glance to Simon. He saw me too.
Ok, since we are in class and we are not alone, I should be able to say Hi to him without feeling that way I felt when we were alone yesterday.
I stood up and walked to his seat.
“Hey Simon, Hi” I smiled at him and he scoffed.
Huh what?
“Hey Zara” He stood up and ignored me.
Zara is one of the girls I met when I just came to wearous, when I was still seating next to him. The one was a black ponytail.
“Where’s Jessica? ” He asked her.
“She’s yet to… ”
“Who called my name? ” Jessica’s voice echoed in the classroom. She was just entering.
“Is it my baby? ” She asked walking close to us.
“Yeah me” Simon said and smiled at her.
Wait, I don’t understand.
Was the whole of yesterday a dream?
He is ignoring me, I mean he has returned to his old real self.
“Simon” I called his name.
As if he was blind to see him but he saw me…he’s intentionally ignoring me.
“Jessica, Daisy, Zara. I just thought of it recently that we don’t have a picture of us” Simon said to them even after he heard me called his name.
“Oh my God, Simon are you permitting us to take pictures with you? ” Jessica exclaimed.
“Yeah, why not? ” He said.
“Come let’s go”
When he was about to walk out of the class was the same time Kyle was about to enter.
“Hey” Kyle said to him.
Simon didn’t say anything to him also, he just scorned at him, hit shoulders with him and left the class with his three kittens.
“Kyle” I ran to him.
“The teacher is absent today. So come Audrey” He held my hand and we went close to the music building.
“Simon, he has changed. He acted like he doesn’t know me, He snubbed me” I said like I was going to cry.
“He snubbed me too. You can see why I didn’t want him to be our friend? ” Kyle said.
“I.. I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe that his yesterday’s attitude did not come to stay. What sort of friend is he? He looked at us as if we were trash” I said dejectedly.
Kyle brought my head closer to lean on shoulder as he began to sing;
🎶 Made a wrong turn once or twice
🎶 Dug my way out, blood and fire.
🎶 Bad decision, That’s alright.
🎶 Welcome to my silly life..
🎶 Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood,
🎶 Miss no way it’s all good
🎶 It didn’t slow me down.
🎶 Mistaken
🎶 Always second guessing
🎶 Underestimated
🎶 Look i’m still around
🎶 Pretty pretty please
🎶 If you ever ever feel
🎶 That you are nothing
🎶 You’re perfect to me.
He stopped singing and said;
“Well, it’s back to you and I again”
“And Elena” I included.
“I mean; ..in another way, it’s just you and I” He said.
I understood him, Elena is not in our category.
“So, why do you think he changed? ” I asked him.
“Simon? I kinda expected it. It’s very hard for him to adapt to a new behavior” Kyle said and I sadly nodded my head.
“You know what Audrey.. ”
“What? ”
“Let’s avoid him” Kyle whispered to me.
“What are you saying Kyle? ”
“It’s easy, let’s avoid him forever.
We should act like he doesn’t exist” Kyle said and I was dumbfounded.
Apart from singing,
Giving someone silent treatment is another thing, Kyle is so good at.
What’s Simon problem seff?
Music used so far :
Into You By Ariana Grande
On top of the world By Barbie Rachel
Scars to your beautiful By Alessia Cara.
Demons By Imagine Dragons.
Fvcking perfect By Pink.

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