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The story of us episode 54


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fifty-Four

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Audrey’s POV
The door-bell rang, I was the only one at home. My Mom and Dad went out for a ~ date.
I dropped my cell phone which I’ve been engrossed it as I walked to the door to open it.

“Simon” I exclaimed and hugged him.
“I was just about to call you” I told him.

I let him in after we disengaged from the hug.

“Where’s your Mom and Dad? And Has Daddy been staying here? ” He asked.

“No, not always. Mom hasn’t fully decided to go to his place. So he stays here often. Err… Well.. They are together right now, I’m the only one at home”

“Oh Good, I don’t want Dad to meet me here, He told me to be with The Pitt’s family, I mean My family for at least a Month before bringing my legs down to this place”

“Oh.. So did you run away from them? Today is just the second day” I asked him.

“Nah, I didn’t. They granted me the permission to come here” Simon said..

“I.. I hope you won’t find it hard to go back to them this time” I asked him and he smiled.

“No” He answere.
“I think they are lovely too, I ate with them, they took me out for shopping, Mrs Pitt sat by my side and watched me fall asleep, I didn’t actually sleep off. I pretended to doze off, she thought I was already sleeping..She covered me with a duvet and kissed me on my forehead like I was a baby” He explained.
“I.. I just decided to accept my fate, I hope one day I’ll get used to them. Oh, I still can’t believe my name has been changed to Ralph Pitt” He said.

“Mine too, but I haven’t completely accepted it: Audrey Anderson” I said and he smiled..

“Did Kyle ever tell you that he would participate in a singing competition?” He suddenly asked me.

“No, is he? ” Audrey asked.

“Yes, he is”

“Since when?? ”

“Since Teen~Sing competition commenced, Tonight I’ll scroll through the NewsFeed and check out the v~clips of him singing” Simon said.

“I guess I’ll do the same” I said.

“I’m afraid of what would happen when Kyle get to know that I’m his missing brother” Simon said.

“He’s meant to do the same thing you did, I mean Accept his Fate. But what if he returns and still doesn’t want to talk to us” I said confusedly.

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Simon wanted to talk when his phone rang.
“Is that Mrs Pitt? ” I asked when I saw the caller ID, “My Mom”.

“Uh, yes”

“Wow” I excalimed.

“I also saved Mr Pitt’s number as My Dad and I saved Mr Anderson number as Dad” He said smiling.
“I guess, I’m lucky to have two fathers” He added then picked up the call.

📲 “Hello Mommy” He said into it..

📲” Kyle’s coming home today and he’s spending a night with us. Your Dad and I are planning to let him know about you when he comes” She said.

📲” Uh.. Today? ”

📲 “Yes today, You can do this Simon. I can see you’re more matured than he is, Kyle’s not bad as well but he finds it hard to Let Go, Plead with him. Blood brothers cannot continue to live like Enemies” She said.

📲” I know but I’m scared, what if he still doesn’t want to accept me as his brother”

📲” Be positive Ralph!” She snarled and I sighed and said.

📲 “Okay.. I’m coming home now”
I hung up the call..

“Kyle’s coming home today, would you follow me to meet him? ” He asked me.

“Yes but are you sure we don’t need to rehearse what we are gonna say to him?” I asked Simon but he gave a short laugh and said..
“Our mouth would be filled with Apologetic words when we meet him”


Kyle’s POV

After I’ve spoken with my mom over the phone; I told her I’m arriving home soon.
I started preparing to leave, I brought my things and clothes here yet they actually provided me new and finer clothes and clothing accessories.

I picked one and a perfect jean trousers to match ~ with deep blue spectacles.
Since it’s just a day with my family, I didn’t have to take a lot along with me.
Myself and the rest of the four contestants matched majestically to the Car~lot.
Well, SING provided us four cars with four drivers each to transport us home.
After the first three cars zoomed off,
I was just about to enter mine when a man on black suit came to me.

“Sir.. Silly~K” He said showing a sign of respect.

I scoffed.. Me? Sir? He’s older than me.

“Yes, Sir.. ” I replied, Exchanging Sirs with him.

“Sir Dharc wants to see you” He said.

“Dharc? ” I exclaimed and he nodded, then I followed him to where was taking me to.

When we got to the front of an Office, Then man on black beckoned to me to go first before him and I did..
I walked in and met him playing some soft keys on the Keyboard.. I was standing behind him but I knew he was the one, Why won’t I easily recognise my Role Model and right now, I’m with him.. My Role Model.

“Excuse us please ” Dharc said, not facing me yet. And the man on black walked out.

He suddenly played a Sharp D’ then he stopped playing the keyboard and stood up.. Then he turned to me.

“Kyle Pitt” He called my full name.

“Sir.. Dharc” I stammered, not knowing what to do or say.

“I wasn’t lying when I said those words to, The compliment I gave to you out there is for real. Your performance was super, super”

“Thank you, Thank you” I appreciated smiling revealing my set of teeth.

“Oh, You’re about going home right? ”

“Yes Sir”

“I don’t wanna take much of your time, I just wanna praise you on how great you performed on stage and.. Well, you heard the announcement; about me picking one contestant to have a music combo with” He said as he came closer and stared into my eyes.
“What if the contestant I’m choosing is You? ” He said and my eyes widen..

“Whao.. I.. I… I’ll be very grateful” I said.

