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The story of us episode 40


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty
Audrey’s POV
With the way Kyle pulled me all along, I didn’t have a chance to Bid Simon Bye.
No! Seriously! I don’t like this Hide and Seek relationship.
Simon is hiding me away from people and I’m hiding him from just one person. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me… I’m confused.
I had a second thought to tell Kyle about us but Yet I hate to see Kyle’s other side when he is upset, he is someone else entirely. He’ll probably get to know when Simon no longer hides me..He said Soon.
I think the only thing that makes him dislike Simon is His attitude but since Simon is definitely gonna change and return to us again. Then I better wait till then, when everything is fine. I’ll tell Kyle. I sighed confusedly.
“You wanted to tell me something” He remembered.
“Huh, Oh… I.. It’s nothing. Nevermind” I told him.
“Ok, I told you that I have something to say to you” He said.
“Oh Yes. What’s it? ” I asked curiously.
“I’m not sure of how to tell you yet. So tomorrow” He said.
“Procrastination.. ” I rolled my eyes.
“You know it’s very wrong” I told him.
He smiled: “Tomorrow but I promised to show you part of it today”
“Oh…So it’s something visible? ”
“Kinda.. It’s both visible and invisible” He said and stared at him blank.. More confused.
What could be it?
We got to the Restaurant and we began to work almost immediately. Good, Kyle came at the right time to be my assistant…looks like we’ll be getting new customers each day and it’s tiring.
Well, my pay is increasing as well.
We worked hectically till there were less customers who just came to relax after a tiring day. Luckily for us too, we’ve got the time to Rest too.
I wasn’t expecting Simon to come here because he already told me he’s not coming but I notice Kyle was expecting his arrival.
When I saw Felix walking over to Kyle, I left them to be alone since they are both guys while I went to meet Vivian.
Kyle’s POV
“I’m fvcking tired” Felix complained..
Obviously he is.
“Not just you” I told him.
“Well… It’s ending soon”
“What do you mean? ”
“I’ll be returning to my parents place next week or two” He said.
Oh, never knew he wasn’t staying with his parents before.
“They don’t stay here” He added and I nodded.
“As for me, as long as Audrey works here, I’ll be here too but maybe till everything is alright.. You know, when I become prosperous and famous…” I said dreamily and Felix smiled.
“Oh, your necklace… You are still wearing it” He noticed again.
“Oh yes, you wanted to say something about it the other time” I said touching it.
“Yes, I said it’s old and I wanted to ask you if you want it to look new and shining. I live with my Grandpa and he’s a Blacksmith, he could help you melt it into a shining looking good” He said.
“Oh” I mouthed still touching it.
“Thanks but for some reasons, I can’t convert it into a New gold now. I don’t know about later” I told him.
“Oh Okay, it’s fine” He said.
Audrey’s POV
“Tell me. Are you yet to give him a reply or you’re yet to date him or he hasn’t proposed to you yet. Which one of them? ” Vivian asked me.
“What do you mean and who are you referring to? ”
“Kyle Of course” She replied smiling – I could see she was ready to listen a full gist but what full gist?
“Kyle?? ” I said and looked at him.
He was still with Felix.
“Yes Kyle or you don’t wanna tell me” She said and I looked confused.
“Tell You What? ” I asked – pronouncing the words one by one.
“You are kidding right? Didn’t Kyle ask you to be his girlfriend? ” She whispered.
“Excuse Me” I withdrew my ears..
“Kyle and I are just friends remember? ”
“I know but he obviously wants to be more or hasn’t he told you? Kyle likes you more than a friend. What, Did I say Like? Kyle is in Love with you” She said.
And I blinked my eye lashes – disbelieving her.
“No, he doesn’t ” I said.
“What made you think so? ”
“I don’t know but he told me he likes someone. Kyle and I are just intimate friends and that’s the way he takes me too” I shrugged.
“Okay? But what if the girl he likes is You” She said again
“Kyle likes me? ” I shook my head and looked at him again but this time he caught me doing so and he waved at me. I forced a smile back
I have never thought of that; What if the girl he said he likes is Me? No, it can’t be me. If I’m the one. He would have told me during the time we have spent together. So he can’t like me.
