The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 17)

THE TENANT Episode 17
© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 

Writer’s POV
Van showered and opened her wardrobe to find something to wear. She hasn’t visited the store in ages and she wondered if she would find anything suitable to wear.
Hallelujah she found a black gown with sweetheart neckline, the dress reached her knee, then she slid on her yellow wedge with a matching purse. She styled her hair which she did at a salon Niks took her the previous day she also wore a light make-up. Van had forgotten herself that she was a beauty!
Francis wore blue jeans and deep blue shirt with black stripes. Blue was his best color. She jogged down the stair case only to meet her little sister- he knew he wouldnt escape her teasing tonight.
He took a deep breathe as Sharon came over to him and he negotiated the last three steps.
‘My handsome brother! My kinky brother! Ladies’ dream!’ So where are we heading tonight o?’ Sharon asked teasing.
‘Thanks for the praises but who are the ‘we’ heading somewhere? Don’t even think I am taking you out!’ Francis said amused.
‘Eh, what is it nah? Who is even talking about going out with you? I mean where are you going with aunty Van?
‘How did you know its Van miss or did You eavesdrop?
‘Bro come off it! Even if I do not eavesdrop, enh I already know who you’re going out with’, Sharon said smirking.
Francis’s mouth dropped but he quickly closed it.
‘Take care of her for me bro, you know she will gist me of how everything goes- we are five and six now. Sharon said as she sat down back crossing her legs.
‘Alright madam! Was only what Francis could say before leaving the house in his jeep.
Van was already done with her dressing when Francis came into the house to pick her up. She wondered why Niks had gone to bed earlier than usual- it was probably stress.
She got into Francis’s car- the car she almost ran into about two weeks ago.
She loved the way he drove carefully, he was cool and collected and he looked handsome too. To top it all up, butterflies fluttered in her stomach when Francis complimented her beauty and dressing, she could feel her face heat up.
After about ten minutes drive, Francis finally brought the car to a halt in front of a large restaurant.
‘They just opened today but they have a special treat tonight’ Francis told Van as they alighted from the car. Francis entwined their hands and led the way into the dimly lit room.
He made them sit at a table for two just beside the window.
They both conversed freely and a current flowed through them.
They both studied each other as they ate.
After the meal, Francis decided to talk about his idea. He only hoped it wouldn’t change her mood and it didnt- God was really doing a perfect job.
They finally agreed to use the evidences against her step dad and step brother. They had the mindset they won’t go scot free this time around. Nike would come in then.
They finally left at 9pm before they lock the estate gate.
He gave Van a k-ss on her forehead which made her speechless. Niks was watching from the window.
Francis was happy as he str-de into his house only to meet his sister and mum. Oh Lord!!
‘My son! How was your outing?’ His mum asked smiling
This girl told her! WTH!
‘Fine mum, thank you.’
When will you bring her home Francis?’
‘Who am I bringing home mum?’ Francis half scre-med
‘The young lady of course’
‘Mum! She is not even my girlfriend:
‘What is holding you down son, you had better not loose her’
‘You don’t even know her! Francis said confidently.
‘Says who?’ His mum replied while Sharon burst into laughter.
‘Son! Francis is a good girl, she loved her mother and would do anything for her. She once saved my life when I had an asthmatic attack. Her mum was my friend!
Francis grew wild, mum you knew her!!!! You will tell me more.
More truth is gonna open.

To be continued.. .

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