“I haven’t decided yet” He said.

“Ohh” I mouthed awkwardly and stayed cool..

“But come back very early tomorrow and let us rehearse on what we gonna be singing by next tomorrow” He said.
Oh My God, My Joy overflows..
I’m gonna be having a Music combo with Dharc.

“Th.. Thank you very much sir” I said.

“One more thing, I’m giving you the grace and opportunity to call me Dharc with no Sir attached.. Or call me by my name, Daniel. Oh no, Dharc is more preferable ‘cos we are here”

“Yes Sir.. I mean Yes Dharc” I said.


I smiled throughout the Journey back home…
I’m a star now, I am..
A tear slid down my cheeks, it’s a tear of Joy.
Come to think of it, Dharc just chose me to sing with him, this is Wonderful.

I brought my cell-phone and decided to at least give the NewsFeed app a visit – Social media, Internet are not my thing because I make use of my phone mostly to play audios.
I smiled as I watched the V-clip of first Audition, I had sung Let Me Down by Alec Benjamin.
I checked out the comments; It made me smile especially the one that I said..
💬”I know he’s gonna make it to the next level”
And here I am now, already at the final level.

I checked out other posts about Me.. They kept on bringing Smile to my face.

Then the next post,
💬”Simon is not Mr Anderson’s Biological Son”

What’s this?

I began to read the comments,
💬 ” He was adopted”
💬 “He has found his biological family”
💬 “He has gone back to them”

I let out a mischievous laughter.
So he is not Mr Wealthy’s son after all?

I read the next comment…
💬 “Mr Anderson already has a daughter and she’s very lucky”
💬 ” Audrey Kathleen”

💬”Audrey? The poor girl who attends WHS? ”
💬” You can’t call her Poor, Mr Wealthy is her biological father”

“Uh.. ” I muttered and rushed to read the next comment..
💬 ” I think it’s a switch or something between the two lovers, Audrey is Anderson’s daughter while Simon …

“Here we are” The driver announced and I immediately dipped my phone into my pocket.

The driver came out himself to open the door for Me, I have hands, don’t I?

“Kyle” I raised up my head and saw My Mom and Dad ~ Holding Hands.
OK, what’s going on?

Nevertheless, I walked towards them and jumped into my mom’s spread hands.

“Won’t you embrace me too? ” My Dad asked, spreading his hand.

I was surprised, yet I hugged him and he patted my back.
“Welcome” He whispered into my ears.

“Come on in. We have missed you” My Mom said pulling my hand and Dad was holding my second hand.

Looks like, My mom and Dad are back together again, I don’t think they are pretending.

I walked in, the environment has changed..
“Okay, Mom what’s going on?”

“Don’t you think it’s early to break the news to you? ” My Mom said.

“It’s not.. I’m eager”

“OK.. ”

“We found Ralph” My Dad said.


“Your older brother.. ” My Mom said.
“Would you be easy on him? Would you forgive him if he has offended you? Please would you? ”

I glared at her confusedly..

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know him yet. Where’s he? ” I asked and Simon came out from the Inner room.

“Kyle” He called my name.

“What’s Simon doing here?? ” I growled.

“He.. He’s Ralph ”

“Where’s Ralph? Who is Ralph? ” I asked, standing up and confronting Simon.
“What are you doing in my house? You came out from my room what were you doing there? ” I fired at him.

“Kyle, Simon’s your missing older brother! He was adopted by Mr Anderson… He… ……… ” My parents explained everything to me and I screamed..
“No way”

“Kyle, it would have been easier for us to accept ourselves as Brothers had it been we never had grudges against each other” Simon said.
“I’m sorry for everything I’ve knowingly or unknowingly done to you. We have fought severally. We are putting an end to it today”
He said and I shot him an hard stare.

“Audrey is here too” He said.. And the entrance door opened and Audrey walked in..

“Kyle.. ” She resumed with her tiny feminine voice.
“I agreed I betrayed you unconsciously, I’m sorry” She said.

“Humph, I feel nothing for you anymore! ” I boasted.. Feeling like she’s apologizing because I’m becoming a Star. And yes, I started cautioning my feelings, except that it made me Write down Silly~K (The name she calls me) as my stage name instead of Singing~K. I should have just written Kyle instead.

“You are my brother, but it’s best if we settle our differences and become friends first. I’m so fed up of keeping Grudges” Simon continued and I smirked..

“Thank you, I’m not interested, I don’t wanna believe you are my brother, but since you are, the only thing we are gonna do in common is to live another the same roof but No, don’t talk to me” I barked at Him.
“Audrey, someone already makes me feel Loved. We can’t be best friends anymore. I’m not sure yet about being just Friends with you” I said to her..

“What about me? Let’s make friends, so that we could be Perfect brothers. Let’s be friends ” Simon said.

I spured angrily..
“This is the second time you are repeating that word to me ‘Let’s make friends ‘, Oh no.. Ne…” He pulled me closer, hugging me tightly.
I struggle to disengaged from him and when I did, I pushed him away from me.

“What do you think you are doing? ” I barked at him.

He stood up and smiled and walked closer.
“I promise to be a good friend and a good older brother, If I didn’t keep my promise, Smack me” Simon said..
“I promise ” He repeated, folding four fingers and leaving the tiny finger.. ..

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