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The story of us episode 49


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fourty-Nine

Audrey’s POV

“They are not exactly siblings! Kathleen, I never got married and I adopted Simon” Mr Anderson said.

I don’t know who was the first to disengage from the hug. We did it together and turned to look at them (My Mom and His… Dad, My Dad)

“Daddy? What did you just say?? ” Simon asked shockingly.
Not just him, Mom was shocked and I was shocked too.
(It became part of the combination of the worst feelings that I was feeling)

“Can.. Can we all have sit first? ” Mr Anderson, My… Father stammered.

“Harry, what… What did you just say? Tell me, it’s a truthful lie, tell me you just told a lie only to make things right like you’ve said” My mom said to him

Which one was she referring to as a lie, Is it that he never got married or that Simon not being his real son.

“Daddy” Simon called again and paid total glance at his Dad as he walked towards him.

“You are not my father? You adopted me? ” He growled.

“I…. Mmmm, Well I… did” Mr Anderson continue to stammer.

“You are not my biological father?? ” Simon screamed.

My mom and I just stood there watching the supposed father and son.
Never have I seen Simon this upset, talkless of cry.

“Oh, that why you couldn’t show me a picture of my mother, that’s why we don’t look alike even a little. You lied to me Daddy! ” Simon shouted at his… dad and the man sighed sadly.

“Would you just hear me out first?? ” His father asked him but Simon responded by sobbing.

He sat on one of the couches and expected us to do the same but since we remained standing, he stood up.

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“I adopted you” He repeated..

“Why didn’t you tell me? Who are my parents? Why did you lie to me that I’ve lost my mother? Why… ”

“I didn’t lie about that, Your mom is dead”

“I don’t understand!” Simon screamed.
“Didn’t you just say you never got married, My mother isn’t your wife? ” He asked.

“Yes” Mr Anderson replied and began to explain;

“I was an eye-witness when your mother was involved in a car accident due to reckless driving and she gave up the ghost instantly but you were in there, in the upside-down vehicle, safe and sound, smiling fondling with your fingers” Mr Anderson began to explain.
“One could easily tell that she was about leaving the country in a rush ‘cos the severe accident happened at the border part of Wearous”
“Everyone was screaming and shouting as you were brought out of the car. I followed you as you were taken to the hospital for thorough test to be sure if there’s no internal bleeding. There wasn’t”
“They couldn’t get in contact with your family because no-one knew your mother, I don’t know about now.”
“I don’t even know why I feel so moved and concerned about you, I followed you here and there, even when you were taken to the orphanage home. Somehow, I had the feeling that you had a father and of course, you have a family somewhere, I’m sure the sistrens know also but since no-one came for you , they decided to have you”
“I went to them, even my fame didn’t make them to allow me to adopt you, they waited for a year, yet no one showed up as your family or part of your family. That was when they permitted me to adopt you with a deal that when I find your father or any of your family members, I have to return you back to them. Then I took you in because i was ready to have you as my son and take care of you” He explained…
I don’t know what to say as my legs became feeble to stand, even my mom fell herself stamina-lessly on the couch.

I don’t know what to do, whether to console him ‘cos I’ve never seen him so sad, like completely downcasted.

It’s okay to be sad after hearing this whole bad story but why exactly is he not himself. Is it because he has no biological relationship with Mr wealthy or because he lied to him or because his adopted father is my biological father?

Mr Anderson pulled him closer and patted him on his back.

“In one sentence, you’re not my father” Simon began to speak;
“In another sentence, I have no family” He added sadly.

“You do, I’m very sure you have some people, somewhere searching for you that’s if they’ve not lost the hope of finding you” Mr Anderson told him and embraced him, allowing his trades to drop on his back.
“Listen Simon, no matter what you are still my beloved son” He said consoling him like he was a baby.

After some minutes, they disengaged from the hug.
“Dad… Daddy” Simon wanted to say something to him.
“Jeez, I can’t even call you my Daddy anymore knowing fully well now that you’re not my father”

“Go ahead ” Mr Anderson told him

“Did you also lie about this necklace? ” Simon asked him drawing it out of his neck and showing it to him.
“You told me my mom gave it to me before she died, Was that a lie too? ”

“No, not exactly a lie. The necklace was around your neck during the accident. Like I promised the sistrens, to always make sure that you have the necklace on just in case it would make you find your family” Mr Anderson answered him.

“Speaking of your necklace… ” I spoke up, remembering it’s familiar and I walked towards him.

“Can I see it? ” I asked and Simon unhooked it and showed it to me.

“This is not the same necklace, the one around your necklace then is very old” Mr Anderson said.

“I… I only changed the necklace only, I found it disgusting to put on a rusty necklace. So I attached a golden one to the key pendant instead. It doesn’t matter or does it?” Simon asked wiping his tears.

“Yeah.. This particular Pendant, I’ve seen a similar one before ” I told him, collecting the necklace from him and almost scrutinating it.

“Yeah, that was the day it dropped off my necklace and you picked it up and gave it back to me” Simon said.

“No, that’s not it” I said shaking my head negatively.
“But well, maybe it not what I’m thinking . I mean it is very possible for over hundred people to have the same possible key and lock pendants. I’ve seen the same pendant of same design and in old gold colour except that I saw the Lock Pendant and I think this tiny key pendant would penetrate easily into it” I concluded.
“I’m not too sure though” I added.

