The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 10)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo

‘Are you still there?’ Van heard Francis say over the phone.
‘Y-es, Van stammered surprised Niks would call Francis to tell him her problem.
‘I am good, really I am fine’, van replied
‘ well I was thinking I could come over to your house since we both live in the same estate’
‘Is that right? Van asked a little but happy
‘Yep, I will explain to you when I get there in another 5 minutes and one more thing I will be coming with my sister’, Francis said.
‘Su-re, why…why n-ot’ she stammered again and Francis chuckled.
The call ended and Van dropped her phone on the centre table clearly surprised and then went outside her building to inform the gate man that a visitor would be there in 5 minutes so he would let him in.
Francis’ POV
Francis laid on his bed exhausted, he had been running errands for his mum who is coming back to the country in two days time, then his phone rang. He checked the caller’s ID and was excited to see it was Niks. Probably, Van was coming around or…maybe she wanted to tell him to stay away, nevertheless, he picked with mixed feelings.
‘Hi Niks’, he spoke into the mouth piece
‘Hello’, Niks said with disappointment evident in her tone and he panicked s little.
Niks was actually disappointed that he didn’t refer to her as beautiful, sunshine or dear!!! But she shoved it out of her mind, maybe she was just too desperate and frustrated.
‘ERM…actually Van called now that she was fired and she us back at home, so I was wondering if I could send her number so you could put a call across to her and maybe visit her at her apartment. It No. 5 Tide’s street, Naal’s estate.
What! Naal’s estate? Omg! That’s where I live and that street is the same too but my house number is 8, Francis said excited almost jumping up.
That’s pretty cool was all Niks said
Send me her number dear!
Niks almost screened! Dear! He called me that!! Wow!
Right away handsome!
Do have a nice day Niks
You too.
She sent her number and I called her almost immediately. I was quite surprised she agreed that I should come over. I am certain Sharon would follow me- no doubt.
I wore my blue shirt and jogged down the stairs to see my sister eating popcorn and watching a movie.
‘Sharon! ‘ I called out and she turned to face me with a questioning eyes formed by her raised eye brows.
Do you mind if you can follow me to visit a friend here in this estate?’, Francis asked
Sure!, she replied and stood up immediately wearing her flipflop.
We exited the house which i securely locked before driving on the gravel to No 5.
The gate swung open almost immediately and I knew for sure that Van had informed the gate man. The gate man directed me to her drive way and when I s₱0tted her car, I knew immediately that was her apartment. We both alighted and the door swung open to reveal a smiling Vanessa.
She greeted us and let us in making us feel at home. She got along with Sharon quite well.
Vanessa’s POV
I heard a car drive into the interlocked compound, I peeped and saw the Jeep. I opened the door and God He was handsome in the blue shirt he wore and his sister was undeniably beautiful. I told them to feel at home while I got snacks.
‘Your house is fine_’ the sister whose name I learnt to be Sharon commented looking around smiling.
‘Thank you my dear!, I said while I served them drinks and snacks.
So, I guess Niks also gave you my address, I said directing that to Francis
Yes, she did. When did you move here?’ I heard Francis asked in that same British accent.
‘The day I almost ran into your car’,I replied
‘Oh! Yeah I think I saw some people off loading furniture in this compound. This is interesting.
‘So why is your sister not in school- probably university or secondary school’, I couldn’t help but ask and as I did her face fell and Francis looked away.
God! What have I done??? I asked silently embarrassed to have asked such a dumb question.
‘I am sorry I asked, you don’t really need to tell me the reason if it would hurt you.: I said angry at myself for being too forward.
‘You don’t have to be Van, its gone’, but Van what’s up with you? Why are you depressed? You van tell me everything you know!
Van looked away and back at him then his sister and back at him…should she trust him enough? s he a different Francis? Is he just like the other guys?
I will tell you everything?
Vanessa’s story is next in episode 11!
To be continued…

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