The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 14)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 


Niks stood for a few seconds processing what she was seeing. Then she comported herself not wanting to show how desperate she was and most likely nothing might really be happening considering there was another guest in the room. She finally entered the room fully and then they noticed her.
‘I see you came over’, she said hiding her jealousy… I ought to be the one he would hold so close, I was the one that gave him audience to speak with Van. I was the nicest one to him.
‘Yeah, sure’ Francis replied confused at Niks demeanor. Why the sudden change in attitude? He thought silently. Hope I am not treading on a dangerous path?.
Van who was oblivious of the tension in air threw herself at her friend hugging her.
‘I found him! Yay I found Christ! Sharon said He is gonna make me wh0le’, she said excitedly pointing at Sharon.
Niks hugged her back feeling a tinge of guilt for believing her friend was with Francis in some sort of way.
They a sat down as Nike prepared food for lunch.
‘Did I ever tell you I studied human psychology! I knew that day that if Van wasn’t helped, she would fall deeper into depression and Hallucinations may start. She was depressed and feeling down could bring about different negative thoughts such as suicide but I know that she is strong and a fighter. If she had done anything stupid, her step dad and step brother would think they have won’ when I heard what happened to my sister, I insisted on coming home to take care of her. Our aunt knew that day I arrived at the hospital what she doesn’t know about a seventeen year old girl. She has her own fault too because there is a saying that it takes two to tango. She probably turned him up with her dressing, sleeping mode or any other thing you can imagine.
That’s why I would want you to find out why Francis did that to you, have you heard this that ‘HURT people HURT people’
No! Three chorused
It simply means that people who have been hurt tend to hurt other people as a pay back.

To be continued…

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