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The story of us episode 55 – finale


(You & I)
Written By Omowunmi Ijaola
Chapter Fifty-Five

*^*F~F *^*
Finally, it got to my turn..
I mean Dharc and I..
But I was the one to sing the first solo, so I went on stage first. I haven’t started singing when the started Yelling and screaming.

🎢 Sometimes I feel like love is lonely and my life is always hard.
🎢 And there was a night I was so sad and stumbled.
🎢 I’m waiting and I’ve been waiting for her to make a move.

🎢 I’m falling and falling but she’s not falling too..
🎢 Not everyone gets loved in return..
🎢 Maybe my middle name is ‘Not Everyone’

🎢 What do I do? What can I do?

I sang and my fans were yelling ‘I love you, I love you”

Dharc as I expected came up on stage with another microphone in his hand.
And the scream became louder and thunderous.

🎢 Sometimes I feel like Love is here and there.
🎢 There was a night I got numerous calls from all the girls.
🎢 I’m waiting and waiting for the main Girl.

🎢They’re falling and falling but I’m not falling.
🎢 (They think I am”
🎢 I feel loved, they feel nothing.

Then we got to the Bridge and sang it together.
It of Same beat but different wordings.
And when we were done with the chorus, we sang the solo again. Then slowly came to the end.

The applause was tremendous and I felt like my head is way larger than my body.

“Dharc it really wonderful to have you back on stage, Here”
“We are your home! ” A Judge said.

“Wow, Dharc… Singing with Silly-K is not a mistake after all” Another Judge said.

“I’m filled with words yet I’m speechless, The rest of the contestants should come on stage as we announce The next King of Teen Sing” The third Judge said and Rose and the remaining two contestant, A guy and a girl walked on stage and Dharc took his leave.

” To be Candid You all are King and Queens Of Teen-Sing. It ain’t easy to make it up to this final stage. You all are impressive” The M.Ceey said.

“Thank you sir” We chorused.

“We are choosing our Winners through the Audience ballot Voting method and through the responses we get from the Judges” The M.Ceey said and went ahead to receive three envelopes from the three different judges plus the one with him.

“So here I go.. ” He announced glaring through the paper.
Rose held my hand, it was trembling.
“I’m scared” She whispered.

“The Position number three, The contestant who made it up to The third position.. She’s… ” He paused.
“She’s a Princess”
“Chloe!” He mentioned her name and Chloe bounced on her feet as The audience screamed in joy and Ribbons and flowers poured from above.

“OK.. OK.. Congratulations Chloe. You aren’t leaving empty-handed you know.. ”

” Second; Charles Lee”

“The our winner.. The king of Teen Sing.. ” He paused.

πŸ‘₯ “Silly-K, Silly-K” My numerous fans screamed, I didn’t hear Rose name from any of them.
How lucky I am.

“You won’t even let me mention his name myself, Ok… OK.. Silly-K”

My head would have exploded if only it physically enlarged like a balloon.

Tears flowed down my cheeks.
I’m the King of Teen-Sing..
I’m Famous..
I’m a celebrity ΒΏ
Oh My God..
. (Ain’t good at this competition part)

Mrs Amelia Smith took off her glasses and sighed tiredly.. She’s been computing and arranging some students files together and it’s now getting tiring, she need to take a little break from it to Rest.

She glared at a phone and wondered if she should call Him, Just to say Hello, and how are you doing and probably ask of the Love Of His Life.

Everything is moved on Well and good with him, Rarely would you see an High School Girl passed by without a Guy next to her but there she was; Lonely and ageing slowly.

There was a knock on the door which distracted her occupied mind. She sniffed and tear out a tissue. She wiped her teary eyes and tried to brighten up her mood before saying..
“Please come in”

The door opened and A tall middle-aged man walked in.. Well, he doesn’t look bad, He’s cute.

Amelia’s eyes and mouth widened as words gushed out of it.
“What are you doing here? How do you know that I work here? Lionlein get outta here, I don’t ever wanna set my eyes on you” She shouted at him.

The next thing he did was to come closer and fall on his kneels..
“Amelia, I know I’ve deeply hurt you.. I must confess that I was Senseless. I didn’t know how precious you were to me until you left me. Amelia, I’m ready to change into a new Being as from today” He pleaded..

“Where’s the Divorce form, Have you signed it, I need to submit it to my lawyer” Mrs Amelia said controlling herself not to cry in front of him.

He stood up and put his hand into his pocket then brought a rough folded white paper.
He unfolded it and gave it to her.

“You haven’t signed it! Do you think I’m joking or something. Liolein, I’m so done with you” Amelia screamed at him, turned her back at him, folded her arms and the tears she’s been fighting back, flow freely down her cheeks.

