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The story of us episode 51


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola ✍️💜
Chapter Fifty -One

“Do you know her? Mrs Maltida? “Mr Anderson asked her when they returned to the car.
Imelda was whimpering profusely infact, she’s almost at the point of fainting even in an air-conditioned environment.

“Yes, she’s a very close friend of mine, she’s Barren. ….” She paused and wept more.

“Barren? Then how come…”

“I think… I think she’s the one who stole my child”

“Simon? ”

“I… I don’t know. Mrs Maltida was my best friend, she doesn’t take a step without telling me first, she never told me she was travelling on that very day I lost Ralph, Ralph’s my baby’s name. …”
“I’m aware of her death and the cause but I never thought she would kidnap my child and ran away with him because she wanted a child badly”

“Calm down Mrs Imelda, let me get this straight. Is Simon your Ralph? ”

” I don’t wanna say this. With Simon’s Jaw, he looks like my husband; Kyle’s father. And That necklace, My husband wore it on his neck right from birth and I never removed it. Sistren-Martha also said the necklace has been with him even during the accident. Isn’t that a genuine relation that your adopted Child maybe my missing child? But this is unbelievable, it’s least expected ” Mrs Pitt sniffed.

“What if he actually is? ”

“I….I would be Glad I found him and he’s still alive but if Simon is not my child then it only serves as an opened injurt, remembering I have a missing child”

“Let’s go do the DNA test ” He said, bringing out a comb from his pocket with tiny hairs on it.
“I took Simon’s comb”

“Did you ever plan for this to happen Mr Anderson? ”

“No, not really. Errm Today he got to know that I’m not his biological father, I thought he would doubt me, that’s why I already took strands of his hair …” Mr Anderson explained to Mrs Pitt and she nodded pulling out few strands from her own hair and giving it to him.

“And we have arrived at your house ” He said as the Driver came to an halt in front of her house.

“Thank you ” She murmured, wiping her tears and she reaches for the door and came out of the car.

“I’ll let you know whatever the DNA result says and when it’s out ” He said but she only nodded sadly.


She walked towards her house quietly, looking at the ground instead of where she was going to.

“Where d’hell are you coming from? ” Her husband, Kyle’s father asked her. He was sitting on the decamacted floor and it looked like he has been waiting for her with a stern look.

“Why do you even care? It’s none of your business” She answered sheepishly heading to the door.

“You left home since I don’t even know, I returned five hours ago and I didn’t meet you… Now you’re telling me it’s none of my business. You came out of a man’s car, still it’s not my business? My ears are full already, I heard you’ve been having a secret affair with one Mr Wealthy. So shameful of you” He barked after her and followed her inside the house but she didn’t say a word to him.
“You careless thing” He said.

“Please Austin, seriously I have nothing to say to you.. Well, except that Kyle won’t be around for two weeks, I don’t think you even care to know why” Kyle’s mom said to her husband facing him oppositely while he stood there watching her.
“I’m fine with the silent treatment and social distancing between us. Please let it continue to be that way” She said lastly and began to walk away to the room.

“Imelda” He called her name softly but she didn’t bother turning to answer him, so he went after her and grabbed her hand.

“Please leave me. I’m unhappy, I’m so not in the mood to yell back at you. If you’re indeed worried about our missing child, then go find him.. At least that’s what I’m doing but all you do is to yell me names” She said sadly and continued to walk away.

“I’m.. S… ” Austin paused…
“Do you even know how worried I was when I didn’t meet you at home?? ” He kind of raised his voice.

“As if you care” She hissed.

“I do. I’m still your husband so I ought to” He said and she rolled her eyes as if he wasn’t talking to her.
“You’ve been avoiding me for about a month now. Apart from you still cook my meal, we are living like strangers in this house” He added.

“It’s better we continue that way. ‘cos I prefer it to living like Noise makers” She said.

“Errrm… Imelda I’m sorry.. .Listen I’m sorry for everything” He said gently to her but she spured at him like he didn’t know what he was saying.
“I know I’ve illtreated you and I’ve made the house a place of hell for you but I’m really sorry” He continued
“I promise never to raise my voice at you and never to bother you over Ralph. If he’s alive, I pray he’s in the hands of Godsent and if he’s not, I guess we’ll just have to bear with our fate”

“Good you know” She rolled her eyes again.

“The look in your eyes shows you still wanna give me silent treatment. Would you believe if I tell you that I missed you throughout this silent distance you gave me? And I missed you more when I didn’t see you today after I returned today. I almost cried, I… actually did” He said seriously and placing a hand on her shoulder but she shrugged them off.
“It’s the saddest thing to lose our very first child, it’s most sorrowful especially when one is almost attached to the child. Maybe that why I wasn’t myself for close to twenty years now” He paused.

“Anyways, Just so you know; I went out today to look for my child..” Mrs Pitt said instead.

“Kyle? ”

“Kyle’s presently into music competition and you know I’m not talking about him and never would I lose a child again, never would I lose Kyle. I went in search for Ralph, not because you’ve been on my neck to find him but because it’s what I want to and when am I still standing here exchanging words with you? ” She said and walked away from him.

Imelda! We’ve got alot to talk about, we’ve got alot to settle, Please talk to me the way you did when we were still Teens” Austin pleaded, following her to the room.


