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The story of us episode 34


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Thirty-Four
Audrey’s POV
“So why did he come here?” My mother asked me when I returned into the house.
I wanted to walk directly into my room..
“He came to give me the money he earned today. I told you mom, it’s not like he’s working there, he’s only assisting me” I said.
“And do you want me to believe that there’s nothing between the two of you” My mom remarked.
I rolled my eyes and scratched my unitching hair..
“Hmm, Only by glaring at your face, I can easily tell that there’s something between you, that guy that gave you money now and Mmmm, the tall one I saw at the restaurant” I knew she was referring to Simon.
“What are their names? ”
“Kyle and Simon. Kyle is one that just left and mom there’s nothing between me and anyone of them” I denied.
At the mention of Simon, what transpired between us flashed back into my head and I began to wonder whether to tell him that I also like him.
What about Kyle? He warned me to avoid him.
Oh no, he has a crush too and never would he avoid his crush.
“Tell me about the one you’re really into, Despite the fact that I want you to be very careful with all guys.., I know Teenagers relationship is unresistable, so who is the lucky guy? Kyle or Simon?” She asked me.
I gave an eye-roll again.
” Good night mom” I said and scurried into my room.
Kyle’s POV
As soon as I opened the unlocked entrance door, I met my mom standing in front of me.
“Kyle where have you been? ” She asked me.
“Why are just coming home by this time? ”
I looked behind – her to see if Dad is around somewhere but he wasn’t.
Looks like he has retired to bed, and they’re done for today -certainly till tomorrow.
“Funny Enough, you just realised that I do return home late” I said already heading to my room and she followed me.
“What do you mean by that? ”
“I’ve been arriving home late since two weeks ago or so, but you never noticed” I told her.
“Oh” “So why? ”
“Thought you won’t ever ask. Well, it happened that I cannot keep coming home directly from School and you and Dad will end up giving me headache and making me feel sad, So I work at Eat, Rest and Relax Restaurant after school” I explained to her while I pulled off my uniform shirt.
“Kyle, you have an after school Job and you never told me” She muttered.
“You never asked me either and I never had the time to tell you” I said.
“Oh.. okay, so you normally keep the wages to yourself and still receive money from your father?”
“I don’t keep any money to myself”
“I mean the amount you earn each day at ERR”
” It’s not my money. I only work there to assist a very close friend of mine”
“Seriously, Yes”
“Hmm,it can’t be a male friend, you know it’s not possible for you to spend almost half of the day assisting a male friend. So it’s definitely a female and she is more than a friend to you” My mom could tell.
“Uhm that’s what you think..” I said avoiding not to blush.
“So tell me about her, I’m not forcing you to. You can Tell me later” She smiled.
“That’s if there will be time for me to”
“Come on Kyle”
“Didn’t you promise not to yell at Dad anymore?”
“I’m actually keeping my promise, I just usually sit there like a dummy and watch him yell at me. That’s what I did today and he couldn’t help but to go to sleep. Your Dad is very quarrelsome you know.. ” She said.
“Whatever” I said now laying on my bed.
“So how is it with you and him, I’m referring to Mr Anderson’s son? ” She asked me.
“First, how is it with me, I’m good and alright, but him, I don’t fvcking care: I smirked and remembered that day he indirectly said we should watch who Audrey would date between the both of us.
He’s stupid, Audrey will definitely not date him, Never! Making my closeness with her in vain? No way!
No doubt, Audrey will have the same feeling for me….After the memories we’ve spent together, we are so close and all that… She ought to be falling for me already.
“Uhm Kyle, Do you feel ashamed about the damn old necklace I gave to you. Virtually everyone in your school put shining new gold and silver bangles, necklaces…” She said.
“I don’t really care about it.. Since you said it might make me find my missing brother” I told her.
She has this hope that Ralph is alive.
It’s not like he’s missing, he was stolen.
