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The story of us episode 41


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-One
Audrey’s POV
While and where we sat;
“I have something for you” Simon said and a mini-bag.
“What’s this? ” I asked him.
“Check it out yourself ” He said smiling as he watched me opened the bag.
There was a small box in it.
“A phone? ” I exclaimed, without opening the box because the picture of a phone was already drawn on it.
“Yeah, a phone. I wanted to give it to you yesterday but it wasn’t delivered to me till Yesternight” He said.
“Oh Simon, this is pretty expensive. I was already planning to get a phone myself” I told him.
“Don’t tell me you’re trying to refuse to accept a little gift from me” He said.
“Well No.. ” I kinda stammered as I brought out the Phone and admired it.
“Thank you Simon” I added.
“Now I can call and chat with you 24.7 ” He said and I smiled and muttered;
I clicked on the screen and it on..
“I’ve inserted everything, a new memory, a new SIM and my mobile number is the first and only number on it” He brought out his phone from his pocket and dailed some digits and my phone began to ring.
“And I have your number too” He added.
“I’m so grateful Simon. Now I gotta get Kyle’s number too” I flared remembering Kyle.
“No, I can’t ” I muttered sadly.
How am I gonna tell him that he gave me a phone when he’s not even aware of the both of us.
Not just that, yesterday’s incident still got me really shocked but I’ll keep on telling myself that it can’t be true.
“It’s starting now. As from now, I am no longer hiding you. I’m also not glad with the way I do, if it’s gonna destroy my reputation, I don’t care anymore. All I care is that I’m in love with you not withstanding your background ” He said and those words excited me. He spoke so different from the first Simon I met when I just came to Wearous.
“Kyle will also now about us now” He included.
So this hide and seek relationship would come to an end now and everyone would know me as the only girl Simon Anderson loves.
Am i ready for this?
Those girls including Jessica and her Crew; Zara and Daisy were just his cheerleaders and nothing more. Obviously, he never loved them yet I was jealous whenever they’re around him.
“Are you also ready to stop hiding me from Kyle? ” He asked me like he had a mission I don’t know.
“Yeah” I nodded gently even though I was recalling what Kyle did to me yesterday, He pecked me. What’s that for?
I recalled Vivian’s statement too bit I didn’t want to. I don’t ever want to think of that.
“So how do we start now? ” He jumped down and stared at me.
And I blinked my eyes, giving it a second thought.
“Uhm, for now.. You’ll leave first. We’ll …mmm, meet at the cafeteria” I said.
“Ok? ” He responded and I began to drool at the handsome figure in front of me.
I have never thought of it, that I will really love him this much and that one day, we’ll really really be close… Like…
As if he knew what I was thinking of, he smiled at me and began to lean so close. .. I shut my eyes and expected his mushy lips on me but it didn’t …
As soon as I opened my eyes, those mushy sweet lips landed on mine.
I’m not an expert – yet but I think I did pretty well as far as I didn’t bite his tongue.
“See you at the Cafeteria” He said and I smiled and nodded.
He let go of my hand and I watched him leave.
I jumped down too and grabbed the mini bag where my new phone was.
I admired it once more then I sighed and thought:
“Starting from now, we’ll stop seeing ourselves this way and everything should be alright and I just couldn’t wait to show Kyle my new phone and when everything is fine, He and Simon would teach me how to operate it”
When it comes to Mobile and a electronic devices, I’m a novice.
After some minutes, I decided to go to the Cafeteria too.
I’ve been doing this for three to four days. Kyle and Elena would start being suspicious about me. I’ve been leaving them at the cafeteria with fake flimsy excuses that I want to go to the rest room or to get something.
Now, no more pretend, lies, excuses or hide and seeks.
I went directly to the classroom first and kept my new phone inside my bag before returning to the Cafeteria, Simon wasn’t here yet. So I stylishly waited for him by having my seat with Elena and Kyle.
“Audrey, Do you know Kyle sings? ” Elena said to me with so much enthusiasm.
“Uhm, Yeah.. ”
“Really? He just told me while you spent the whole time at the delivery room. I pleaded with him to sing a song for me but he won’t. Have you heard him sing? ”
“Yeah.. He has a melodious voice” I said and Kyle blushed.
Simon’s POV
I decided to go to the restroom first; To adjust my uniform, wipe my face, look into the mirror to make sure I look really good and ready for this.
It’s kind of a proposal.
I stood in front of the mirror and I brushed my hair with my fingers to the backbut it fell back to the front. I did the same thing again but since it prefers to curl that way. I left it like that.
I did a little face practical and I was just about to leave when I began to hear someone m0aning.
Soft m0ans coming from the inner restroom itself.
What d’Fvck!
I walked closer to where the continuous s£xual m0ans were coming form..