Audrey’s POV

It’s late already; exactly 6pm, I checked the wall – clock.

I almost couldn’t stop thinking about the new direction my life is taking. It’s complicated and I don’t know how exactly to feel… Happy or sad but Mom on the next hand, it’s scrawled on her face that she is happy about the whole thing.
Ok, My mom forgives easily but I never expected her to forgive a man who took her diginity, impregnated her and left her alone for eighteen years.
Well, I think I’ll just move on with whatever is happening to my life, I mean if Mom doesn’t forgive Dad, would I have a father. Huh, I don’t think it’s right to call him My Daddy yet. He’s yet to put a ring in mom’s hand.

I sighed tumoidly and thought of Simon, how is he feeling now? He’s sure not good…
I sighed again but this time, it was a sad one.
I guess Life only gives and collects… But why does it have to be between Me and Him ..
I hope he’ll be fine with it, with everything and I hope he finds his family.

Suddenly something flashed into my head.
It has to do with those two similar necklaces.
What if Simon and Kyle are related?

I slapped my cheeks, cautioning myself for ever thinking of such.
When those two are enemies, they’re yet to make good friends then how on earth would Life take a U-turn and make them Related..

I didn’t want to think of such again.. Instead I became more worried about how Simon is feeling presently.
I grabbed my phone, called his number. Shockingly I could hear his phone ringing, from my phone and from my house.


I stood up and followed the sound of the ringtone and it took me outside the house.
As soon as I opened the door, The first person I saw was him.
He was sitting on the outside Pavement.

“Simon” I called his name and he wiped off his tears and looked at me.
“How long have you been sitting here and.. Crying? Where’s your Dad? ” I asked when I didn’t see him nor his car.

“You mean your Dad? ” He asked me and I became speechless for a while.

“Simon neither of you expected a thing like this to happen…” I said to him.

“Yeah, To me it’s complicated, it… It is sad and unexpected” He said and held his hand and squeezed his fingers lightly.

“I think it’s better than when we were at first told that we are siblings” I stopped squeezing his fingers and wiped his tears instead.

“Where’s he? ” I asked again avoiding to mention the word ‘Dad’

“I left him.. To find my family himself but that’s not what he’s doing. He already told Mrs Pitt that he adopted me” He frowned sadly.

“You know Simon, No sooner everyone would know” I told him..

Suddenly his phone beeped severally that I almost thought it became faulty.
He took it out and glared at it for a while, then fresh tears began to flow down his cheeks.
I moved closer to him again and wiped it off with my bear fingers.

“The walls have ears. You are right, no sooner would the whole world know that I’m not his son” He said.

“I’m very sorry” I said and he forced out a smile then he nodded;
“It’s my fate, You shouldn’t be” He said holding my hand and I stared at him pitifully.

The position and serene changed when bright white lights from a vehicle approached us.
It was Mr Anderson.
My mom came out of the house too..
“How did it go? ” My mom asked him.

“Still on it” Mr Anderson gave a short reply and looked at Simon.
“Simon.. I’m sorry. I just had to… ”

Simon stood up and cut him short with a hug.
“It’s pathetic but I think I would be fine with it” He said and disengaged from him.

“Ok …Hope you don’t mind if I ask you this question, What if you are Mrs Pitt’s Child? ” Mr Anderson asked him.

“What? ”

“It’s a long story to tell but it’s likely and possible. We have tried to relate each and every occurence; how she lost a child before she gave birth to Kyle, the day she lost the child is the same day I found you, The late woman whom is supposed to be your mother is not. She’s a friend to Mrs Pitt and she’s barren. This is just our prediction though. We already decided to try the DNA test” He said.

“And if he’s not Mrs Pitt’s son, are you gonna run a DNA test on every family in the world just to find his family? ” My mom said sarcastically.

“How can Mrs Pitt be my mom? ” Simon wandered and looked at me.

“We’ll find out when the DNA result is out. I couldn’t wait for it Bcos it’s getting late” He said.

“The DNA is already on going? When did you.. …. ”

“Sorry, I took your comb” Mr Anderson said and he sighed.

“I really wish you find your family” I said to Simon.

“But The Pitt? I mean how can Kyle be my brother? ” He said to me and I became confused; Blank.

“It’s getting dark already. How about we go in? ” My Mom said as she led the way into the house then an unfamiliar ring tone beeped.
I got to know that the phone belongs to Mr Anderson when he dipped his hand into his back pocket and shoved out his phone.

“I just left the hospital not quite long, Why’s Dr. Rutherford calling me already?” He asked no one in particular as he picked the call and raised the phone up on his ear.
📱 “Hello, Dr Rutherford. Did you misplace the strands of hair? Why are you calling me this so early? ” He asked.

“Actually, You’re a VVIP, so we suspended everything just to attend to you. We’ve carried out a DNA test on the strands of hair you left behind” He said.

“Oh really? So soon? ”

“Would you come for the result tomorrow morning? ” Dr Rutherford asked.

“It’s kind of urgent. You can say it over the phone now and I’ll still come for it tomorrow”

“Ok.. It’s positive. There’s a genetic link between the two”
.. ..

Uhm You can’t be surprised, Everyone’s expecting this na.

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