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The story us episode 39


(You & I)
Written By Wunmi Ijaola
Chapter Thirty-Nine
Audrey’s POV
The English class came to an end after some minutes and the next class too. It was time for the Mathematics teacher, Mr Gary’s…
But he didn’t show up till when it was time for lunch break.
Sorry class, I was busy with something ” He said but the whole class snubbed him and they left the class. Who would want him to teach during the recess period.
And he left the class too, Only God knows what he was busy with and what he’s up to.
He can’t pretend not to have Seen Me or Kyle or Simon. Of course; He saw us.
The same way I did yesterday at the Canteen, I took a flimsy excuse from Kyle and Elena.
I left them alone and told them that I wanted to use the restroom but this time, I didn’t.
I walked straight to the school backyard bcos I know Simon would come meet me. Seriously, I’m not okay with this kind of affair between us. I swear, I’m not.
I paced around until I saw him walking towards me. I scorned and stood at an akimbo angle waiting for him to get closer.
“Hey” He smiled with his hands tucked into his pockets.
I rolled my eyes and pretended to be very angry but yes, I am.
“Listen Simon, this is the same reason why Kyle is still upset with you. If you aren’t proud of who you relate with or who you love then, I’ll stop loving you and I’ll find my way” I told him.
“You know you can’t ” He said.
“But Seriously Simon, I don’t like it. The way you smirked at me this morning makes me feel like I’m one worthless girl to you” I said and frowned.
“I’m sorry. I promise I’ll stop very soon” He said and I sighed and said nothing.
“It’s not like you’re jealous. Are you? ” He asked me and I rolled my eyes again and blurted at him.
“No! I’m not but you know I am yo…. ”
He interrupted me;
“Yes I know”
He held my hands as we started on the tiled demarcated part where flowers vases were.
“Is Kyle aware of us? I mean does he know you like me? ” Simon suddenly asked and I shook my head slowly as I said;
“Not yet, but I’m planning tell him soon”
“Uhm Okk” He said like he was hiding something.
“He’ll be very upset with me if I tell him right now simply because you guys are still keeping grudges against eachother” I told him.
“Just because of that? ” He asked.
“I mean, I haven’t done anything wrong to him. I initiated to be his friend didn’t I? He’s the one keeping grudges against me” Simon said.
“I told you the way he wants the friendship is not the same way you want it. Who would want it that way, Friends for half of a day.. So unheard of. I too, I’m not comfortable with it – this” I said.
“Things would change soon ” He said and I just scorned, I hope he’ll keep to his words.
“I won’t be coming to the restaurant today, The doctor will be visiting and he told me to have enough rest ” He told me.
“OK.. ” And I suddenly jumped down, remembering I left Kyle and Elena.
“Let’s leave now, Because I gotta go” I said.
“Why don’t you want Kyle to meet us together? ” He asked and jumped down too.
“No Simon. I have to tell him first, it’s better than finding out himself and it’s best if you both are good before I’ll tell him”
“No” He said coming behind me as I walked ahead of him.
“No… ” I also said.
“If you continue walking behind me.. Then you’re practically telling everyone that sees us that you’re following your Heart. Anyways, that’s what I want, so come on” I said like I knew he would stop following me.
I haven’t gone too further when someone called my name.
“Audrey Katleen”
Mr Gary.
He was in front of me.
“Can I have a Word with you? ” He asked, coming closer to me.
“You Again! ”
Ah Good! Simon was behind me.
“Don’t come near her, who employed you? No, nevertheless I’ll make sure you’ll leave this school” Simon shouted at Him.
“Audrey, what are you doing here? ” I saw Kyle walking towards us too.
How did he know I was here? Instead of the restroom like I lied to him.
He came closer and held my right hand while Simon who wasn’t holding my hand before, also held my left one.
“What do you want? ” Kyle barked.
I don’t know who the question is meant for but Mr Gary responded.
“I’m not here to cause any troubles guys. I just wanted to talk to Audrey” He said steadily but with the way Simon and Kyle looked at him as if they were gonna beat him up… He further said.. :
“OK.. I…. I… Am Sorry. Like, I am really sorry. I’ve put the bad in the past life and believe me when I say I’m a changed person now. Somehow, I lost my former Job, See I didn’t come to this school to make troubles and I never knew I’ll meet you guys here” Mr Gary said in a sad tone.
He’s a pretender! No doubt.
As if Kyle and Simon planned it, they smirked at the same time while I stayed speechless.
I wish I could just have mighty powers and split him into pieces. Not just for me, For the girls he has hurt and For Vivian.
He has already used and destroyed so many girls’ life, now he came to say he’s sorry? Forgiveness itself is so far from him.
“So Errm…. Now that you guys are here. Would you keep me a secret? I need this teaching Job so badly” He said to us.
“Be expecting a sack letter veeeeery soon” Simon said and pulled me – As well Pulling Kyle.
Later, he realised what he was doing and he stopped and began to walk ahead of us. – Leaving Kyle and I.
“Didn’t you say you were going to the restroom? ” Kyle shouted at me immediately after Simon left and I was silent.
I’m at fault, I know.
“I saw you with Simon. It’s part of our rules to avoid him” He added.
Rules? Was that a rule? And when did we start making Rules?
“I…. Yeah…I.. He.. Was there when Mr Gary came to me” I stammered.
“I was there too” He said and I remained quiet.
“I forgive you, I don’t wanna get angry with you” He spoke as if I offended him or did I?
He held my hand as we continued to walk back to the Cafeteria.
“When will you and Simon be good friends again? ” I suddenly asked.
“When he’ll no longer hide us from others” He replied..
But let me tell him now, that the guy he told me to avoid totally is someone I really like.
“K…yle” I called his name softly and he stopped walking and looked at me.
“Oh no Audrey, don’t feel Bad with the way I quarried you. I’m not really upset that why I said I forgive you” He said.
“Not… That” I said – still stammering.
“Then what? ” He asked.
“Kyle… I…. I….. ”
The Jingle of the bell interrupted me.
“The lunch break is over, let’s go to the class” He said and I nodded slowly.
I guess I’ll have to tell him later – maybe when He and Simon are cool again.

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