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The story of us episode 37


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Thirty-Seven
Audrey’s POV
Simon beckoned me to his room and that feeling suddenly came up again.. That feeling you feel when you’re all alone with your crush. Again, I thought I was making a wrong decision.
“Mmmm, I.. I can see you’re healthy. I’ll take my leave now” I stammered and he smiled.
“I’m not healthy yet” He said.
“Uh? ”
“It was when I saw you, I became half-healthy” He said and I rolled my eyes.
“But you just came, why do you wanna leave now? ” He asked me standing in front of me.
“I… I mean I only came here to check up on your health like every other students did, now I’m leaving bcos it’s getting late” I spoke nervously, without having the seat he offered me.
I was standing and he was in front of me, obstructing me from going to the door.
“Are you sure that’s all? ” He asked me, staring into my eyes in as much as I avoided his..
“Ye-ah… That’s all. I was just worried about you… ” I said and regretted saying that.
“Gosh” I hit myself on the head.
He chuckled..”I was worried about myself too” He said.
Somehow, I smiled.
“Have a seat Audrey, let me get you something at least” He said and before I may say No, he left the room.
I admired his room, the sweet scent, the beautiful wallpapers.. I don’t have to give much description…Simply compare it to a Prince room.
I was sitting close to his reading table, some of his books were neatly arranged on it.
For an unknown reason, I picked one of the books and opened it..
On the first page – what I saw first was my name.
He had scribbled AUDREY on the first page. I blushed and I was about to turn to the second page when Simon returned.. So I closed the book immediately.
“Here” He offered me a tray of cookies and a glass of Orange drink.
He dropped it on a small table in front of me.
“I’m sure you know it’s getting late ” I told him.
“Of course I do, I’ll drive you home I promise, how about that? ” He asked me.
“Errmm.. Uhm, it’s fine” I said. I didn’t touch the cookies nor drink but before I knew it, he picked one cooky and shoved it into my mouth and which I had other option but to eat it.
Wow! It tasted really good.
He smiled: “How is Kyle? ” He suddenly asked me.
“Uhm, Kyle.. He is fine. Actually, we were both worried about you” I told him but he could easily tell that I was lying.
“No. If he is, he’ll tell me himself” He said.
“Well, he couldn’t come with me, he will see ya tomorrow right? ” I said.. – As if Kyle was aware that I came to his place.
“Anyways, I’m glad you came alone” He said.
I’m supposed to say something but I don’t even know what to say.
I fondled with my fingers and pretended as if I was concentrating on the cookies and drinks..
He didn’t say anything too but I could feel him staring at me and gosh! This present feeling might make me EXplode.
“Staring at me, stealing every glances at me, you always feel uncomfortable when I’m around, I saw it in your eyes this morning when I didn’t have enough strength to spell out a word to you. You were very worried about me. With all this, does it mean you still don’t like me?” He broke the silence suddenly and I almost choke.
I dropped the tray slowly and stared at the floor nervously and my heart… I don’t understand this Beat.
“Audrey” He called my name Softly and I looked at him now.
“Are you torturing me or waiting for me to make a move? ” He asked.
“That’s what I’m doing again, Audrey I really like you” He said and I trembled. Simon just confessed his feelings for me.
“I don’t know when or how it happened but I’m in love with you” He said.
Love… L.O.V.E ¿
I stood up, so that I can face him properly, instead of sitting and raising my head to look into his eyes.
“Be calm” I said to my heart.
Ok it won’t kill if I tell him how I feel about him too.
“Si…Simon.. I really like you too… ”
He was about to interrupt me with his lips… Hmm, you know – Like kiss me. And it was what I wanted too but his phone rang -disrupting the sweet Serene.
“Gosh! ” He exclaimed not bothering to pick up the ringing phone.
I cleared my throat in a timid way…
“I… Errm…I’ll be leaving now Simon” I told him and picked my backpack from the chair i was sitting on initially.
“I promised to drop you off” He said, picked up the phone from his bed and silenced it.
I smiled Shyly… He was smiling too..
He opened his door and said..
“Uhm, ladies first”
Then I walked out and he came behind me.
We climbed down the stairs and met his father who was still staring at me until I was beyond his sight.
Is that how he is? Staring at everyone or is it just me?
Thought what Simon meant by he would drop me at home means he will drive the car himself but he expatiated that he couldn’t drive a car well yet. Still a learner.
So his driver was gonna drive and he was gonna sit beside me.
The late night ride was calm, we couldn’t talk to each other. Lol, maybe the feeling was just too much for me or him to speak.
We sat side by side and he grasped my hand, fondled with my fingers and intertwined it with his.
All I could do was to glare at his face, blushed and smiled and he was smiling too.
We enjoyed the heart desiring feeling rather than the ride.
Soon, the car stopped in front of my house.
He came down from the car first to open the door for me.
It was so unusual that I was very Shy as I kept biting my lips because I don’t know what to say to him.
We just confessed our feelings to eachother and it’s making me feel somehow.. I mean, Simon is the first person I would have a very much feeling for and it’s my first time confessing to a guy.
“Thank you Simon” I found my voice
“And mmm, don’t fall sick again. You’re worse when you’re sick” I said and continue biting my lips.
“For you, I won’t” He smiled
“And you can call me when you’re worried about me” He said bringing out his phone from his pocket to exchange numbers with me.
“I… I don’t have a phone yet” I told him.
“Ohh” He mouthed..
“Okay.. ”
“So tomorrow then…”
He said walking closer to me and I walked backward faster.
My mom could see all things through the window.
I giggled when I got to the paved corridor and he wasn’t coming closer anymore
“I’ll watch you go into the house” He said.
“Let’s do it together”
“You’ll get into the car while I’ll walk into the house” I suggested.
“Oh.. ” He said and walked back to his car.
I waved at him, he waved back and got into the car.
As soon as I entered the house, his car also zoomed off.
“At last, you’re back” My mom said when I came in.
I glared at the clock on the wall and found out that it was 8pm.
“I visited a friend” I told her.
“And I saw that friend of yours through the window, both of you” She said.
I knew it! I knew she was gonna stand by the window waiting for my arrival.
I didn’t want to smile but I mistakenly did.
“I won’t start pestering you to tell me what’s going on between you and him. I’ve got just two words to say to you; Be Careful” She said.
“Hum, Yeah” I muttered as I began to walk to my room.
Wait, is there anything going on between the both of us now?
Like are we already…..?
When two opposite s£x expressed their feelings to eachother, isn’t that what they do?
“Wait Audrey, Is he Simon? I overheard some people talking about him, is he the Mr Wealthy’s son? ” My mom asked me.
“Er yeah, he is. Anderson Simon” I told her my boyfriend or my boyfriend to be ‘s name.
“An…Anderson? ”
Simon? ” She asked me.
“Yes and what were the people saying about him, I mean those people you overheard talking about him” I asked.
“Oh… They said it’s all over the internet that he fell seriously sick in school and was rushed to the hospital” My mom said and I gave a eye-roll.
Internet and Lies!
He wasn’t seriously Ill! And according to what the school nurse said, he was not like RUSHED to the hospital.
“Don’t tell me you are after that guy because of his wealth. Are you? ” She asked me.
“What? ”
“No, never” I huffed out.
“And you owe me an explanation too, Who is Mr Gary? ” I asked her too.
“Oh yes, I already made up my mind to tell you about him and the reason why I was so upset that day” My mom said.
“Come here Audrey” She beckoned me and her intonation changed to a lower one.
“Gary…. ” She resumed.
“He is…. ”

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