“I am sorry, I am very sorry. I’m sorry” Lionlein repeatedly severally.
“Life without you has been unbearable, it got to a point I almost wanted to commit Suicide. I’m so stupid for treating you that way. I promise to treat like a lovely husband when you come back to me” He said and placed his hand on her shoulder.

She wanted to shrug it off but she pulled him closer and turned to him.

“I’m sorry” Lionlein repeatedly and wiped her tears with his hand. She held his hand – Stopping him..

“I… I missed you” She said rubbing his w€t cheeks.

“I missed you too ” He responded.

“No I mean; I missed You” Amelia said then pulled him closer.. And kissed him on his lips..
She paused and murmured..
“Gosh, ain’t supposed to start this – yet”

“You’re right, I’m in control of it ” Liolein said, he lowered his head a little, reached for her lips.
He let the lower bottom of his lips slid into hers as she wrapped her hand over his neck.
The sensation was almost breath-taking.
Liolein slid his hand around my waist, making me feel like I want more of him.
He pulled me closer to his body, raised me up and made me sit on the long table …
He broke out from the kiss first and asked..; “What do we think we’re doing? This is a school what if a student walks in.. ” She interrupted him with her index finger on his lips.

“Let’s do our thing” She said seductively..


“So.. I’ve made up my mind to come to your place since you’ve been the one coming here to see me and your daughter” Kathleen said to him after letting him come in..

“Are you coming to stay ~ forever? ” Harry asked her.
She was expecting him to go sit on a couch when he came in.. Instead, we was walking steadily towards her.

“Stay forever, What’s that supposed to mean? ” She asked him in a stern tone but on the inside of her, Her heart was racing.

“Why don’t we live together? The three of us, Me, You and our daughter” He asked.

“Huh….. Are you aware that Audrey is not ready to call you her Daddy yet, because you’re only biologically her father not legally …” Kathleen said looking into his eyes, He was staring into hers too.

Then he went on his knees..
“Kathleen, Would you be my Woman, My wife and my everything? ” He proposed bringing out a small red and white box from his pocket, He opened it and there was a shining, sparkling Golden ring with Diamond stone.
“Will you marry me Kathleen and we’ll spend the rest of our lives together with our lovely daughter?”

“Err… Harry, we are Old.. ”

“No we aren’t, You’re not married, neither am I. So what’s old about it? What are we waiting for? Please say Yes.. ” He asked.

Kathleen jumped up and screamed..”Yes, Yes, Yes” and Harry carefully wore the ring into her finger.

Audrey ran into the sitting room to see what’s going on ..with the way her mom screamed.
“See Audrey, See” She showed her the ring and Audrey exclaimed Whoa and jumped into her father’s hand.
“Now I can call you My Daddy. Mom is taking your last name, Then it’s my new surname too” I whispered into his ears. When we disengaged, he pecked me..

“Come closer Kathleen ” Harry said but he walked closer to her himself staring into her eyes while doing so and when there was no distance between them, leaned over and kissed her.

Audrey whom was still standing there, Clapped her hand..
They’ve forgotten that she was there but when she clapped, they quickly separated and she laughed.

“I’m sorry for distracting you, Continue your thing, I’m leaving ” I said and scurried out of the house.

-~-~-~ A Month Later -~-~-~

“Kathleen Williams, do you take Harry Anderson to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to hold, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part ” The priest announced as Kathleen stood face to face with her husband to be, Harry.

“Yes, I do” She replied and took a deep breathe.

Smile drawn across the faces of the congregation as the priest moved into the lawful marriage rites, asking Kathleen to repeat after him..

“I, Kathleen promise to be faithful to you, to be with you, for better for worse, in sickness and in health..till death do us apart”

The priest turned to Harry and repeated the same thing to him.

“Harry Anderson, do you take Harry Anderson to be your lawful wedded husband, to love and to hold, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part ” The priest asked him.

“Yes I do” He answered and before the priest recited the second step.. He said it himself..
“”I, Harry Anderson promise to be faithful to you, to be with you, forever, for better for worse, in sickness and in health..till death do us apart” He said and the congregation clapped their hands joyfully.
They’re middle-aged But to them, Age is just a number.
Love is sweeter when you’re with the right person.

Audrey’s POV

“Congratulations on the coming together of your Mom and Dad” I heard someone saw behind me, I recognise his voice doesn’t mean I should turn to him.

He was putting on a suit with sparkling white inner shirt.
I stared at him immovably, blinking my lashes as I was drooling over his handsome face, did he rub a power or something. Why is he looking over-gorgeous?

I got an hold of myself when he got closer to me.
“Th..Thank you ” I stammered.

