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The story of us episode 47


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-Seven

Elena’s POV
I came down from my car immediately my Driver pulled the brake and packed the car at the Car lot.
I was surprised to see a great change in the familiar environment, new big cars were packed at the car lot, ribbons were tied here and there, colourful sparkling lights.
There were armed men on black and spetacles standing in front of my house.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself.

“Mademoiselle Elena, Welcome back from school” Daine, my French maid came and said to me.
She collected my backpack from me too.

“Daine, what’s going on?” I asked her as we walked to the house together, It was few metres away from the Car.lot.

“Dharc is here, Sir.Daniel is here” She announced.

“Uncle Danny is already here? ” I exclaimed.

“Yes! ”

I ran as fast as my leg could carry me into the house, leaving the young maid behind.

“Uncle Danny!” I jumped on his back before he could even think of looking up to see who called him by his name.

“Princess Elena! ” He said and hugged me affectionately.

“How did you know that he has arrived, it’s yet to be all over the internet that he’s here in Wearous” My Dad said..

“Yeah, I intentionally didn’t want the whole world to know yet” Uncle Danny said.

“Oh well, I know you’re coming here today but I didn’t know it would be this so soon besides Lady Daine told me at the Car-lot. Well, well and well.. It doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that the most famous voice of a Bird is my favorite uncle and he’s right here. Oh! I miss you” I pecked his cheeks excitedly and he kissed my fore-head.

“Now I see you deserve the paintings and decorations indeed Bcos you are not just an Uncle to me, You are the everything, almost everyone looks up to” I added making him feel flattered..

“Ok Elena, would you let him have his seat now if at all, you would love to remain standing” My Dad said and I giggled.

“Yeah, sure. Sit and feel over comfortable. You deserve everything” I teased and he sat down and I sat next to him, very close to him.

“You’re coming to my concert” He said.

“Sure. Why would I ever miss it? ” I said.

“Anyways, I don’t care if she goes. I’m not coming ” My Dad said offering me a tray of Muffins.
Yeah, the maids should have served me theirselves but I guess they were not allowed in here.

“Who cares!!”
“There won’t even be 5% of the old cargoes! ” My uncle retorted at my Dad and I chuckled.

“Whatever. Just so you know you would surely become one – one day” My Dad said.

“Of course I will but a classic one”

“Yeah, he’ll become Granny-Dharc with the killer voice everyone would still die-hard for even in his old age” I added.

“You got it girl ” My uncle said and we laughed and had an high five.

“Seriously, there’s no difference between the two of you. I’m leaving you both” My Dad said already leaving.

I shoved in two muffins into my mouth and a muffin into my ever-cute uncle’s mouth.

“How is High School? ” He asked me.

“Well… ” I wanted to speak.

“Oh, that’s sorta question. High school is fun. It’s nothing less than having fun after classes, walk with friends, have several crushes, hang out with a boyfriend or boyfriends..” He said.

“You are Naughty! I don’t think it applies to we the girls, only the guys do hang-out with their Girlfriends” I emphasising the S in Girlfriends.

“That doesn’t mean the girls don’t do it. They do” He said laughing.

“Count me out of it and focus on your multiple girlfriends; Helen, Alice, Rose, Charley.. ” I mentioned remembering the names of those girls he dated before he went into music.

“Oh no, Stop it ” He said laughing controllably and I laughed too.

“Uncle ” I called softly in a way that I had something to say to him.

“What’s it dear? ” He asked

“Did you successfully became a musician by luck? ” I asked him.

“What a question, why are you asking? ”

“Please just answer” I spoke in a serious tone.

“Anyways Luck is part of it. I went for a two weeks competition last three months only for teenagers with the singing talent. Luckily for me, I got promoted till I completed the levels and steps and here I am now” He concluded smiling but I rolled my eyes.

“Why that?? ” He asked me.

“Well whatever it is, can the steps and levels be skipped? ”

“What are you saying? Do you ever want to sing?” He asked.

