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The story of us episode 52


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fifty-Two

Even After Simon was told about the DNA result, that The Pitt family is his biological family, he’s Kyle’s older brother. He didn’t want to believe such. Even when the DNA result was shown to him in an hard-copy. He still think it’s a lie but there’s nothing he could do.

The next day, He reluctantly (Almost forced to go) ~ meet with The Pitt.
He didn’t go alone with his adopted Father and Audrey who taught they could by chance meet Kyle and settle everything once.
The shocking question is how would Kyle feel when he finds out Simon is his older brother.

There’s no need to doubt about it, Apart from the similar broad Jaw, Simon looks like Mr Pitt.

Mrs Pitt pulled Simon closer and embraced him tightly as tears flowed down her cheeks. While Simon on the other hand felt like he was hugging someone elses’ mom. It was very awkward to him Yet he put his hand over her neck and wept profusely on her back.
He found his Mom, his family.

When Imelda finally released him, Mr Pitt pulled him and hugged him too, Patting him on his back simultaneously.
“Welcome back Son” He whispered into his ears.

Simon disengaged him from him quickly and looked back at Me Anderson.
“I don’t think I’m ready” He said walking towards us ~ We stood few metres away from him.

“Ralph” His biological mom stood in front of him and held his hand.

“Who’s Ralph? ” Simon asked her.

“Your name before we lost you” She answered.

“Ok but I’m Simon now”

“We’ll call you by that if that’s what you want but Where are you going to? ” Mr Pitt said and came over to me too.

I opened my mouth but no word came out of it because I didn’t know what to say.
I stared at Mr Anderson whom I was walking to meet but he came closer instead.

“Daddy, This is just too Sudden for me” He grumbled.

“That’s why I didn’t let you know instantly that They are your biological parents. I gave you enough time to think about it”

“Yeah, I thought of it, I thought of ‘What If’ not ‘When it happens’ ” He complained.

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“You don’t want to have us as your real parents? ” Mr Pitt asked.

“No… That’s.. That’s not it. I’m not used to You people”

“You’ll get used to us with Time ~ When you begin to live with us” Mrs Pitt added touching my cheeks with her cold finger.

“Aarrrgh” I groaned confusedly.

“Simon, do you know how they felt when they lost you? Depressed. Your disappearance brought them Depression”

“Exactly” Mrs Pitt said staring at her husband.
“How do you know I felt exactly this way”

“I.. Well.. I kinda lose Someone really special to me and I was depressed” He stammered.

No need for a soothsayer to explain that he’s talking about Mrs Kathleen, Audrey’s Mom.

“I was depressed, no day passed by without me thinking of you” Mrs Pitt continued wiping her beloved son tears with hers was flowing continuously.
“Now that we’ve found you, are you gonna turn your back at us? ” She asked him.

“You are my Biological Mother and He’s my biological father and Kyle’s my biological brother”Simon said and answered himself by nodding.
“Like I said, it’s too sudden, I … I’m not ready to stay now”

“Then when would you be? Would you be ready soon enough before the case gets to someone who would handle it?” Mr Anderson asked him.

“Daddy. You’re being harsh on me” Simon said. Still calling Mr Anderson Daddy.

“If I don’t, you’ll insist on not living with your biological parents” Mr Anderson snarled and he wept.
“And how long would you be ready to come back and stay with them? ”

“I don’t know, I’m not ready” He complained.

“Three days! ”

“Yes, Three days” He repeated and cried profusely.That’s not what he wants but he’s not ready now… Like right now, He wanted to away from them.

“Come meet him” Mr Anderson turned and said to Audrey who stood speechless and sorry for him.

“Are you sure he’ll come back to us? ” Mrs Pitt asked him.

“I hope so. It’s hard you know” Mr Anderson said to them.
“But I’ll get his butt back here in three days” He added and followed Audrey and Simon as they walked to the car. While Simon staggered and looked back at Mr And Mrs Pitt.

-~-~-~-Three Days Later ~-~~-~-

“Come inside, this is your room. Actually, it’s Kyle’s room” Mrs Pitt told him and Mr Pitt was behind them.

“Yeah, I thought as much” I responded touching the wall with Pasted pictures of Musicians, Pictures of Guitars and other musical instruments.

“Since it’s now you and him, We changed his single bed to a doubled-one” Mr Pitt said and I nodded.

“How many bedrooms are here? ” I asked.

“Uhm, Two. Myself and My husband, You and Kyle, Here” Mrs Pitt said looking at his face.

“But we could move to a bigger house if you want and if it would make you stay with us” Mr Pitt said and Mrs Pitt stared at him.. she was like, How did he get the money?

“No it’s fine. The house is beautiful” Simon said. And Mr and Mrs Pitt stared eachother.

“Don’t be sarcastic, your adopted father’s house can’t be compared to this”

“Yeah but it’s beautiful and Simple. I… I think I like it here too” He stammered.

“Really? ” Mr Pitt asked.

“Yes, Mr Pitt” He answered.

“Mr Pitt? ” He remarked.

“Errm Austin, I think it’s still too early” Mrs Pitt whispered into his ears but he heard her.

