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The story of us episode 44


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-Four
“I didn’t ask you to come in” Mrs Smith rolled her eyes at him and pretended to be very busy.
“Amelia, why are you avoiding me? You don’t reply my messages, you don’t pick my calls, you blocked me on every social media chats, You… ” Mr Anderson grumbled to her but she cut in sharply.
“What’s the essence of picking your calls, talking to you, replying your texts, what’s the use of it? Now that I already know that at the very end of the day, I can’t win your heart since it already belong to a ghost woman” She blabbed at him.
“No Amelia, Come on” He said and wanted to hold her hands but she shrugged them off.
“If we continue seeing eachother this way. It would do no thing but to make me grow more and more feelings for you” Amelia said and He sighed.
“I’m sorry if I’m hurting you” He said to her but she didn’t say anything to him.
“Back to..what brought me here.. I couldn’t tell you over the phone since you don’t ..”
Suddenly Amelia’s phone began to ring and she picked it up.
Didn’t know who was calling yet she swiped to the receiver.
📱”Hello, You’re speaking with the principal of WHS, Mrs Amelia Smith” She said into it.
That’s what she always say to every unknown numbers.
“Amelia, Goodness! I’ve been trying to reach you” The caller said and she recognised the voice immediately.
She disconnected the call and dropped her phone on the table.
“Who was that? ” Harry asked her.
She kept mute for a while with her eyes shut.
Then she open her eyes, removed her eyeglasses before saying:
“Liolein?” Harry asked shockingly.
“I blocked all his numbers, I blocked every possible means of him getting through me but he’s the one who called me. Geez, I’m gonna block his freaking number right now! ” Mrs Smith said angrily and took up her phone.
“Chill Amelia. At least, you should have listened to what has got to say”
“I’m so done with him. It’s more than four years already! What the hell is stopping him from signing the divorce form! Had it been, he already signed it, I could tell myself that I’m a complete divorcee and probably without your ghost woman, I would have you already” She rushed all the words annoyingly and her phone began to ring again.
She glanced at it without picking it up.
“I just blocked the number he called me with and here’s another strange number. I’m not a dummy, it’s no other person than him again” Amelia remarked.
“There’s only a way to find out … which is for you to pick that call” Harry said.
She rolled her eyes and looked away but when the phone won’t stop ringing, she reluctantly picked it up.
📱 “Hello! What the hell do you want from me? ” She screamed into the phone.
“Hi, am I speaking with Mrs Smith? ” A feminine voice said.
“Oh, I’m sorry” She sighed.
“I’m very sorry. Yeah, you are. Who am I into? ” She said now politely.
“Mrs Kathleen, A student’s mother” She said.
“Oh Ma’am. Audrey’s mom?”
“Yeah, are you in your office right now? ”
“Oh yes I am” She answered her.
“I’ll be there in few minutes. We have something to talk about, A report actually” Mrs Kathleen told her.
“Ok, I’ll be expecting your arrival”
She hung up the call.
“Now, Mr Harry Anderson. I’m expecting a student’s mother here”
“I heard. Audrey’s Mom”
“Yeah and please excuse us” She said brusquely to him
“You are still avoiding me Amelia, You’re now seeing me as a stranger. Come on Amelia” He said.
“Maybe on one condition” She told him.
“What condition? ”
Marry me. We are not too old for it right? ”
“Wh…what? ”
Just then, the door opened and Mrs Kathleen entered.
“Oh Ma’am. Welcome” Mrs Smith stood up as a form greeting, stretched her hand and received an handshake from her.
“Good Afternoon Mrs Smith” Mrs Kathleen said.
“Please sit on the next chair” Mrs Smith beckoned her.
“Thanks. Good afternoon Mr… ” She paused..
She saw only the back view of Mr Anderson, not knowing who was sitting.
“Mr Anderson” He completed and turned to see the visitor.
He was shocked, Kathleen was shocked too.
And they continued to stare at their selves for moments.
“Ex..cuse me?” Amelia broke awkward silence between them.
Audrey’s Mom got an hold of herself immediately, winked her eyelashes in disbelief of whom she just saw and she looked away.
“Oh sure” She said to Mrs Smith and sat on the chair next to the one Mr Anderson was sitting on.
“You really must be very surprised to see Mr Wealthy, Mr Wearous” Mrs Smith said to her and she nodded continuously without saying anything.
“Yeah, obviously” She remarked and noticed that Harry was still engrossed with staring at her.
