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The story of us episode 48


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-Eight

Kyle’s POV
I walked into my room abnormally, I pulled off my shoes, I didn’t bother to arrange them into the shoeracks, I littered my bag, tie, school uniforms around and I laid on the bed and tossed on it. Heartbreak is turning me into someone else.

“Kyle, don’t tell me you are not gonna have dinner again” My Mom stood in front of my door and said to me.
I never knew she has been watching me.
When I gave her no response, she came in.
“You didn’t eat last night too” She added.

“I don’t have the appetite” I spoke sheepishly.

“C’mon tell me what’s wrong, when did you start acting non-challantly to yourself, to your belongings …” She said picking up my shoes, uniforms, bag and placing them where they were supposed to be.
“Kyle, are you ill or something? ” She asked me but I kept mute.
“Talk to me, what’s wrong with you? ”

“Nothing, I just wanna be alone. Please leave” I finally said trying not to be rude.

“You want to be alone doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast and dinner. What about lunch at school? Did you have it?
Just because you wanna be alone doesn’t mean you should make everything around you disordered” She scolded and I rolled my eyes.

“Oh, that slight girly manner of yours” She said referring to way I rolled my eyes.
“And Oops speaking about G.I.R.L, are you love stucked? I can see it in your eyes. Do you want an advise about Teenage lovers? Remember I told you that your Dad and I used to be one?” She said and it risen the anger in me.

Not even because she boasting about the love she’d once shared with Dad when they were young but because the four lettered word itself.

My phone suddenly rang.
“Elena” My Mom checked the caller-ID before me because she was standing beside my reading table and the cell phone was on the table.
“Is she the one? ” She asked me.

“Can you please stop it Mom?? ” I screamed.

Sorry” I apologized realising that the person I just shouted at is my Mother.

“Okay, Go ahead and pick up your call” She urged picking up the phone from the table herself and handling it over to me.
I glared at the ringing phone, it’s Elena and what does she wanna say again?
I received the call reluctantly anyways.

“Hello Kyle” She spoke first📱

📱 “What is it again Elena? ” I said rudely.
📱 “What? ”

“Kyle.. ” She paused.. 📱
“At least be polite to me, you weren’t like this before. I’m trying to be of an help to you but you barely care about it. Should I call myself a fool? ” Elena said and I felt stucked by self-consience.

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She’s absolutely right, I’m not meant to yell or talk to her rudely when she really wants to help me.

“What? ” I said politely this time around feeling so arrogant to say Sorry.

“I thought I could help you but unfortunately I cannot ” She said and my eyes kind of widen, I thought she’s no longer willing to help b’cos of the way I talked to her.
“I’m Sorry” I managed to say if that would make her change her mind.

“I thought I would give you feedback in school tomorrow but we both forgot that tomorrow is Saturday” She said and laughed alone while I maintained a straight quietness.
“So.. I spoke to my Uncle like I promised but I guess it’s beyond what he can do. Sorry he can’t help” She said and I sighed.
Anyways, whatever.. I really don’t care anymore.

“But he told me about a show, it’s like a competition. The name is Sing, you can register and participate here in Wearous. Who knows, it can actually help you” She said and I cut in sharply.

“Thank you” I hung up the call before she could say anything else.

“You can try it” My Mom said as if she overheard my conversation and I simpered at her like she didn’t know what she was saying.
“I guess you need a good new phone, the speaker was loud enough that I could hear everything” She said.

“Mom.. ”

“First, it’s hard to find a girl struggling to help a guy.. Oh, let’s put that aside, are you gonna throw away your 14 years talent? Yeah, you’ve been singing since your were 4. Nah, what am I saying? You’ve been singing and humming since you were in my womb, most times, I mistook it as the delivery date” My mom said and I laughed, forgetting that I’ve been wearing a mean look.
She smiled too then spoke seriously: ” Why not try it? ” She asked me again and I returned to my mean look and grumbled:

“I don’t want to.. ”

“Why?? ”

“I’m not okay, I’m worried something that I’m yet to open up to you..I’m sad” I told her.

And she came closer to me and sat on my bed.
“Listen to yourself, are you gonna lost something that might take you places just because something or someone is making you unhappy? And it’s not as if you will forever remain unhappy. You haven’t told me who stepped on your nerves but I guess it no other person than Mr Wealthy’s.. Son” My mom said and she guessed right Bcos it had always been Simon. -mostly.
“Look at me Kyle, you’ve got your happiness to yourself, don’t let anyone predict when to be happy. Stay outta it and do anything else that makes you happy. Isn’t that Music? ” She asked me.

And i sighed, she just said words that hit my head really hard.
She’s very right.

But what would I do when Audrey is still somewhere in my heart,
Would I concentrate at the show when I can’t even stop thinking of her? I can’t feel any traces that the feeling is leaving me. It’s not but I’ll…. Stay outta it.

“So get your butts up very early tomorrow morning and find your way to SING” She said and stood up and walked to the door.

“I’ll love to meet Elena ” She winked at me.
Oops, she just misunderstood.


Audrey’s POV

“Audrey, are you there?? ” My mom called out and rushed into the kitchen.

