The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 16)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 

Nike moved in with Vanessa that weekend she couldn’t wait any longer to be with her imaginary lover. It was obvious Francis loved her she thought considering the way he addresses her like sunshine, beauty, dear and lots more, she had never heard him address Van that way.
She wouldn’t even allow him to fall in love with a lunatic- wait what was wrong with Nike, why would she refer to her best friend as a lunatic that would make her believe what the other tenant said to be through and of would make matters worse. But then I was the nicest to this young man why would he think of falling for someone that rejected him.
Jude ended the relationsh¡p few weeks ago because he thought she was lame and believed she was his badluck so he needed space to fix himself but then she got a mouth watering job weeks later- he was probably her bad luck.
Nike continued ruminating until footsteps approaching the living room brought her back to the present.
She looked up from the magazine you would think she was so engrossed in as her face was completely buried into it, no one would imagine she was deep in thought. She saw Van entering with her phone on her left ear, she was smiling, but wait who could be Calling her to the extent that she would laugh heartily? Nike thought.
Nike was happy someone could make her friend laugh after such a very long time but her happiness was however short lived when she got to know who she.was conversing with- Francis!
A part of her wanted to snatch the phone from her ears but she kept her cool.
‘Emmm… I will be ready by 7pm’, she heard Van say
‘Alright! Till then!’ She heard her say again.
Van finally ended the call and turned to face Niks
‘You won’t believe it Niks, Francis asked me to go out with him to night- he said since he would be staying for quite sometime, he got a a six month contract job to work with a hospital. So he said the pay is handsome and he was wondering who he could celebrate with’, Van explained smiling, “so I said yes’.
‘Hmm..that’s cool at least that would lighten your mood. Niks said dismissively.
Van was so blind to notice anything.
Van dressed up super happily. This was practically her first date since she doesn’t have a cool s₱0t for men. Funny enough God is lifting up heavy burdens from her life. But wait- could she be in love with him??
Francis on the other hand was so happy. He knew he really love Vanessa but come to think of it Niks is obsessed with him. Did he in anyway led her on? Nigerian ladies are kind of desperate, American women would not count this- God what a mess? He had to talk to her but he should concentrate on his date tonight as he hasn’t been in any relationsh¡p for the past one year.
He ended the relationsh¡p with his girlfriend when she cheated on him with his best friend. He found Jesus later!
He needed to help Van fully, they must bring down her antagonist. Yes! An idea- is Niks not a lawyer and already working in a chamber?? Van has lot of evidences already, they can out up their arrest.
He was happy Sharon forgave Mr Adebiyi but then Chief Williams must pay for his atrocities then we can get to talk to Francis my namesake what turned him into a beast.

To be continued…

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