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The story of us episode 28


(You And I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter 28
Audrey’s POV
“You know what Audrey.. ”
“What? ”
“Let’s avoid him” Kyle whispered to me.
“What are you saying Kyle? ”
“It’s very easy, let’s avoid him forever.
We should act like he doesn’t even exist” Kyle said and I was dumbfounded.
Apart from singing,
Giving someone silent treatment is another thing, Kyle is so good at.
Just then, Simon passed by with his cheerleaders and Jessica was jumping on his back.
“One more shot please baby” She pleaded to Simon.
We stared at them while they passed in front of us, Simon himself saw us but still acted like he doesn’t even know us.
“We don’t need him right? ” Kyle whispered into my ears.
“What are you talking about? ” I asked him after Simon and the girls have left.
“Looks like Simon is a betrayal like I’ve suspected. We don’t need him in our company, so let’s avoid him totally” He repeated.
I wasn’t pleased with it but I just nodded and I didn’t say a word.
“We’re supposed to have a class now but Miss Cynthia, the mathematics teacher is not around” He changed topic and held me close.
Yeah, the mathematics teacher was absence last week also.
“So what should we do or talk about? ” He asked me.
“Mmmn, I don’t know”
“Let’s talk about music” He suggested.
“You really love music that much!! ”
“I can’t express how much.. but all I can say is that I’m in love with music” He said and I giggled.
“Obviously. You do sing after every little discussion like you just did” I said.
“So have you heard about the new Artist. Dharc is his name” He told me.
“I’m yet to have a phone. How do you expect me to know about him?”
“Oh right, he is still new but he’s all over the internet already. I’m gonna download one of his songs tonight and listen to it over and over again” He said and I smiled as he continued talking.
“I wish to be like him; a young and famous musician” He said.
“I wish you will be like him” I supported him.
We’ve forgotten about Simon and his chameleon attitude.
We talked about random things about ourselves, laugh when it worth laughing and even if it doesn’t.
Later, we had to return to the class to receive other lectures and soon it was recess period.
Elena came to us and she asked us if we were avoiding her. We weren’t!
Kyle apologized to her in a sheepish way.
She also said she wanted our friendship again and she promised never to offer us – Kyle; Lunch and any other things.
I still don’t understand why Kyle don’t appreciate her offer and I don’t get why Elena herself offers him so many things.
Is it because she’s capable of buying them or what?
She suggested to have lunch with us today and I agreed before Kyle could say anything.
The three of us went to the cafeteria together like when we just met. Three of us.
We didn’t tell her about our encounters with Simon..Well, she didn’t ask either.
We just ate lunch in silence.
When Simon came with his entourages to the cafeteria, We (Kyle and I) avoided him. I’m not so good at it though.
When school dismissed, like we always do, we waved at Elena and we watched her get into her the car that came to pick her up and it drove away.
Simon’s driver also came for Simon. He stood in front his car and stared at us for a while before opening the back seat and entering.
I can’t still believe that in a twinkle of an eye, everything changed.
We began to trek after his car has zoomed off. Afterall, we are still gonna meet him at the restaurant.
“Uhm Kyle, will you someday introduce me to your crush? ” I asked him.
“Huh? ”
“Yes, your first love. The one you dedicated a song to” I said.
“Oh Audrey, are you eager to know who she is? ” He chuckled.
“Why not? Besides, I’m only anxious to hear your first music but since you’ve decided to allow your first love to listen to it first. Please just go on, sing the song to her and come back to me and let me hear it” I told him.
“Fine, Chill” Kyle said.
“What’s keeping you waiting? ” I asked him.
“I don’t know but I think it’s too early. She doesn’t even notice me yet, how will I just begin to sing a love song to her? ” He asked me.
“Oh… Okay” I said.
“Come on Kyle, please tell me who she is” I asked in a pleading form.
“I told you Audrey, no matter how you persuade me to tell you who she is, I won’t till it’s the right time to”
“But why? ”
“Because it’s a secret ” He said.
“Hint at least” I pleaded.
“What, Hint? ”
“Is she in our school, class or does she live around your neighborhood? ” I asked him.
“Hmmn” He hum.
“Just answer me this once”
“Ok…Yes, she’s in our class” He said with both hands dipped into his pocket.
“Hmmn, I haven’t seen you staring at a girl, let alone talking to a girl in a way that you like her” I said.
“You won’t know the person, so don’t bother thinking of she is” He said.
“I know who she is. I know who your crush is” I stopped walking and stood in front of him.
She should be no other person but Her..
“Huh, Who? ” He asked.
“Elena! ” I blurted and he smirked.
“Yes, who else if she’s not the one. The only female you talk to in school is just me and her and since we are best friends then it’s Elena! ” I said and he stared at me with a puzzled look.
“I’m right aren’t I? It’s Elena right? ” I asked again.
“Elena and I are just friends” He said and continued to walk while I continued being an obstacle in front of him.. I was back-walking.
“Yeah friends but you sure have some feelings for her, don’t you? ” I asked.
“Audrey, it’s not Elena” He smirked.
“Oh.. ” I mouthed.
“If it’s not Elena then it’s… ” I paused.
He stared at me in a way that I can presume that he was shocked
He stopped walking again too.
“Then it’s who? ” He asked me with a serious look.
“Then it’s…. ” I repeated and stared at him. Like I were serious too..
“Elena! ” I said again and started laughing.
“Seriously if it’s not Elena, then it’s Elena”
“You are crazy Audrey” He said and laughed too.
We changed topic and continued walking, talking and laughing till we got ERR restaurant.
“Hey Guys, Hi” We heard a familiar voice say to us.
It was Simon, he stood in front of the restaurant… Smiling and waving at us.
He seems to be waiting for our arrival.
Oh God, I don’t understand this guy.
He is a….. Chameleon.

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