“Mo…m” I stammered.
“Mom what did you just say? ”

“Audrey, you already heard me” She picked up my phone and pulled me away from the pieces of glasses.

“Is that Mr Anderson? Oh no way! ”

“Would you please hear me out Audrey? ”

“What else do you wanna say? That Mr Anderson is my father? And I’m in a relationship with my step brother? Whata d’ heck?” I said releasing my hand from hers and walking away.

“But it’s true. Don’t you want me to explain to you? ” She said coming behind me but I snubbed her.
“Right Mr Anderson is your biological father, he’s the one I gave my diginity to when we were high school, I thought he dumped me but after hearing from him, he actually didn’t…” She tried to explain but I kept on interrupting her.

“Fine, He’s my father. What about Simon? His son? My own step brother? No, No it can’t be possible” I said walking to my room and she followed me.

“When we met again, he told me he lost his wife but he has a son. Audrey, now that you know Simon is your blood step brother, your relationship with him can’t move on. Why do you find it hard to believe it, Did you two ever have…? ”
I cut in sharply..

“I said this isn’t happening!! ” I yelled pacing around my room confusedly and she paced along with me.

“It is, see it is! Would I ever lie to you or push you astray? I’m wondering what if Anderson wants me back, I’ll continue to be a good mother to you and to Simon… Isn’t it great? ”

“Stop it” I screamed before I knew it I was already crying.
“Stop calling Simon my brother!n Bcos what if feel for him is not shared between siblings” I said.

“I didn’t know you would find it this hard to believe it and No, I know you haven’t slept with him. Think it over and cry out your heart all you want, do you wanna continue dating your own brother? ” She asked me..
“I’ll excuse you now. I’m Sorry, I never wanted to break the news to you this way ‘coz it’s more like you found out yourself ” She said, came closer to me and patted me on my head before walking out of my room.

“Nooooo” I screamed and threw myself on the floor.
Why am I having unbearable calamities in my Love-Life??
Why does it seems like I can’t get what I want?
Why does it have to be Simon?
I stared at my phone which she dropped, It was ringing over and over again and it was Simon who was calling.
Mere seeing the heart Emoji bouncing, I shaded more tears.

The next Morning.

My teary eyes were left opened overnight, I don’t even know whether to be happy that the guy who I always want by my side is actually my brother, Hell no.. It doesn’t worth being happy about. This is saddest thing ever.

Has Simon himself heard about it? How would he feel?

What if we’ve once somehow had our pants down??
Ah! It never happened but what about the emotional kisses we’ve shared..

The feelings we have for each other..

“It’s morning!” My mom said walking into my room only to see me sitting on the floor with my head on my legs.
“Oh My God, Audrey. Don’t tell me you are still thinking about it” She exclaimed.

I raised my head up and she looked at my face and gasped.
“Red face, Read eyes.. You wept profusely over the night and here you are, you’re still crying” She said and bent close come closer to me.
She was about to say some words of consolation when we heard a knock on the door in the living room.

“Who could it be early this morning? ” She asked rhetorically.
“Cheer up Audrey. Give me some seconds, I’ll go get the door” She said, stood up and left.

Even when I tried to wipe away my tears, they kept on flowing down the more. It ain’t easy to get over it, It’s worst than heartbreak or it’s an heartbreak itself.

” Harry? Simon? ” I heard my mom voice saying to someone (Some people )
My father and my brother ¿..

I rushed outta my room to see what’s going on..I saw Mr Anderson first and Simon behind him.

If it were other poor people, they’ll feel so honourable to have these two reputable people (Simon and his father) in their various small houses but I’m not feeling that way, I’m feeling a combination of worst feelings.

Wait, Mr Wealthy is my father?
Come to think of it, how can that ever be possible?
I recalled my mom’s voice saying to me ‘You’re a rich girl remember? ”

I shook my head in negation as if all these things were dream.

“Audrey ” Simon called my name and walked towards me.

Hasn’t he been told by his father? By our father that we are siblings?
I don’t even know if I should walk to him or move away from him.

“What are you doing Harry? What are you doing here? ” My mom confronted him.

“To make things right, between us and between the young lovers. Seems like you have told Audrey already” Mr Anderson said to my mom.

And… While Simon was already close to me, I think he cried too Bcos his eyes were red and he intertwined my hand with his like it doesn’t matter if we are siblings. What the heck? I unintertwined my hand from his but he pulled me and hugged me affectionately.
We both began to cry afresh.
Impossible Relationship, that’s what this is called.

“Make things right between them? Listen to yourself Harry! They are step silbl…..”

“They are not exactly siblings! Kathleen, I never got married and I adopted Simon” Mr Anderson said.

I don’t know who was the first to disengage from the hug. We did it together and turned to look at them (My Mom and His… Dad, My Dad)

“Daddy? What did you just say?? ” Simon asked shockingly.
Not just him, Mom was shocked and I was shocked too.
(It became part of the combination of the worst feelings that I was feeling)

Yeepee, The story would soon finish 😁
You can’t be fed up of the story na, You guys already know the end, sheyb it is already written in the synopsis so it’s not like I’m leaving you people in suspense.

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