“You look very beautiful too” He complimented, moving a strand of my hair behind my ears.

“Thank you, You’re pretty handsome” I told him and he smiled and gave me his hand to hold.

“Are your parents present? ” I asked him.

“Yeah, but I don’t know where the crazy couple are” He said and I chuckled.
“How about Kyle? ” I asked him.

“Over there” He pointed at a side where he was playing the guitar and Girls were busy flirting around him.

“Oh” I mouthed..
” I can see the two of you are putting on the same necklaces again” I said.

“Yeah, he suggested we should.. ” Simon answered.

“Okay.. ” I said, Eye-searching for where to focus my glance on ‘cos if I keep looking at him, I may lose my mind due to over-drooling.

“So…? ” He asked me.

“So? So what? ” I asked him but looking elsewhere.

“Look at me” He said.

And I managed to look at him once more..
“You’re looking really stunning, Can I kiss you? ” He lowered his voice.

I stared into eyes and what in could read from it is ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

I opened my mouth just to whisper to him that “I’m not sure”
But he took it as an advantage to let his lip slid into mine.
I’ve missed it, those lips with mixed flavour..

“Excuse Me” Kyle bumped into us, separating Us.
Oops, I thought he was busy with the girls and guitar.
“Sorry” He laughed and sticked out his tongue, showing it to his brother.

“He’s too naughty ” Simon said to me when he left.
“Should we continue? ” He asked me and I nodded..
This time, I was the first to raise my head up reaching for his lips.
His Tall… You know.

Kyle’s POV

I stood metres away from them ~ staring at them.
They look so good together.
I can’t force myself on one at the expense of another.
Love does not seek for the interest of one forsaking those of the other.

I agree; the quarrel between I, Simon and Audrey is all my fault but it’s the same way a normal person would feel & act after finding out that the person you love with the whole of your heart doesn’t love you return.

Let’s now call it Bygones, Everything is good and Alright now.
Even with Simon being my brother, is there anyone or anything that can change my fate?
Not at all.
Although he Was Proud, Rude and Arrogant.. Remember I made use of the word ‘WAS’
Everyone realises their mistakes and they’ll make sure they correct it when there’s still time too.
So won’t I forgive him?

πŸ‘₯”There he is.. ”
πŸ‘₯ “Silly-K”
πŸ‘₯ ” My dreamy Oppa ” I heard and saw some of girls running towards where I was.

“Not again” I muttered and walked faster ~ Away from them.
I thought this would be cool but seriously it’s not, It’s now getting annoying. Has Simon ever felt this way?

“Boom! Stop right there ” Elena stood in front of me.
“Why are running anyways? ” She asked and I looked back but I didn’t see the girls..

I let out an heavy sigh of relieve, they probably didn’t know I passed this route.
Who d’hell invited them to Mr Anderson’s Wedding party?
What sort of rhetorical questions is that? The whole world is here!

“Hey Elena, I didn’t know you came here” I said admiring her look and dress, she looks elegant with a long hair with bangs.

“I’m just coming.The party is not over” She said..

“Yeah, Gosh, it’s time to sing a ball – song but look at me Here” I exclaimed after glaring at my wrist watch.
I was supposed to sing a romantic song for the couple, everyother couples, lovers to dance to..
But I’m here, far away from where the microphone and musical instruments are.
Just because – some crazy girls chased me.

“Oh” She mouthed.
Suddenly a song came up.. I mean someone was taking my place, He was singing and the piano was played too rhythm to the beautiful song he was singing.
I knew who was singing already.. Dharc.

“My uncle’s there already” She said and I nodded and smiled.

“Let’s dance” I didn’t know how I said it.
“May I have this dance with you? ” I proposed.

“Sure. I love dancing” She said taking my hand and dropped it on her shoulder while I wrapped the other around her waist.

“Elena, You’ve really helped me. If not because you were there, I may not be who I am right now. Thank you very much” I said starting into her eyes,
Her eyes were burrowing into mine too.
“Why aren’t you saying anything? ” I asked.

“Shut up and let’s dance” She snapped at me.

The End.


So we have come to the End of “The Story Of Us”
It’s a stressful and tiring Journey.
Thank you for being with me throughout the beginning of this story..
For those that didn’t get Fed up, Thank you.
Those that are very very angry with me, I am very very sorry.
I love You All ❀
So I’ve come to realize that there are up to 80% Ghost readers. I haven’t been complaining oo.
But on this Final Chapter, You all must say something at least.
I swear it ain’t easy especially when you spend 95% of your time at Work during the week days.πŸ˜₯..

By The Way, How was the story so far?
Oya and come & Totori my head πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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