I shook my head continuously..
“No, I don’t ever want to think so Vivian ” I told her.
“But why are you being so dramatic about it? ” She asked me.
“Like every other girls will be, They will be very excited” She said.
“Maybe because… ” I came closer to her.
“I don’t feel that same way for him, that’s if he feels that way for me. But I know he doesn’t. He likes someone else. But if the person he likes is me, the feeling ain’t mutual” I said.
“Huh, Who? ” She asked me.
I sighed and said; “Let’s talk about something else Vivian”
Her previous words have really hit me in a spot, I don’t understand.
Kyle likes Me?
I kept on asking myself..and refusing to believe it.
“Is it Simon? I think Simon likes you too” Vivian said.
Wait, is she a psychologist or something?
I closed my eyes, confused. Unable to think of anything right now.
“So what if the both of them ask you out, who are you gonna choose? ” She hit me again on the same spot.
“Vivian, Please stop. Like I said, Kyle and I don’t have feelings towards each other. So don’t make me feel like Kyle does. no” I said.
“Let’s talk something else” I said and she sighed.
“About Mr Gary… ” She spoke after a moment of silence.
“It’s totally over between us. He called me and said so. I hate myself for everything. He used me.
What was I thinking, why did I ever sell my body to him? ” She lamented.
“I forgot to tell you Vivian. He was employed as our new mathematics teacher.
Vivian I also hate myself for watching you become his preys.
My mother knows Mr Gary, he’s a life waster. He uses young girls like us and dumb them.
Listen Vivian, We all want more money. If you can’t get enough from ERR, you can talk to Mrs Blakeston, I know she’ll willingly help you or you can find another work” I rushed all my words and her eyes became damn teary.
“I’m sorry” I muttered.
“Guys! It’s almost 7pm” Felix announced and the both of them (He and Kyle) began to walk towards us.
When it was 7pm,
Already all customers have left. We tidied the restaurant and prepared to leave too.
Vivian still really looked so sad and depressed, I’ve tried to console her though. But she seem to be fighting herself on ‘ The did has already been Done ‘
“What’s wrong with Vivian?” Kyle asked me when we departed. He had said Bye to Vivian but she responded so sheepishly.
“She’s having some kind of little problem” I told him
Little problem?
“Ok…” Kyle said.
” Guess what? I’m walking you home today” He said and I smiled.
Oh! Vivian words..
I recalled it again… It kept on jingling like a bell,
‘What If The Girl Kyle Likes Is You’
‘Kyle Likes You.. He’s In Love With You.. ‘
I tried to nod it off my head.. It ain’t possible or could that be why he’s doing all this for me..
No, No.. What has Vivian caused?!0
I’m not myself anymore.
Love Triangle?
We walked home in silence – as I’ve got more time to think about it over and over again.
“Aren’t you curious about what I want to show you? ” He broke the silence when we were almost at my place.
Few more steps and we’ll be there.
“Oh yes, I am. What is it? ” I asked and he smiled instead.
“We are almost at your house ” He said and held my hand.
This hasn’t happened before, when he held my hand.. I felt a spark.
I felt a cold shiver running down my veins.
I didn’t bother asking him what he wanted to show me.. Till we got to my house – stood in front of it.
“Here we are” He announced.
“Ye-ah” I stammered not seeing any reason for him to announce it.
Or was it my house he wanted to show me?
“Thank you Kyle.. So see you in school tomorrow”
“Wait Audrey” He called and I turned..
“What I wanted to show you..” He said and walked closer to me.
What is it?
I stood blank, watching an handsome guy smiling and walking majestically towards me.
What? What is he trying to do?
He was already very close to me but he seems to still be coming closer and I quickly closed my eyes.
Was he trying to whisper something into my ears?
Because I hear him breathe
My heart was beating too fast as I felt his lips on my right cheek and I opened my eyes immediately and touched my cheek.
He pecked me..!
I looked at him and he was smiling…
Does Kyle Likes me or Is it just a Peck?
“Good night Audrey, See you tomorrow” He said and began to walk away while I just stood there like a statue touching my cheeks.
He just pecked me… He didn’t kiss me.
Pecking someone has no meaning right?

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