The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 13)

THE TENANT episode 13
© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 

Van was already weeping as she finished her sad story so also Sharon. Francis stood up to console her where she sat.
Her body shook more as Francis patted her shoulder, she leaned closer as she cried into his chest.
Sharon crawled to her and cried, ‘Aunty why should it be us every time?’ She said putting her hands on Van’s lap.
Van shot her head up at the question clearly surprised. ‘What do you mean? I should be the one to say that Sharon!
‘Aunty I am also a victim of s€×ual abuse!’ Sharon said and it was now Van’s turn to console her. I had an abortion which has disrupted my womb and now guess what the doctors said….when I finally want my own children, I can’t have them.
Van was still in shock when Francis continued
‘Yes Vanessa, that’s why I came home and mum will arrive tonight’
‘Who-di-id th-at to her’ van asked and her voice cracked.
My Aunty’s husband. I was to live with with them till I finish my SS 3 so I would continue my education abroad since mumu’s visa clicked faster. I couldn’t tell anyone because I was so ashamed and when I wanted to tell my aunt, she shunned me! She doesn’t listen and there was no way I could contact my mum plus I didn’t want to give her unnecessary headache.
But then Aunty Van, I met him, I met God who is filling the deep vacuum. He is good. He saved me, I might have died but he is asking for something to give my rapist- forgiveness but it is hærd.
Aunty cone to him that I found and he that found me.
I loved him! But where was he when I needed him mist, I served him since I was a little child but he des**ted me to suffer since I was young to put matters together! Van said shaking her head. And Francis you are good, kind and I don’t even know…I have always thought you are one of the kind but then you’re different and exceptional. Sharon you will great someday and because of that I receive him that you’ve found. And why not forget about the doctors report because I know the God you serve will not leave you and I strongly believe now that I have found him he won’t leave me to suffer.
Sharon was amazed at such an easy way she convinced her. She couldn’t say anything other than to hug her. And they felt an unusual peace. Tears ceased and smiles replaced the torment. She took turn to hug Francis and the door creaked open to admit Niks….

To be continued… ( pls react to the story below and also comment)

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