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The story of us episode 50


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fifty

Kyle’s POV
I had left home very early the next morning and I headed to SING show.. Although I have the passion for this, My Mom persuasion really got me and I got there promptly.

“Uhm, Young dude, how may I help you?” A woman sitted at the registration centre had asked me when I arrived.

I swallowed hard before answering her.
“I’m.. I’m here for the Teen-Sing contest” I answered her.

“Well, uh actually it’s a Teen one-hundred contest.And here you are, the hundredth and last contestant, You’re lucky and you are welcome. What’s your name? ”

“Kyle Pitt” I said and she repeated it slowly while writing down my name.

“You are the guy who made it Hundred, hope you’ve got the talent and the voice of a bird? ” I guess she’s only teasing me and I smiled a bit.

I felt so fortunate when the woman told me that this particular day was the last day of registration and I’m the last contestant to register. Perhaps Luck has been waiting for me.

Then the woman handed over to me a Green card and I received it wondering what it is meant for.

“First, You would bring few of your belongings here because You and the rest of the 99 contestants are gonna dwell in here throughout the two to three weeks contest.. ” She briefly said and my eyes almost bulged out of the socket.
What? What??
“Or we can provide you everything you would need here but Of course it’s not Free” She added.

“Uh, No. I….I mean I would go home and get my things here” I stammered, I’m sure if I decide to let them get whatever I need, it’s gonna be pretty expensive.

I had another quick thought that she might be fake or a scanner or something.
So i confronted and said this;
“Uhm Ma’am, no one told me about being camped or lodged here” I told her.

“Yeah, that’s because, we started this method recently. We’ve lost several possible contestants due to far distances and many other barriers. So the CEO suggested we bring everyone together both from Far and Near.
The green card I gave to you is your pass for going in and out of SIng, and the competition starts over-morrow (The day after tomorrow). and make sure to remember your number, you can always remember your number you’re the last person, you are number One Hundred” She repeated and I nodded, I’m the last person how can I ever forget my number.

The Presence of a group of teenagers going in and out made me believe that the woman here is not fake, all what she said is not a lie and that I really have registered for this SIng Competition.
Am I really ready for this?
Yes I am but would I be part of the winners?
Would I be famous one day like Dharc and the rest of the popular musicians?
Would my voice and famousity fetch me wealth and fetch girls all over me since Wealth itself took away my crush?

“I’ll go get my things and return immediately” I said standing up.

“Less I forget, Sign here and when you return you’ll know where exactly to stay and what’s ahead of you to do” She explained handling me a ball pen, that had a picture of a microphone on it and I collected the pen from her and signed beside my name.

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After I did, I gave her the pen and thanked her perfunctorily before taking my leave.

I headed home alone and I wanted a peace of mind while I’m alone
I mean there’s alot to think about; about this competition, about the girl who urge me to participate in this, about the girl who broke my heart, about the few friends I’ve made, my worst enemy – the betrayal and probably about the new friends I may be with here.. Ugh? Friends, I’m ninety-nine percent sure that they are all rich-goons and they can possibly find a hanky-panky way to win this competition besides why would I make friends with my opponents.. Who does that??
Didn’t I just tell myself that i want a peace of mind yet I thought about all these things.

I took a cab after walking for few minutes, it’s kinda far from home, apart from that, I need to return as soon as possible.
~ I Got home, told my mom about it and informed her to tell Dad, since I don’t know where he went to, Picked up my few belongings, I swear i never planned for this.
My mom wished me the bestluck a good mother would always wish her child and I had the warmest- almost unseperatable hug with her.

Then I left the house,
This happens to be the best time to stay away from Audrey and Simon… Well, and school too. It’s for good anyways.
I made a silent prayer as I headed back to TEENS~SIng.



“Uhm Mrs Pitt, By chance do you know anything about a rust gold necklace with an ancient lock pendant that is on Kyle’s neck? ” Mr Anderson decided to ask her the question instead.

“Huh… ”

“I mean something like this.. ” He said and pointed at the key-pendant around Simon’s neck.
“It’s similarly different ”

“Wh…what? This Pendant.. “Her eyes widened shockingly.
” Where did he get that pendant from? What about the necklace? Where did you get it from? What.. What about the Child?? ” Mrs Pitt flinched.

“What Child are you talking about? ” My Dad asked her.

“Err….Nevermind, it’s something shameful to discuss about. By …the…way, did you find this necklace and why is the old pendant with your son? ” Kyle’s mom asked us again.

“I don’t know” My Dad responded.

“What do you mean by you don’t know? You said it’s mine, you said you found it on me” I whispered to my Dad and I think Kyle’s mom heard me b’cos she covered her widely opened mouth in a way that she’s shocked.

“Errm, Mrs Pitt.. Looks like, you know about the necklace and this pendant. How and why’s a similar one on Kyle’s neck? ”

“I… I lost a child nineteen years ago before I gave birth to Kyle” She resumed staring at me and my Dad.
She’s about to discuss a thing she called Shameful.

“What’s about the Child? ” My Dad asked.

“I lost him… I mean carelessly” Mrs Pitt quivered and we began to wonder why she’s quivering and why she’s telling us about a lost child, how is it in any way related to the pendant I’ve been putting on?

“He didn’t die but I misplaced him, he.. was kidnapped or stolen from me and…. and that pendant you’re wearing was attached to a necklace around his neck” She concluded still staring at me most especially then she shouted…;
“So where did you get it from and where’s my child? ” She half-shouted at us as if we stole a child from her before Dad could speak, she bursted into tears.