“Harry! ” She waved her five fingers at him and he saw them and cautioned himself just as she wanted him to.
“Kathleen” Mr Anderson murmured.
“So.. Mrs Kathleen. What’s the problem? ” I faced her.
She kept quiet for a minute then she cleared her throat and tried very hard to ignore Harry.
“Errm… Mmm.. Mr Gary. I was told he works here” Audrey’s Mom stammered.
“Yeah, he does. He is still new though. What’s about him? “.
“He must be sacked, fired, sued and if it’s very possible -Killed” Mrs Kathleen said, she tried to pay total attention to Mrs Smith and also what she came for but Mr Anderson spoke to her..
“Are you talking about the new mathematics teacher? ” Harry Anderson came into the story.
And Mrs Kathleen shut her eyes and she sighed heavily.
When she opened her eyes, she hit her fist on the table and stood up..
“Sorry, I will talk to you later Mrs Amelia” She said.. Feeling so uncomfortable that Mr Anderson was there.
“Uh, Why?
“Later” Kathleen repeated already walking to the door.
Mrs Smith watched her as if she was one weird person. She called that there’s something really important she wants to say to her and when she finally came, she talked about Mr Gary without saying the reasons why she gave those nasty remarks about him. Now she’s leaving.
She rolled her eyes after Kathleen left and faced Mr Anderson.
“You are such a Womaniser. Just imagine the way you were staring at her like that. You are so impossible, how about me? ” She asked him.
“Please, I’ll be right back Amy” Harry said to her and hurried out of her office.
Luckily for him, He found her outside, she hasn’t gone too far.
“Kathleen” He called behind her but she ignored him and walked faster.
“Kathleen please stop and listen to me” He ran and caught up with her.
“Kathleen Please” He repeated, obstructing her.
“I’ve been searching for you” He said..not even knowing where to start from.
“I don’t wanna know you” She barked at him.
“Come on, Kathleen. Wh – where have you been? ”
She scoffed;
“What sort of question is that? Did I leave you or you left me? Seriously! I don’t wanna know you anymore. Meeting you again is not part of my agenda” She said and continued to walk away but he stood in front of her.
She shrugged:
“You are now the Mr Anderson, The Mr wealthy everyone is talking about. I disbelieved it first when I saw it all over the internet yesternight” She scorned at him.
“Kathleen, Will you just listen to me? ” He almost screamed, holding her two hands tight.
“No!! ” Kathleen screamed back at him.
“Mom! ”
” “Dad! ”
Audrey and Simon ran came to where they were and called simultaneously. They were shocked to see their parents holding hands.
Not just them, there were students surrounding that area and they’ve been watching the whole drama going on between them.
Suddenly, a tinted fancy car zoomed and packed in front of them.
“Follow me Please Kathleen, let’s talk. Let’s talk about everything” Mr Anderson said to her. To avoid those people who were already videoing and taking several pictures of them.
He opened the car door at the back and beckoned her to go in but she huffed hesitatingly.
“So you can hurt me again? ” She said instead.
“Kathleen. Please. See all the students around” He whispered.
She just scorned and entered reluctantly.
“Mom” Audrey called her mom again and wanted to meet her but Simon held her back.
“I know it’s alright” Simon said to her.
Mr Andrerson got in too through the next door and the car zoomed off.
👥 “What’s going on? ”
👥 ” That’s Audrey’s Mom. So she’s one flirty woman”
👥 ” Shut it, didn’t you see it. Mr Anderson opened the door and told her to go in”
👥”It doesn’t matter! ”
👥 “What matters is that Audrey’s mom went into his car”
👥 “What’s with the both of them?? ”
👥 “Mrs Kathleen is obviously a gold digger”
Eaves and gossips spread like fireflies and Audrey heard them.
“Shut it! Keep your stinky mouths shut! ” Audrey yelled at them and she forcefully released her hand from Simon and she confronted them.
“Anymore words from you and you’ll hate the fact that today’s date is on the calender!” She continued to yelled at them.
She is such a courageous mouse. She’s silent, she has the patience but step on her nerves and you’ll see that she’s not the gentle person she usually act like.
👥”I think she’s insane” One student whispered to the other but she heard it and walked majestically towards her. She was going to hit her.. The girl fearfully moved backward same as the other students.
“Stop it Audrey” Simon stopped her by drawing her away from the girls.
He absolutely knew her character although she has once shown it to him.
“But, is she so upset with what the girls said to her or is it because of Kyle?
And wait a minute, what’s with my Dad and her mom? ”
Simon thought.

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