From one of the loos and I met Daisy and Zara in front of the door.
“What going on in there? ” I asked them.
“Noth…” Daisy wanted to say bit Zara interrupted her.
“Come see for yourself ” Zara cut in.
“Zara! What are you doing? ” Daisy snapped at her but Zara ignored her and said to me “Come”
She pushed Daisy away from the door..
I wondered what they were hiding and who and who were in there m0aning.
“See for yourself Simon” Zara whispered to me again and I walked close and pushed the unlocked door.
I was so shocked to see Jessica with a Guy atop her back. He’s our classmate.
“Jessica!” I called out.
“Jis….. Si….Simon” She stammered and pushed her partner in crime away.
So disgusting that I slammed back the door and began to leave.
“Why did you do that Zara? Why did you intentionally let Simon open the door? ” Daisy quarried Zara who smiled wickedly.
“Like you just said ‘Intentionally”. I did it on intention” Zara smirked at her and went after me.
Hell Disgusting! I know Jessica isn’t decent but this is the least I expected of her.
Having S3x in school! A sort of nonsense.
We never dated but many people thought we did. I was never interested in her but catching her that way makes me boil in anger and hatred for her.
“Wait up Simon! ” I heard Zara’s voice behind me.
“What?? ” I stopped right in front of her.
“It’s not New. That’s what she does in your absence” She reported Jessica to me.
“She never loved you, all she wanted was your Money”
Humph! I never loved her too.
“That Guy you caught he with, she’s double dating you with him. Do you know what their plans were? Jessica is from the Hell-slum and the guy too. All they wanted was your money, Your dad’s wealth! ” Zara said and I smirked.
“Zara, why are you telling me this? ” I asked her.
“Because….Bcos I want you ” She said and I smiled mischievously.
“Come with me” I held her hand and took her the Cafeteria.
Perfect Timing, Audrey was already there and almost everyone were there.
“Announce everyone. Can I get your attention? ” I spoke really loud and everyone looked at me including Audrey.
I winked at her.
“Are you gonna tell them what you just saw? ” Zara whispered into my ears.
I smiled and said;
“Just listen”
Stupid! She was smiling.
Only my presence at the Cafeteria made the girls rush towards me.
“No way! ” I half-yelled and shook my head. Some moved backward while the stubborn once still came closer.
“I want to use this moment to tell you all…Especially the girls and stalkers… ” I paused and cleared my throat.
“That I have gotten a girlfriend” I completed the sentence and they all began to scream.
Zara was smiling and blushing.
“As from today, Audrey is the only girl for me” I announced and the scream increased.
I forcefully let go of Stupid Zara’s hand and stared at Audrey who smiled with her eyes shut.
The screem and yells became louder but I ignored them and walked towards where Audrey sat with my glance focused on her.
I didn’t even know how He got to where I was, Did he fly?
“What did you just say Idiot? ” Kyle barked at me.
“Kyle…. ” Before I could say a word.
He punched my face.
“What did you just say? ” He repeated and continued to hit my very hard.
As much as I tried to dodge the blows, they still landed on my stomach and face.. As he pushed me to the floor.
“Kyle….Stop it” Audrey ran to pull him away but it didn’t make him stop …even with the way everyone was screening and videoing us with their phones.
“Stop it Kyle.. Stop!!! ” She screamed and shrieked.
That was when he stopped and ran to grab a chair. To hit it or throw it at me..
“Kyle! ” My vision was becoming blur but I saw Audrey pulled Kyle by his cloth but he did threw the chair at me.
“Come with me Audrey” He pulled her by her hand.
I groaned on the floor in pain and when the girls ran towards me to help and raised me up, I send them off.
Audrey wanted to help me too but Kyle pulled her forcefully.
Audrey’s POV
“What do you think you’re doing Kyle? Why can’t you control this abnormal anger of yours? What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you promise never to…. ” I shouted at him but he Interrupted me.
“Why do you care! Tell me it’s not true.. Prove the damn Him wrong! ” He shouted at me and his eyes were red.
“I….mmm, I didn’t really expect you to take it so personal. Ermm Simon and I agreed that we’ll tell you this…” He cut in sharply again.
“What are you saying Audrey? ” He spoke in a serious tone.
“Are you trying to tell me that… that.. There’s something between you and him? ”
“Listen Kyle, I wanted to expl….”
“No it can’t be true Audrey. No! ” He said and a tear drip from his eyes as he started walking away from me.
“Why are you like this? Is it because I didn’t tell you earlier or because Simon…. ” I walked after him and was fortunate to hold his hand.
“Don’t come close to me! ” He screamed.
“Don’t! Don’t touch me ” He released his hand forcefully.
His eyes were clouded with River.
No… Oh no, I Hope it’s not -it.
I hope it’s not..

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