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The story us episode 30


(You And I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola ✍️✍️
Chapter Thirty
Audrey’s POV
“You are coming home with me now! ” My mom said.
“Tell me why? Mom? ”
“Don’t ask me anymore questions Audrey, just do as I say” My mom warned me.
I have never seen her this upset before.
“OK… I.. I’ll go get my bag ” I said.
“You are not going back into that restaurant” My mom pulled me with her.
“Audrey! ” I heard Kyle and Simon’s voice behind me.
I couldn’t even turn to wave at them or tell anyone of them to get my bag for me.
I just walked with my mom home, she sure have an explanation to tell me.
Simon’s POV
But what’s wrong? That man! Did her mom know him? The look in their eyes tells that they do know theirselves.
“You! ” Kyle faced me when Audrey and her mom were beyond our sight.
“What Kyle?” I asked him.
“I don’t know what you are up to but whatever it is, conceal it off your mind” He said.
“What are you talking about Kyle? ” I asked him and he scoffed.
“You know what I’m talking about” He retorted.
“How do you expect me to? You just said I am up to something. The only thing I want now is You and Audrey. Friends” I told him.
“I’m no fool” He Moue.
“You know the both of us can never be friends. The one and only reason why you want to be my friend is because of Audrey” He said and I huffed.
“What do you mean? ”
“Stop acting like you don’t understand me! ” He shunned at me.
“Mentioning her name, staring at her, always coming to this restaurant..You think I’m a fool and you think I won’t understand your logics? ” He yelled me like he was going to beat me up.
“Fine you already know that I feel for her. But Kyle, I have nothing against you anymore.. I want us to be friends because we ought to and because that’s the only way I can get closer to my crush” I told him.
“You better put an end to the stupid feelings you have for her today, I mean right now! ” Kyle simpered.
“Why? ”
“At least,

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I already made my findings, she has no boyfriend and you are just her friend with a title ‘Best friend’ ” I fired at him.
“Just Best friends you say? Isn’t that how a good relationship begins? Unlike you who just came from nowhere and you want her. Or
is it until I make a billboard of it that I like Audrey and I’m still waiting for a perfect time to let her know that I do? ”
“You can’t like Audrey, Kyle” I told him in form of a warning.
“Huh? Why? ” He barked.
“Because Audrey is my crush” I said.
“You are dumb! She’s mine” Kyle yelled.
“But she doesn’t like you too! ” I told him b’cos I knew it.
Yes! Audrey doesn’t like him.
“From my findings, Audrey sees you in no other way than just a friend”
“Wh…what? ” I can tell, he
is boiling in anger.
“It’s not a lie Kyle. Audrey do not and can not feel the same way you feel for her” I told him and before I could speak further, he landed a slap on my face.
I would have slapped him back but I already promised myself to change – in my behaviors, the way I talk and to put an end to the every quarrel and fight.
I decided to change because of Audrey, I’ve noticed the kind of people she loves to mingle with, not the ones with worse characters and she would surely love me back soon.
“Say another rubbish out of your mouth again and I’ll beat the hell out of you? ” Kyle yelled at me.
I placed my hand on my cheek and rubbed it.
“I don’t have much to say to you Kyle, I didn’t come for troubles or to fight but all I’ve got to say is Step-aside, you can’t date Audrey” I told him and walked away.
“You will be the one to step-aside” He screamed after him but I ignored him .
Audrey’s POV
“Now tell me, what’s going on? How do you know Mr Gary? ” I asked my mom when we got home.
“Audrey you do believe that I can only tell you some things for some reasons without telling you what the reasons are. Just stay away from him and ERR” Mom said still very furious.
“Tell me mom, how do you know him? Let me know”
“Not yet. Has he ever come close to you or stare at your face? ” She asked me.
“No mom, he just come and go” I said.
“I thought I saw him with a young girl, the friend of yours”
/> “Yeah, Err…They… ” I stammered..
“Well I don’t wanna hear it, I’ll tell you the reasons when I ought to. But you are not going back to that restaurant” My mom repeated.
“Not even for the money? We are yet to complete the loan remember? And remains a month to go” I reminded her.
“I know Audrey, My head really aches right now please. I’m beginning to regret setting my eyes on that man, I regret ever meeting him. I don’t ever ever want myself, you or anyone related to me to have anything to do with him. He must rot in Jail” My mom almost screamed.
Ok, it seems serious..
She knows the reasons but I don’t.
I kept quiet and watched her mumbled and fumbled.
“Go ahead and make the dinner for yourself, I have no appetite” She told me.
“Why haven’t you been picking up my calls Amelia? ” Mr Anderson, Harry asked her.
She folded her hands and rolled her eyes..
“Because I don’t wanna talk to you anymore” She mumbled.
“I’m sorry but I haven done anything wrong to you” Simon’s father said.
“Really? You think so? Harry I have feelings for you and we’ve known eachother for five years now. In my memory, I’m praying that idiot sign the divorce form.. So that I can finally and completely be a single woman. In my memory, I’m hoping for the day you’ll propose to me and tell me to be the mother of your kid and we’ll have more kids but the only thing you do to me is to break my heart Harry” She screamed.
“I like you too Amy but not more than just a friend”
“Those words hurt me alot” She said.
“And I don’t like the fact that it does”
“Are you hoping to continue living a lonely life? Are you really not planning to find a woman? ”
“It’s true that Simon’s mom is dead but there’s also another woman whom I’ve given my heart to” Mr Anderson said.
“But.. She’s dead” Amelia said – confused.
“Another woman” Harry repeated
“You are cooking up a tale Harry”
“Believe me. I have Simon for a reason but I haven’t been able to love again since I lost the first woman I loved with the whole of my heart” He said.
Mrs Amelia Smith shook her head and scorned at him.
She was confused and what was coming out from his mouth was un-understandable.
“You are Sick Harry and I’m done with this conversation! Why did I accept to meet up with you here in the first place” She took her bag and stood up then began to walk away.
“Amelia! Amy! ”
Are you confused?
Me seff I’m confused 😂

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