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The story of us episode 29


(You And I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola ✍️✍️
Chapter Twenty-Nine
Audrey’s POV
“Si …..” I wanted to mention his name but Kyle held my hand and said.
“Let’s go inside Audrey”
Then we left him outside and went into the restaurant.
He later came in though but we avoided him.
“Go put on your uniform, I’ll be waiting for you here” Kyle said and I nodded and climbed the stairs.
That’s where the rest room was located.
I returned after a minute or two. Kyle was already serving the customers, I didn’t see Felix anywhere around maybe he’s yet to come while Vivian was sitting on Mr Gary’s laps. She took a fork of grilled fish and the shameless man opened his mouth and Vivian fed him. I don’t even know whether to also call Vivian a shameless girl.
“Hey Audrey, Oh you are here” Vivian stood up from his laps and walked towards me while Mr Gary, looked away -totally scared of me. Atleast, I’ve derived something. He no longer looks at me in a seductive manner. He’s now so scared me like I’m an evil witch.
“Vivian why…. ” She interrupted me.
“Mrs Blakeston is not around today and I thought it’s an opportunity for me for me to have fun with my client” She said.
Client indeed, She’s never gonna repent from it.
“Hmmn” I murmured.
“And Felix too, he told me his girlfriend normally complain that he doesn’t give her the attention she wants, so he took today off” Vivian said and I didn’t say anything.
So Felix has a girl and I’m stupidly falling for him. Nah, I’m not. Not anymore.
“So… Over to you and Kyle today. I’ll make it up to you both next time” She winked at me and went back to sit on her manfriend’s lap.
“Audrey” Uh, Simon again.
“Kyle” He called Kyle’s name too.
“Ignore him” Kyle whispered to me.
“What if he wants us to take his orders? ” I asked him.
“I’ll do it” Kyle said.
Kyle’s POV
“Hey, what do you want? ” I asked him.
“Our friendship Kyle, I want our friendship back” Simon said but I scorned at him.
Once bitten, twice shy
“I’m repeating it Simon, what do you want? ”
“I’m sorry Kyle, call Audrey over here. Let’s get back to the way we were yesterday” He spoke solemnly.
“Then tomorrow, who knows? You might start backstabbing us” I said.
“I’m sorry. Today, I have my reasons. Hey Audrey! ” He waved at her, beckoning her to come over.
“We don’t ever ever want to be your friend” I said to him but Audrey was already close;
“He’s Ill, Go” I told Audrey and followed her behind.
“I’m very serious guys. I’m sorry, let’s return to the way we ought to be. Please Kyle, Audrey.. ” He pleaded.
“Kyle” Audrey called me softly.
Why is she so soft-hearted?
“Not again, Audrey. No” I insisted.
I agreed to be friends with Simon in the first place because of her too.
Now again? No.
“Let’s not create a scene guys” Simon said and Audrey walked to him first. So I had no choice than to do the same.
“Ok should I be on my foot while you two would sit? ” He asked but i scorned and pulled two chairs from nearby. I sat on one and Audrey sat on the other.
“First, I’m sorry again” He repeated.
“Audrey, I really am” He said and I wondered why he called her name.
Audrey didn’t say anything to him anyway.
“Ok, I’ll tell you the reason why I acted that way to you guys in school” He paused:
“If I continue to walk with you guys in school it would ruin my popularity. Just the whole of yesterday we spent together, did you hear the eaves and rumour about me, about us? It was on the internet, school, everywhere” He said.
I spured;
“OK, what you are trying to say is that we shouldn’t talk to ourselves in school but we can, here or where none of our school mate would see us? ”
“Exactly. Sincerely, I really want us to be very close. Closer than the alphabets A and B” He said.
“Uh… If you aren’t proud of who you walk with, I see no reason why we should make friends with you” I said and Audrey nodded in agreement to it.
“Audrey.. ” He looked at her.
And I kept wondering why he’s calling her name this way.
I turned to look at Audrey who was now looking down at her feet.
“Looks like you don’t want anything. You are not blind enough to see how busy we are now” I concluded even after he said countless of;
“Please Guys”
I stood up with Audrey to attend to Valuable customers.
Valuabele customers, Simon is not among.
Then a woman I have never seen here before walked in – a new customer I guess.
“Mom” Audrey exclaimed when she saw her and she ran to embrace her.
Oh definitely her mom. I can now tell from the resemblance.
Audrey’s POV
If only Kyle can give it a re-think about it. Because I really want Simon to be our friend – well, but not the way he wants it.
And why was he calling my name and staring at me? And it makes me feel…
I sighed as Kyle & I held hands, staring at tables to tables, looking for who to attend to.
The door opened and the most beautiful person I least expected came in. My mom.
She never told me she will be coming here to see me or oh, this is the surprise she was talking about.
“Mom” I ran to embrace her and she kissed me on my baby cheeks.
“I just came to check up on you. Isn’t that what mothers do? ” She said.
“Yeah but come off it mom, I’m not a kid” I said although I’m glad she’s here.
“Hi, good evening” Oh Kyle, he was behind me.
“Mom, this is Kyle, my classmate. A very close friend of mine. He’s actually here to assist me” I added.
“Oh I see. Thank you Kyle. Are you the one she walks home with everyday? ” My mom asked.
“Mom, it’s Just once” I whispered into her ears and she smiled.
“I’m not gonna stay long here. Like I said, I just came to check up on you, to make sure you’re good” My mom said.
“Hi ma’am” It was Simon, he stood up from where he sat and walked to my mom.
“Hello… And who is he? “My mom asked me.
“He.. He is…. ” Before I could complete the sentence, Simon completed it himself.
“Audrey and I are very close friends” He said.
Kyle scoffed.
“Right Audrey? ” Simon asked me.
“Ye..ah, yeah we are” I stammered.
“I’m not surprised though, Audrey loves making friends” She told them and he smiled.
“So Audrey, I better get going now” My mommy said to me.
“Oh there are two more person I haven’t introduced you to but for now, one b’cos the second one is absent today. Vivian! ” I said.
“Who’s Vivian? ”
“A cool friend of mine, she works here too” I told her.
Oops Vivian was engrossed with the rubbish she’s doing with Mr Gary that she didn’t know my mom was here.
“Oh, make it quick” My mom said.
“Come with me Mom” I said with my arm temporarily interlocked with hers as we walked to Vivian ‘s manfriend since that’s where Vivian was. -and on his laps.
“Vivian” I called and she turned to look at us.
Oops, I made a big mistake by bringing my mom to see her this way.
Well even if I had told her to wait there while I go call Vivian, she’ll somehow must have seen her on a big man’s lap.
“Meet My mom” I told Vivian.
“Gary? ” My mom exclaimed when she sighted him.
How on earth did she know Mr Gary, Vivian’s manfriend.
Mr Gary himself was staring shocking at her.
“Kathleen…. Mrs Kathleen” He called my mom’s name too.
“Audrey, does he normally come here? ” My mom yelled at me.
“Yess…He.. Is.. One.. Of.. The..customers” I stammered because I didn’t know what was happening that made my mom yell at me.
“Then you’re gonna stop this Work” My mom snapped and stumped out of the restuarant.
“Kathleen… “Mr Gary called.
“Mom” I ran after her.

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