“No, I love musics but No! I want to help a friend ” I said and he kinda disengaged from me and looked at me.
“He sings melodiously just like you. He’s talented but there’s no way he can go about it. Can you please help him quickly and easily? ” I requested.

“There’s a way he could go about it. Oh Good, the afresh competition registration has started already. All he has to do is to be part of the contestants and when he is…. ”

I interrupted him..
“That’s why I said ‘Quickly and easily’. I don’t want him to go through the stress of registration, levels… What if something happens by mistake and he couldn’t complete the levels and at the end of the day, he wasn’t picked” I said.

“Elena. You’ve gotten a boyfriend! ” Uncle Dharc said instead and I gave a eye roll again.
“Yes, you made use of the Pronoun He, and it’s all over your face that you would do anything to assist him as fast as possible” He said.

“Are you gonna help him? Are you gonna help me? It’s easy right? You’re now famous and successful and you must have met with other and higher successful singers that can… ”

“Listen Elena, it’s not as easy as you think it is. I’m still a New Famous singer to do stuffs like that. All he has to do is to go through the normal proper process. I’m sorry Elena. I can’t help” He said and I frowned.

A man on black uniform all through came in and walked majestically towards us. I could tell he’s one his men.

“Sir.Dharc, The videos and of your arrival at the airport already got leaked. It’s all over the internet now” The man said to him with his head bowed.

“Shit! ” My uncle exclaimed.

“What is it? ” I asked him.

“Everyone already know that I’m in Wearous now and that means I gotta leave and lodge into the celebrities motel. See you at my concert at night, I hope I see you” He stood up.

“You are leaving already? ”

“Uh yeah, whata funny life of a celebrity” He said and I smiled a bit.

My uncle is a celebrity, at least he got little time for his people and he never turned his back at us.
Would Kyle be the same when he becomes one?

“Tell Dad that I left like a flash. And about your crush or boyfriend, persuade him to try SING. I’m sure you know I won’t hesitate to help if I can. So bye now, it’s four, the concert would start by seven” He said and embraced me before leaving with the man on black.


Audrey’s POV

“So you insist that we Walk home? ” Simon asked me again when his driver drove away.

“Yeah, I miss walking with Kyle” I said to him and he smirked jealously.

“Kyle again. How about him? ”

“He still doesn’t want to talk to me”

“I’m suggesting we should continue to give him some space, enough space” Simon suggested.

“Yeah I know but for how long? ” I sad sadly.

” I don’t know ” He answered.
“I’m glad your mood is better than yesterday, it’s brightened up” He said and I moue.
“Uhm Audrey, can we spend some time alone, not at school nor at the restaurant. Maybe a date or something. Oh Good, tonight is a young Celebrity first concert here in Wearous. How about we go? I think he’s name is Dharc and you seem not to be a die-hard fan of celebrities, so I can trust you won’t collapse when he yanks off his shirt” He said and I pout my mouth abit.

“I’ll pay the tickets and entrance fees” He said.

“Foremost, Mom want me home quickly and hmmn Simon, you know we can’t have our first date now or go to places now b’cos I’m half-unhappy” I said looking into his eyes.
“I’m sorry we can have it another day”

“It’s fine, it’s just that I miss your old attitude” He said.

“I’m sorry. I still really like you” I don’t know when the words escaped my mouth but I guess I said it to assure him that I’m still his.

He smiled.. “Me too! ” He said and I smiled too.

“I can’t wait to get home quickly and hear what my mom has gotta to tell me” I said.

“Yeah, my mom and Dad. What’s do you think is between them? ” Simon asked me.

“I absolutely have no idea but I know it’s more than just getting Mr Gary arrested”

“Yeah, Amma ask Dad when I get home ”

“Good, you’re gonna ask your Dad and I’m gonna ask my mom” I said and let the subject die down as Simon brought up another topic.

“I have several plans” He said.

“What plans??” I asked him.