I touched the old necklace and bit it, then I suddenly remember Felix expression when he saw the necklace around my neck.
Why was he so shocked and surprised?
Was he gonna mock me or what?
I jolted out of my thought when I notice that tears flowing down my mommy’s eyes..
“Why…why are you crying? ” I raised my head up and looked at her face.
She sniffed and wiped her her tears..
“Today date is the same Date, last 19 Years Ralph was kidnapped from me” She said.
Not knowing whether to feel depressed too.
I stood up and wiped her tears for her and I said..
“It’s okay Mom”
She smiled..
” I have to sleep now Kyle” She stood up from where she sat..
Sure going to her room to have a good cry.
When she got to the door, she stopped and turned..
“I’m going to Late Mrs Matilda memorial tomorrow morning” She said..
I stood there speechlessly.
I’ve been hearing the name recently..With the way she mentions her name (Mrs Matilda)..Seems they were good friends.
“Oh, you don’t know her” She could read the look on my face.
“Ye..ah” I nodded.
“We were best friends since High School till we got married” She briefly said.
“But Death found it way to seperate us, I’m so down and unfortunate, she died a day after I lost Ralph..” My mom said as fresh tears began to flow down her cheeks and she wiped them off continuously.
“I don’t want to remember these things…I’ll just excuse you and go to bed” She said smiling..
Obviously, within she’s very downcasted.
“Goodnight mom, Sweet dreams” I said.
The Next Day;
Audrey’s POV
If they were to award the most punctual student, I’ll be the one to receive that award. Although my first day at Wearous High School, I came late…
I entered into the class and saw Simon already in there.
Oh false, Simon will be the one to receive the most punctual student award or perhaps, it’s either he collects the most punctual male and I receive the most punctual female..
What the heck am I even imagining in my head?
Who’s giving any award?
Simon was on his seat with his head relaxed on the tip of the chair.
He looks pale, His cheerleaders were not in school yet, Kyle and Elena were not in class too.
Soon, few students began to enter and they were engrossed with somethings.
Yet, Simon didn’t jump up to me or come to me and pull me out of the class like he always do.
So unusual of him.
Oh, he said we should only talk to ourselves when we are outside the school…Probably at the restaurant, Oops the restaurant! He must have been there yesterday and must have felt bad that I wasn’t there.
Wait a minute, This guy kissed me yesterday and today’s acting like he doesn’t know me again.
Fine, he doesn’t want people to know he likes me but at least, he should have just winked at me or smile at me.
I breathe heavily and went to my seat.. Still expecting him to come to my seat. You know, being my crush.. I really want him by my side and to talk to him always.
Or is he upset with him because I haven’t told him that I’m also crushing on him.
How do I tell him?
Other students began to come in include Elena, Kyle and I acted like nothing happened, Of course! Nothing happened before he came.
I’m only worried about Simon’s mood today.
I kept stealing every glance at him while the class was going on and he doesn’t seem to improve on his facial look.
Is he ill ? ‘cos it looks like he is.
Usually, He stares at me when the class is going on but today, he is not.
I avoided staring at him so that Kyle or anyone won’t notice me..so instead, I was watching him through the corner of eyes, he wasn’t even looking at me.. His head was on the Desk.. He wasn’t listening to the teacher.
Sorry, Excuse me” That was the principal’s voice, Mrs Smith.
“Excuse me” She repeated to the teacher presently teaching us Statistics.
Then she came into the class with a tall man.
Huh? That’s Pervert!
Vivian’s Manfriend?
What is he doing here?
“So students, like you already know that your mathematics teacher has been absent for some weeks, Yesterday he sent his registration letter through the Email and I wasted no time in searching for a new Mathematics teacher” She announced.
What? Whh…what??
I’m very sorrrrrrrrrrrrrry 😭
Happy Eid Mubarak to my Muslim fans ☺ I hope it’s not too late to wish Y’all.

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