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The story of us episode 46


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-Six
Mrs Smith’s POV
“Let me check it” I said then drew a file closer to me and flung from pages to pages then i finally stopped at one page, I began to trace a finger down the file in search for a class.
“Grade Six” I told them.
“That’s also Audrey’s Class” Mrs Kathleen said.
“Simon’s…. ”
“Oh I’m so glad this message got to me as soon as possible and since Mr Gary is presently teaching Grade six. Then let’s go get him right away” I suggested.
Harry and Mrs Kathleen arrived earlier and told me about Gary.
“The proof would be here very soon” Mrs Kathleen added.
“I called the police already too” Mr Anderson added too.
I stared at him with so much Keen. I noticed that he has been stealing several glances at Mrs Kathleen while Kathleen on the other hand was smiling all through Probably because of the mission that they were about to accomplish. Which is to get Mr Gary arrested for all his atrocities.
Aside that, looks like there was something between them..
Come to think of it, when Harry first saw her, he was stunned, I observed a surprised look on Mrs Kathleen’s face too, she was so shocked to the extent that she couldn’t tell me what she came for. And when she quickly left, Harry ran after her.
With the drama between them, I could easy tell that he’s the woman he once told me about and seems like everything is gonna fall into places. So what about Me?
“Amelia!! ”
“Mrs Smith! ”
They called my name, Jolting me out of my thought.
Sorry, Mmm..so I’ll go meet him and bring him here ” I stammered and stood up.
“To be on safer side, Go with Joe, you’ll find him when you get out of the administrative building” Mr Anderson said.
“I’ll wait here for the Police and the girl” He added.
“I’ll come with you” Kathleen said to me and I gestured her to come along.
“You are closer to Mr Anderson than I thought” I said to Mrs Kathleen when we were out of my office.
I was kind of forcing out some words from her to know her relationship with Harry.
“Uhm, we attended the same High School. So we knew each other before now” Mrs Kathleen briefly said.
“Ok..i.. I think it’s clear now” I avoided stammering.
“How about you? ” She asked me.
“Uh? Errm… Well, we are just … We are just friends ” I said.
Just Friends.
With his broken heart, his stone heart.. Kyle decided never to speak to Audrey and Simon or never to have a thing to do with them. He now took them as Bygones and Betrayals, most especially his one and only, his most intimate..Audrey.
He had always been by her side almost 24-7. He loved her wholeheartedly infact, he loved her right from first sight but what she could do to him in return was to shatter his heart by having an affair behind his back with someone who was more of an Opponent to him.
He thought, like every other girls, Audrey must have chosen to love Simon because of his wealth and fame. How shameful..
He made up his Rock-heart to forever hate her that’s if only it’s possible.
He wasn’t himself at all, he sat alone sad and very upset that he can almost kill anyone that comes his way in the next minute.
He sat on his seat with his head bowed on his desk, quivering silently. He just lost a girl to someone he really hate, he lost his first crush, his first love, his favorite friend, his seatmate… His everything.
Kyle’s POV
“Kyle” Elena stood in front of my seat and called out my name softly disrupting my lonely moment.
“What? What is it? What?? ” I yelled at Elena.
She should already understand my present mood before coming to my seat to say What-so-ever.
“What?? ” I barked at her again in anger and she frowned sadly.
I observed that Audrey and Simon were gazing at him, so I tried as much to control my anger and stop acting like a mere loser but one thing, I’m so sure of.. Never will I forgive them!
“What? ” I asked Elena again but this time, I lowered my intonation.
“May I seat next to you? ” Elena asked me, she was referring to Audrey’s former seat.
“Suit yourself” I replied sheepishly and she sat on it and was quiet for a while and then she started speaking.
“I thought I could be a little of help to you” She paused and continued;
“Dharc, do you remember I told you about him? About him being an uncle to me? ” She asked me.
Geez, if she were in her right senses, she would realise that I’m not in such mood, I’m Furrrrious!!
I kept mute but gave her a red hard stare but it doesn’t seem to mean anything to her because she kept on talking.
“And you must have heard about M-Night? The concert is coming up tonight, Dharc would be present. He would come all the way down to Wearous and guess what he’ll pay his family a visit? ” Elena said.. She was smiling too.
“Oh, you want me to come to the concert just to see your Damn Uncle? ” I smirked angrily at her.
“No.. He.. Is.. Not.. Damn” She stammered.
“And I’m not trying to invite you to the concert neither am I bragging about my uncle” She said calming and I scorned rudely.
“I… Mmmm..Sincerely, I’m trying to help you! Since you told me you really love music, although I haven’t heard or seen you sing, I can imagine it already. So I… I’m thinking of using this opportunity to tell my uncle about you. There might be a way he could help you, with your dreams, the talent won’t be a waste.. ”
I cut in sharply.
“I don’t need your help. I don’t want it. Haven’t I told you before?? ” I barked at her.
“Oh.. Right. Ok, I’m sorry” She stammered, fondling with her fingers and her eyes were so Teary.
“I’ll return to my seat” She told me as if she needed to.
Then she stood up, gazing dejectedly at the floor as she moved to her seat which was behind mine.
“Okay” I said to her.
“I’ve heard” I took a glance at her.
“Th… Thank you”
“I… I just want to help, no crimes attached. I’ll tell you whatever he says tomorrow ” She rushed her words happily but I didn’t say anything.