“I’m thinking of how we are gonna reconcile with Kyle and how to make a perfect friendship with him” He said and added: ” A serious one”

“That’s a good idea but unfortunately for me I don’t know exactly what to do if he still refuses to say a word to me” I frowned.

“Somehow, someday he will”

“I’m still hoping.. ”

“Another Plan on my plan list is stopping you from working at the restaurant forever” He said and I looked at him.

“You sound more like a comedian” I scorned at him.

“Ok it sounds like a Joke? But it’s no joke. I’m ready to give to you what you get from the restaurant ” He said looking serious.

“You know what Simon? Let’s get home quickly. We’ll talk about this next time ” I said, almost stammering and we continued to walk home in Silence.

I entered into the house, Mom opened the door before I knocked on it, Of course, she must have seen me through the window.

“Hi Mom” I said to her.

I don’t even know why she looks so pale.

“He walked you home today” She said instead.

“Yeah” I kinda mumbled.

“Audrey” She called my name when I headed to my room to take off my uniforms before coming back to hear from her.

“Oh Gosh, where should I start from? ” She grumbled slapping her forehead.
Oh.. She’s already ready to tell me about she and Mr Anderson.

She heaved a deep sigh and wanted to open her mouth to say something when her phone rang.
The new phone she got for me but when I told her that I already had one, she began to use the one she got for me.

📱 “Hello” She picked up the phone and said into it.
📱 “Jeeez, Harry how did you get my number?? ”

“I’ll return after changing into my nightwears” I mouthed to her and walked to my room.

I throw myself on the bed, lying flat on it – relaxing my nerves.
After a while, I stood up; dropped my bag and pulled off my uniform.
I was still on undies when a phone began to ring from a distant – From my bag! My new phone.

I brought it out and stared at the caller ID which showed a bouncing heart shaped ❤. I knew it was Simon and swiped to the receiver.

📱 “Hello Simon” I said into it.

“Whao! You already know how to operate the phone” He teased me 📱

📱 ” Seriously, it’s easy to pick up just a phone call” I rolled my eyes as if he could see me.

“If you can pick up a phone call, then you definitely can make use of the phone” He said 📱 and I’m sure he heard me hiss slightly.
“How are you? I saw you last a while ago and you were fine and okay but I’m still calling to be sure if you’re still okay” He said. 📱

📱 “I’m …. Good” I told him.
Half Good, Kyle is still snubbing me. I don’t even have his phone number.

“You aren’t worried about anything 9r are you? ” 📱

📱 “Kyle” I murmured.

“He will come back to us” Simon assured. 📱

I stared into the space, remembering the one and only Day that I, Kyle and Simon were very intimate, the fun we had, the laughter we shared, one day beautiful memory.
I smiled sadly.

“Audrey are you there? ” 📱 Simon’s voice interruptted the brief flash back.
I almost forgot that I was on a call and a phone was on my ear.

“Oh yeah. Yes” I stammered.
“Uhm, I’m thirsty, I’ll go drink water” I told him.

“Okay but don’t hung up the call” He said and I giggled.
I stood up from my bed, left my room and headed to the kitchen..When I got to the sitting room, Mom was still having a conversation over the phone that she didn’t even notice I passed by and went into the kitchen.

I got to the kitchen, grabbed a glass cup and moved to sink.. Open the tap and let water rush into the cup till it was filled.

I know Simon could hear me drink water..

“Mmmn Audrey, when would you begin to call me sweet lovely names that may drive me crazy. Don’t be shocked when I begin to call you some soon ‘cos it’s also on my plan list” He said.

I was about to snarl at him But my mom conversation with the person she was speaking with over the phone interrupted me, most especially this particular sentence.

“She’s your Daughter Harry! And he’s your son too. They are gonna break off the immoral relationship. I’m about telling her that you’re her father! ”

The statement got me hooked, I already drank only quarter of the glass cup, I couldn’t drink from the cup anymore. Simon was still speaking but I didn’t hear him.. I was so moved by the statement she made.

The glass cup fell off my hand and broke into scattered pieces, followed by my Phone.




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