Simon didn’t say anything, he didn’t take what I said serious. I could tell he’s mind was still inputing and outputing the big shock he got today.

“Around whose neck did you find a rusty necklace and silver lock pendant? ” My Dad asked me.

Huh? Am I already calling him my Daddy?

“Around Kyle’s neck” I responded.

“Kyle? ” Simon asked me.

“Kyle Pitt?” His Dad asked.

“You mean, your third Friend? ” My mom said.

“Ye-ah” I replied.

“Wait! If Kyle’s necklace is similar to mine and if truly this key” Referring to his pendant..
“…Successfully penetrate into it and unlock his locked pendant. What does it mean? ” Simon asked.

Ah! I never thought of this and I never related it this way.
Does it mean Kyle and Simon are related?

“It could mean that you and Kyle are related or maybe if the necklace was given to Kyle by an outsiders.., it could also mean that you are related to someone Kyle knows… ” My mom said.

“No,this can’t be possible. Daddy … Gosh!” Simon hit his face as if he made a mistake.

“I’m not stopping you from calling me Dad, Daddy, father” Mr Anderson corrected.

A mere necklace can’t tell who my biological relations are” He said.

“You think so? ” His father said..

“Yes, it’s just…it’s just a mere necklace” Simon added.

“Okay but… ” He paused..
“Does anyone of you know where Kyle Pitt lives? ” He asked as not minding what his adopted son was saying.

I shook my Head,
Just imagine, Kyle is a very close friend of mine yet I don’t know where he lives, all I know is that it’s here in Wearous.
My mom, she’s doesn’t attend Wearous High School, she’s not a student! So there’s no way she could know where students from the school lives.

“Really Dad? We don’t need this. It doesn’t matter!” Simon grumbled.

“We can’t tell” Mr Anderson said.
“Do you not know where he lives too? ” He asked him.

Before he said anything, He interrupted him.
“Anyways, I can get it” He said… Dipping his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone.

Mrs Smith!
I heard they are really close.


Mrs Amelia Smith has the record of all students biodatas and she wasted no time in searching for Kyle’s address.

Simon kept insisting that there’s absolutely no need to go meet Kyle and ask for enquiries about the similar necklace that is around his neck.
He (Simon) has no alternative than to listen to what his father says even when his father told him to come with him to Kyle’s place.

While Audrey and her mom stayed behind. Everything includes them too, Only that Audrey acts like she disbelieved everything Mr Anderson and her mom said. About Mr Wealthy being her biological father.
It sounds so unbelievable..
The most well-known being, the one who swims in wealth is her Father.
Whata Joke but it’s no joke.


They got to Kyle’s place after some minutes, the driver did a great Job by alighting from the car before them and obstructing people from seeing who came down from the car.

They knocked on the door just once and Mrs Pitt, Kyle’s mom opened the door almost instantly.

“Mr Anderson!?”
“I’m surprised having you two in my house. How may I help you? ” She exclaimed.

“Oh, Come on in” She quickly said when she noticed that they needed to get in before people would notice their presence.
And Good, she’s not part of those that are dying hard to have him around.

“My Husband is not around” She said as if she’s supposed to. That statement alone signifies that something is not right between herself and her husband .

“Where’s Kyle? ” Mr Anderson asked.

“Oh Kyle, he’s not around too” His mom responded.

“Nothing is wrong, I just wanted to check and perhaps ask him something. When would he be back? ”

“Well, he got himself engaged with..” She paused.
“With something.He returned not quite long to take his things”

“Did he travel or go somewhere far? ” Simon asked.

“Nah, he’s kinda camped somewhere and he’ll return in two weeks time” Mrs Pitt said, hiding Kyle’s whereabouts, she knows her son too well.. He won’t want someone like Simon know what he’s into.
“Ok, tell me what’s wrong ‘cos I’m aware that you two again are not in good terms, do you wanna meet him for some sort of reconciliation or what? ” Kyle’s mom asked.

“Well, no. I… I.. do not mean they won’t reconcile but that’s not why I’m here with him. The process of reconciling doesn’t require my presence you know.. ” He chuckled and Kyle’s mom smiled.

“Yeah, it should be between the two alone” She said.

“Exactly” He nodded and looked at Simon’s neck. (He pendant).
“Uhm Mrs Pitt, By chance do you know anything about a rust gold necklace with an ancient lock pendant that is on Kyle’s neck? ” Mr Anderson decided to ask her the question instead.

“Huh… ”

“I mean something like this.. ” He said and pointed at the key-pendant around Simon’s neck.
“It’s similarly different ”

“Wh…what? This Pendant.. “Her eyes widened shockingly.
” Where did he get that pendant from? What about the necklace? Where did you get it from? What.. What about the Chil… ”


Just so you know.. When a writer takes too long to post the next chapter..
β€’ It’s either the writer is blank/confused on what next to write.
β€’Or maybe the writer is busy or hooked up somewhere.
~Try to put yourself in the writer’s shoes and be patient.
I’m just saying this anyways..

Enjoy… We are almost done πŸ˜‰

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