“Oh sorry, I meant Daddy” Simon corrected himself.
“Mom, I’m hungry” He intentionally complained. Is not as if he’s really hungry but he just wanted to try calling them Mom and Dad.

“You.. Are? Oh, I’ll go cook now” Mrs Pitt stammered staring at him and backwalking out of the room.

“Ralph, Sorry Simon, Would you love to go for shopping with me? ” Mr Pitt asked him.

“No, I have more than enough… ” He paused.
“I.. I mean, Yes I would love to” He quickly said and his Dad patted his shoulder.

“Good, we would go after having breakfast” Mr Pitt said.
“I’ll leave you now to arrange your things, admire the room and get used to it” He said and walked out.

“Yes Daddy” He forced out a smile and watched him leave.

Immediately, he left, He closed the door gently..and went on his kneels and begin to cry.

Beginning Of A New Life..In a New Environment with New People.

I joined them around the Mini Dining table which was surrounded by four chairs, They’ve indeed been expecting me.

My Mom held my hand and smiled at me.
“You’ll enjoy it” She said.

And I smiled back and nodded; “Yes, I will”

I picked up my spoon then paused..

“Where’s Kyle? ”

“Oh, I haven’t told you”

“You only told me that he would be back in two weeks” I said.

“Yes, It’s four days now” My Mom said.

“You’re worried about your brother hun” Mr Pitt, My Dad said and I nodded in affirmation.

“Are you aware of how much he loves music?” She asked and didn’t wait for him to respond.
“He’s chasing his dream”

“Is it Teen~Sing contest? ”

“You know about it? ”

“Yes, well I heard it’s through that Contest, Dharc became so famous” He said.
“I wish him luck” Simon said and ate a spoon of the meal in front of him.

“Delicious” He commented and gave his mom a thumb up then he rushed two spoons.

“Have you heard from Kyle? ” I asked.

“Errm.. Well we can watch how good he’s performing through the Television but it’s faulty” Mrs Pitt said.

“The Television is faulty ” I blurted.

“I’m already planning to buy a new TV set today too” Mr Pitt said.

“Oh.. Okay, It’s fine. I was just asking” Simon smiled.

“I spoke with him over the phone four days ago ”

“Does.. Does he know that I’m here.. I.. I mean, is he aware of it too? That I’m his brother? ” Simon asked.

“No.. I don’t want to tell him over the phone… What if.. ”

“Yes, It might disrupt him from chasing his dream” I completed the statement.

“Yes.. ” Mrs Pitt said.
“‘Cos it would be very hard for him to accept you as his brother”

“Especially in this moment that we’re in bad terms”

“Would you share with me, what happened? ”

“Uh.. ”

“Yes, tell me why the two of you have something against each other” She asked again.

“In a simple answer, They are childish” Mr Pitt said.

“Yes, uh.. Childish” Simon repeated.
“Mr Pitt, let’s go for now…” He said and stood up.
“I mean.. Daddy, let’s go.. ”

“Yes.. ”

“I’m coming with the two of you, I don’t want my son to be far away from me” Mrs Pitt said and stood up too.

“Finish up with your food first” Mr Pitt said.

“You guys are not done with it too” Mrs Pitt said.

“Oh” Mr Pitt mouthed.
“Well, the rented Car is meant for just three people” He said.

“Plus me, We are Three” Mrs Pitt fired at him.

“Oh” He mouthed again and counted.. One, Two, Three.

Simon smiled at them, Crazy Couple.

“Let’s go and I’ll be the one to hold Ralph’s hand” Mrs Pitt said and walked ahead of them.

“Call him Simon, he prefers that” Mr Pitt corrected.

“Sorry, Simon”

“It.. It’s fine. Call me Ralph too or better still Ralphsimon” Simon said while they walked towards the Rented car and Mr Pitt drove off.

Simon’s POV

“Try this, Blue Turtle neck makes you more handsome ” My mom said as she placed a blue on me.

“No.. Black stripes Brown shirt is so Manly” Mr Pitt said.

“No, not Black stripes brown again. Kyle has this similar shirt” Mrs Pitt said.

“I want it” I said..
“I want it because Kyle has it” I said.

“Good boy, You two would almost look like Twins. But who is taller? ”

“I am. Kyle’s head didn’t even reach my shoulder ” I said and they bursted into laughter.
“Seriously ” I said laughing with them.

We checked out other things, and they really wanted to get me anything I want.
Maybe it isn’t a wrong idea to be with them after all…

“Isn’t he Simon Anderson, Mr Wealthy’s son? ” I heard a girl say to her second female friend.

“Are you from Jupiter? Haven’t you heard? He isn’t Mr Wealthy real son? I heard he adopted him. Perhaps, those people over there are his real parents” The other girl said and laughed.

“Oh really? That’s why he’s really looking tattarred” The girl said.

“Have you lost contact with the internet? Check out this Hot Guy” She said and brought his phone.
“He’s one of the contestants for the Teen~Sing Show. His voice alone has already melted my heart, not to talk of his look. No doubt, he will be the chosen one and I’ll certainly be the first to attend his first concert” The girl jubilated.

“Wow, He’s cute”

“What’s his name? ”



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