At least, I’ll try to get what I love, Music since I couldn’t get the other one.
Audrey’s POV
Simon made me rest on his shoulder and he intertwined his hand with mine, Re-assuring me that everything is gonna be alright.
I gave up on pleading with Kyle, it’s not as if I gave up finally, I just thought that, I should give him some time and space to get over the anger and to forgive me for I didn’t know I’ll hurt him.
Mr Gary walked in, we were having Mathe and he seem to be intentionally fond of coming to the class late, so that there he would spend few minutes with us.
“He still works here?” Simon shockingly said to me.
“I told my Dad about him and he promised to get him outta here, what d’ hell is he still doing here? ”
“So class, this would be our first successful class and to completely make it successful. We are gonna skip the introduction aspect and go directly to what we have today. No distraction please ” He said.
“Mathematics” He pronounced and went over to the board and scrawled on it “Mathematics”
👥”Awwn, so charming” Some stupid girls said.
Worst part of it, they are poor in Mathematics.
Simon suddenly stood up and hit his fist against his desk, distracting everyone and getting everyone’s glances turned to him.
“Mmmn, I said no distraction” Mr Gary repeated pretending not to know Simon.
Simon Spured and walked closer to him. Obviously, Gary was scared.
“Mmmm…I think I forgot the HigherNumbered Mathematics in my office, I’ll go get the book now” He stammered and winked at Simon in an entreating manner.
“You Pervert! ” Simon snarled obstructing him from walking to the door and the class began to scream.
“You are a pedophile!” He shouted and grabbed him by his shirt.. Loosening his tie.
“What, what are you talking about? ” He pretended but mouthed at him “Please”
“Stop it already Simon! ” Mrs Smith’s voice echoed unexpectedly and everyone became calm and looked at the door where Mrs Kathleen and Mrs Smith stood.
“Mom” Audrey stood on her feet, surprised and perplexed to see her mom.
“Yes Simon, he deserves it but leave him to us. Get back to your seat Simon” Mrs Smith ordered.
Mr Gary stared at Kathleen and he knew right away that no matter what, the ground is not gonna split into two and swallow him. He blamed himself for ever coming to WHS. He needs be r thought his past bad life would find him this quickly.
“Mr Gary! Just come with us” Katheleen said.
“Kathleen.. Mrs… ” He wanted to say or plead.
“No words from you. Just come”
If at all,he wants to escape. A hefty man came him and held him tightly by his arm.
The class began to scream and take several pictures of them.
Audrey’s POV
My mind was occupied with two things, Kyle and What’s exactly is happening at the Administrative building??
Immediately it was lunch break, I rushed out of the class and ran to the Administratives building – To the Principal’s office. To meet my mom and to know what’s going on.
Someone was following me behind and I know it’s no other person but Simon.
I almost got to the Principal’s Office when I saw Vivian.
“Vivian? What are you doing here? ” I asked her :- Shocked, confused and surprised.
She came closer to me and Simon excused us..
He stayed aside and let we the girls talk.
Her face was kind of swollen, red eyes and already dried tears.
“To help in getting Gary arrested” She said.
Oh.. So My mom was so serious about this.
“And it worked. I had a secret conversation with your mom. Seriously, she’s the kind of mother I wish I had, she spoke to me, she told me what she was up to and I was highly in support of it. She invited me here. There came the police, they asked me few questions about whatever Gary has done to me. I told them he raped me, I was real and less believing, but he actually did raped me. I was so foolish that I got intimate with him after what he did to me, I was very foolish that instead of reporting him to the police, I did it over and over again and turned him into my money making machine” She said and fought back her tears.
“Anyways, they got Gary arrested atlas today. Thanks to your mom and his Dad” She sniffed, referring to Simon’s Dad. Mr Anderson.
“Okay.. Are you sure you’re fine? ” I asked after noticing her pale look.
“Yes, I am. Just.. I’m just drowed with regret and bitterness” She said and began to whimper softly.
I walked closer to her and embraced her. I disengaged when I felt her warm tears dropping on my back.
“Stop crying. It’s alright now” I told her.
“I should be Excited right? Yeah, happy that the pedophile has been finally arrested and that I was fortunate enough to meet Mr Wealthy and he’s ready to sponsor my unfurthered education” She told me.
“He is?? ” I exclaimed.
“Audrey, I’m scared” She began to cry afresh.
Is there something I don’t know?
“Wh..why? ” I asked her.
“I.. I’ve done the AidsTest, what if the result turns out to be Po…. ..”
“Told ya we’ll win the case” Mr Anderson and my mom came out of the office.
“See you later Audrey. By the way, your school is beautiful” Vivian said, forcing out a smile.
Now, what’s with both of them..
My Mom and Mr Wealthy.
“Daddy! ” Simon called.
They stopped chattering and looked up and saw us.
I bided Vivian bye and walked steadily to my mom.
“Oh Audrey, sorry I did all this without you knowing about it. I wanted to tell you but you weren’t ready to listen and you won’t even listen” She said.
“No Mom, I mean.. Do you know Mr Wealthy or.. Was it this case that made you know him? ” I asked her.
“Is she the Audrey? ” Mr Anderson looked at me.
“She’s the same Audrey! ” He said and looked at his son.
“What do you mean? ” Simon asked the same question on my mind.
“No way! ” My Mom fired at Simon’s Dad.
“What is it? ” I asked her – Confused.

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