“Mmmm Mrs Pitt, I don’t know what child you’re talking about but about this necklace, It’s been on his neck since years ago” My Dad said.

“Where did you get from Simon? ” She yelled at me.
“With how much you’ve got to get new pendants and necklaces. Why did you choose to wear this particular one? ”

It doesn’t worth raising her voice but why is she doing so?
I’ll put it off and never put it on..

“Be calm Mrs Pitt! It’s no big deal, They several similar pendants, Maybe the necklace isn’t the one you’re referring to” Mr Anderson said.

“It is. This is it. I can see my name on it” She snapped.

“Your name? ” I looked at the pendant. Since I’ve been wearing it, I’ve never noticed a name was written on it. Until name is saw a tiny Letter ‘I’.

“Ok Mmmm Mrs Pitt …”

“Imelda… ” She said.

“Ok Mrs Imelda Pitt, Simon is my adopted child” My Dad told her.

“Daddy! Ouch! ” So everyone’s gonna know that he’s not my real father.

“Your adopted child? ”

“Er…Yes… I adopted him when he was one” My Dad continued to tell her and I sighed annoyingly.

“I’m leaving” I announced.
“I know the whole world would soon know that I’m not your biological son and I can see you are not even proud of whom you adopted” I murmured and stood up.

“Simon! We’ve talked about this before coming here! ”

“Yes, we have. That’s why I don’t wanna hear you saying it again” I said and fought back my tears.

Instead of finding my family like he intended to.. What He’s doing here is telling Mrs Pitt that I’m not his biological son.
How bad it makes me feel!

I unlocked the necklace from the back and pulled out the Key Pendant and dropped it on the couch that I was sitting on.
“I’m leaving” I said walking out of the house.

“Sim …… ” His Dad called after him but Mrs Pitt caught him.

“Did you say you adopted him? ” She asked him.

“Yes. It’s kinda of long story, I was at the scene his mother gave up the ghost”

“With his Jaw, He looks like K.. .. Gosh, what am I saying? The only reason why I feel bothered is How Simon got the necklace and where my missing child is… I pray he’s alive. .. Perhaps the orphanage home can tell why the necklace was around his neck when you adopted him. Why are you concerned too anyways? ” She asked him.

“I promised to return him to his family when I find them. The thing is the orphanage home is far from here, three hours drive precisely”

“It’s gonna make me find my son isn’t it? And it’s gonna help you to fulfill your promise – returning Simon is his real family when you find them” She said then stood up before him.
“Let’s Go” She said.
The look in her eyes showed that she’s in hurry.

🚗 🚘🚖🚕
Driver – Joe almost taught they were on a City – tour or something because they first left home to Kathleen’s Place then Kyle’s place and now to an orphanage home.
It’s more like a City – Planning.

The car didn’t stop till it got to a wide gate and it continued to drive when the gate was opened..

– ~ – ~ – – ~ – ~ –
– ~ – ~ – – ~ – ~ –
– ~ – ~ – – ~ – ~ –

“Hello, Mrs and It’s nice to see you again Mr Anderson! I remember you very well, Who would ever forget someone like you? ” A lady dressed like a Nun said when they entered her office.

“Oh Good but I’m sorry it’s been really long and I… I forgot your name” Mr Anderson told her.. Trying not to make her feel embarrassed, She remembers him since 19 years ago but he has forgotten her name. He wouldn’t have recognized her also without the big black mole (dot) on her cheek. She has aged alot, looking really older than him.
“Sister…? ”

“Just call me by my name, Martha” She told him.

“Oh yeah, Martha”

“Mrs Pitt” Kyle’s mom introduced herself to her.

“Oh Welcome Mrs Pitt. And how can I help you? Oh Mr Anderson! How is he? That Child you always wanted to take care of” Martha exclaimed.

“And we are here because if that Child ” Mrs Pitt spoke before him.

“Ok..ay. Go On”

“Mr Anderson told me a particular necklace has been around his neck since he took him from here.. ”

“Oh really? I never noticed. I guess he came here with it ‘cos we never bought or gave him any necklace. So what’s about the necklace? ”

“It’s mine. I mean my Husband’s… The necklace has been on his neck before he came here? ”

“Yeah” She said drawing out several drawers from the table in front of her, then she last opened one and brought out a blue file.
“The Lucky Child” She reads.
“That’s the name we gave him when he came here. He and his mom was involved in car accident and his mom passed away”

“Ye-ah, Mr Anderson already said so”

“And he stayed with us for a year before Harry Anderson came for him. We didn’t find anyone who knows him, so there’s no way we can tell how he got your necklace” She said.

“I’m…just perplexed” I said.
“B’cos this very necklace was given to my first Ch…. Hold on, can you tell me the name of the woman who died? ” Mrs Pitt asked.

“Okay.. You don’t expect me to keep the names by heart you know.. ” Martha said and turned a page of the blue file she brought out.
“We found few of her papers and jotted down her name”
“Maltida, Matilda” She read out of the book.

“Maltida? ”

“Do have her pictures ” She said showing them a dusty picture taken at her accident scene.
“And she’s the one here too” She handed over a clear passport picture of her.

“Mrs Maltida? ”

“Do you know her? ” Mr Anderson asked her.

“Late Mrs Maltida! ”

(Lot of mistakes, I’m sure ‘cos I didn’t Cross check it, I’m tired jare)

I’m so sorry it came late .

And Sorry I should have talked more about Mrs Maltida right from the very first chapter but it somehow escaped my mind.
Who knows Mrs Maltida? Who remember her?

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