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The story of us episode 35


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Thirty-Five
Audrey’s POV
“So class, like you already know that your mathematics teacher has been absent for some weeks, yesterday he sent his registration letter through the email and I wasted no time in finding you a new mathematics teacher” Mrs Smith said.
Oh no…
This man again..
“Over to

you” Mrs Smith said to the man and he smiled ..a mischievous one.
Ah! He’s gonna ruin every girl’s life.
“Mr Gary by name” He began to introduce his fvcking self..
“And henceforth, I’ll be your mathematics teacher” He said.
I could even hear some crazy girls whispering to their selves..
👥”He’s hot”
👥 “Handsome”
If only they knew him. – well
I turned to look at Kyle who was wearing a shocked look too.
“That man” He muttered and I nodded in affirmation.
Simon’s head was still on his locker, perhaps sleeping. I don’t think he’s aware that the stupid man he saved me from that day is now our new mathematics teacher.
“So proper and further introduction would take place when we’re having the mathematics class” He said and walked out with Mrs Smith.
Tomorrow would be the next time we’ll be having mathematics class and No! Never! He must leave. Sure he most.
“Now everyone, sit upright and listen to me” I’ve forgotten that a teacher was still in the class.
“Simon Anderson! ” The teacher called Simon and everyone of us turned to look at him.
“You know, Sleeping while a class is going on is not allowed” He said to him.
Simon raised up his head and he looked really pale with red face..
“Are you okay Simon? ”
Same question on my mind.
“Molly! ” He called the class rep’s name.
“Molly take him to the school clinic”
“I’ll come along with him” Jessica stood up.
“No way! ” The teacher fired at her and she scorned at him and say down back..
I watched as Molly walked to his seat and raised Simon up and he began to walk sluggishly out of the class.
What’s happening to my crush?
I wondered- afraid.
“Hey” Kyle jolted me out of my thought and I gave a false smile.
Till the recess period, Simon was yet to return to the class or come to the Cafeteria.
He was still at the nurse office.
But here and there,many students ware saying to one and other.
👥” Simon Anderson is very Ill”
👥” OMG, super wealthy people don’t fall sick or do they? ”
👥”Let’s go see him, that’s where everyone is heading to, it could be our one and only opportunity for him to notice us”
Different crews passing by and all you would hear

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them talking about his Simon, His health, his wealth..
“Kyle, Simon is seriously ill, let’s go check on him too” I summoned up courage to speak to him about it.
Summoned up Courage?
I hate it when he gets mad at every mention of Simon.
“Yes Kyle, let’s go see him. I agree with Audrey” Elena said.
“Simon is a pretender” Kyle said.
“I don’t think he’s pretending. Since I’ve known Simon, this would be the first time he’ll ever be this sick” Elena added.
“You can go see him if you want to” Kyle told her.
“I’ll go with

her” I said.
“Audrey!! ” He snarled at me.
“Be your brother’s keeper. Kyle haven’t you heard about that? ” I half-yelled at him.
“Be your brother keeper it is, not an enemy keeper” He retorted
“I thought you both already settled your differences ” Elena said.
“It pains me to the marrow of my bones that they haven’t” I flinched – stood up and said.
“What are you saying Audrey? Why are you suddenly like this? ” Kyle asked me.
“I’m only trying to explain this to you, Not withstanding what’s between you and Simon. In terms of health, you ought to show concern” I yelled at him.
That’s me.. I’m easygoing but I’ve this bold part of me.
“Elena” I faced her..
“Let’s go to the school clinic to see Simon” I said to her and she nodded.
And the both of us left Kyle.
He’s my closest friend. I’ve never met someone who is as stone-hearted as he is.
Ok now.. How am I gonna face Simon?
Elena is with me anyways.
We walked together to the school clinic which was just nearby. I’ve been there before so it was not difficult for me to find my way.
We walked into the Clinic, in and out of each and every room but we didn’t find him in any of the rooms and all those girls were not here too.
“By the way girls, are you also looking for Simon? ” A nurse walked toward us and asked us.
“Yes, we are” Elena and I replied simultaneously.
“We called his father and he has been taken to the hospital for special and faster treatment” The nurse said.
“Oh” Elena mouthed.
“Well, it’s nothing to be worried about, it’s just fever and he’ll be okay if immediate attention is

taken. I’m very sure he won’t be admitted, so you all can visit him at home after school. You sure know where he stays” She spoke to us Kindly.
You all – she meant all we girls.
“Yeah, CenWearous. It’s the biggest building” Elena said.
CenWearous – @The central of Wearous.
“Okay..Uhm, thank you” I perfunctorily said to the nurse who went her way.
I guess I’ll better check on him at home later.
Elena and I began to walk out of the clinic in silence but Elena broke the silence unexpectedly… I mean is there something for us to talk about.
“Uhm, Audrey.. Can I ask you a question?” Elena said.
“Sure, what is it? ”
She sighed..
“Be truthful, do you like Simon? ” She asked me.
“Huh?! ” I stopped walking and looked at her.
“Or should I ask the question this way. Who do you like between Kyle and Simon? ” She asked and I was speechless.
“What.. What do you mean Elena? ”
“I want nothing from you but the truth” She said slowly and stared me too.
“Kyle and I are just friends, There are no strings attached” I told her.. Still surprised by her question.
She wanted to say something but I interrupted her..
“Besides, Kyle has a crush on someone ” I said.
“Who is she? ” She asked me.
” I don’t know because he won’t even tell me. But I’m sure she’s someone he has met for a very long time. He told me she’s in this school” I told her and she smiled.
“Let’s go” She said without saying anything else.
She held my hand, Smiled at me again and I forced a smile.

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