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The story of us episode 38


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Thirty-Eight
“Mr Gary…” My Mom resumed.
“He is a Pedophile” She said.
Yes, I…Know.
How did she know him?
“He’s a raptist, he’s addicted to s3x and he would do everything to get what he wants”
“How… How did you know him? ” I kinda stammered.
“We’ve heard several cases about him, how he molested young girls and he always escaped. He attempted to rape Bridget twice. Bridget let him go..on the first attempt, the second time was a night before her wedding. If I hadn’t come into the scene, he could have successfully forced himself on her that night…” My Mom began to explain.
“Yeah, I saw her whimpering that day but you didn’t tell me what happened” I tried to recall.
“It wasn’t a good news you know? So it was only between Bridget and I. Gary was badly famous for his illegal and felonious act, that how I still remember his name. I don’t know how he knows mine but certainly before commiting a crime, he must have thoroughly watched the environment of whosoever he wants to hurt..so somwhow he must have heard my name.
Before we left that Estate, Bridget reported him to the polices but with his lucky charm, he escaped…He ran away. And we never heard anymore cases from him. We didn’t know that he came here in Wearous” She paused and I was Speechless.
“With the way I met him that day, I don’t think he has repented” She said and I thought of Vivian.
Now I must do all I can to stop her from that dangerous and immoral act. Why didn’t I stop her earlier?
“That’s why I stopped you from working at ERR restaurant even if it’s what we are depending on. I don’t want my daughter’s life to be wasted by a raptist” She continued.
And I wanted to tell her about my encounters with him but I decided not to – At least, it didn’t happen besides ever since then, he doesn’t come close to me or give me a second look.
“But after I told Bridget that I saw him, she told me to let you be since it’s a public place and she told me to tell you to avoid him totally which I did But Aside that I had a second thought that you’re safe with the guys around you. So I let you return to ERR” She concluded.
“Mommy? ” I called her gently.
“Uhm? ”
“Mr Gary no longer comes to ERR but… ”
“But what? ”
“But he came to Wearous High School”
“For what?? ” She exclaimed.
“He was employed as the new mathematics teacher” I answered and my mom quivered.
“This ain’t happening. We’ve got to save the innocent students but how?? ”
Simon’s POV
I smiled at myself in the car as my Driver drove me back home.
“You feel alive now unlike hours ago” He even observed.
“Shh” I shushed him. .. Acting bossy the way I used to but this particular bossy attitude seems unusual… I can easily observe because he giggled when I shunned him.. Had it been, I had my former attitude, he would frown and drive quickly.
I got home, still smiling throughout… Remembering how Audrey and I confessed our feelings to each other and how I initiated to have our third kiss but a stupid call from Jessica came in. I swear, I don’t want her anymore, not just her and the rest of the girls but it’s gonna reduce my famousity isn’t it?
If I avoid them all and if everyone sees me with Audrey, it’s gonna trend all over the internet that I’m dating someone from the slums.
I tried to conceal these thoughts off my mind as I headed to my room.
“Simon” My Dad called my name when I got to my door step
“Daddy, Yes” I answered walking towards him.
“Your girlfriend is beautiful ” He commented and I smiled, I won’t deny it, I won’t.
“So I’m right. Among all the girls that came to visit you, she’s the main one” He said and I chuckled.
“I’m feeling sleepy now” I said to him as I turned back.
“What’s her name?” He asked me as I turned the door-knob.
“Audrey” I smirked.
“And her surname? ”
“Dad, I already know where you’re heading to and I’m not ready to listen to your flatters. The doctor said I need some rest, so goodnight” I said and walked into my room.
“Find your missing rib too” I yelled and slammed the door.
So… Audrey is my missing rib ¿
Next Morning 🔊
Audrey’s POV
Today really proved that I was lying when I talked about receiving awards for most punctual female student.
Yeah, I came very early today but there were already many girls in school and they all surrounded Simon’s table.
👥”How do you feel now? ”
👥”We missed you Simon”
👥”I personally missed you”
👥”And how many rooms are there in that mansion? ”
👥”Don’t tell me that only you and your Dad stays alone in that Giant house? ”
👥”My Simon! How does it feel to be sick? ”
Seriously, Lame questions and some girls are just dumb. They don’t just wanna grow up and act matured.
I scorned and jostled my way through them – To Him
“Hey Simon, how’s your health?” I asked him like his girlfriend and he smirked at me.
What? Again?
I hate this!!
“Audrey, come over here” That was Kyle’s voice.
I didn’t even notice that he was in class bcos I soon as I came in, I glared at Simon’s table.
I was still stunned, surprised about Simon’s attitude towards me. I didn’t move, I just stood there staring at him like a played girl until Kyle came to pull me himself to our seats and I just tried to brighten up my face expression.
“I also spoke to him this morning and he snubbed me too” Kyle said and I nodded.
“We can see he’s fine, we shouldn’t bother asking of health again” He added.
“Yeah” I muttered.
And I thought;
Should I tell him about it? About Simon and I? Should I tell him that I went to his place yesterday?
I’m a bad friend if I ever hide such things away from him.
“Ky…. ” I wanted to say to him but the English teacher came in and everyone adjusted. I stopped talking to Kyle…there would be another time anyways.
And Simon’s entourages went back to their seats and classes.
Simon really have to stop them and stop all this popularity and favouritism stuffs if he still wants ME.

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  1. Apeke says

    Simon does not love Audrey coz u can’t hide someone who u claim loves…….i can’t wait for Kyle to confess his love for Audrey i want to see her reaction

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