The Tenant

THE TENANT (Episode 19)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 

The Jeep came to a halt in the police station environs and Nike leaned forward to speak to to them
‘ Here we are Vanessa, we gonna go in there and report your step dad and step brother but I think they would actually have your dad charged since you do not have evidences against Francis. I believe you have the flash drive with you and I h0le it isn’t the original because they might want to have that down’
‘ it isn’t the original Niks ‘, was Van’s reply as she thought about all what Niks said now and linked it up with what she said earlier at her office about not being a professional or something.
‘Shall we?’ She asked looking at Van, she had been avoiding Francis.
‘Sure’_ both individual chorused as they unbuckled their seat belts.
They walked to the reception room of the DC board where two corporals stood behind an oval table.
‘Good afternoon officers’ Niks greeted sounding very official not smiling.
‘Good afternoon madam’ they both responded
‘Thank you Niks said as she brought out her ID card which spelled out her name, occupation, post and chambers name. I am Adenike and I am your learned friend- I guess you understand so I need to see the DCO
‘Right away madam’ they chorused
They put a call through to the DPO through the intercom and they were ushered into the large and obviously comfortable office.
The DCO sat behind an oak table with a PC on it and files scattered all over the table. On his table was a placard with his name boldly written in CAPS, Akeem Abdul.
‘Please have your seats’ the man said motioning us to sit on the leather seats.
‘Niks did the the same ritual she performed at the reception by introducing herself and then introduced us. She stated why we were there.
‘We need you to make an arrest’ I spoke up when the man told us to go on and say with what we had to.
‘Hmm..that why we the police are here Miss so tell me who the criminal is ‘, the man said listening with rapt attention.
‘Its Chief Williams!’, Van blurted out and knew it would ring a bell since he was a very prominent and influential man.
‘Chief?’ The man said and relaxed back into his chair. He removed his glasses and sighed. ‘He has been our major target for past six month Guys, I just got this appointment and he is already my major challenge’ the man spoke sadly and Francis and Van both exchanged looks of My God!
Francis spoke up this time around ‘Sir, I think that’s a very good start for us, we have enough evidences to bring him down’
A flash of relief shone on the man’s face. ‘God! You do not know what you are about to do for me, you are about to give a definite promotion.’ He picked the receiver and dialed a department
‘Get the boys ready to pick up Chief Williams right away! He spoke and hung up.
They will be here in an hour so you can we can review your plans.
‘I have a flash drive here with series of videos which I got down months and weeks ago including the murder of my mum’
‘The police man was grateful, what he had been looking all this while. He knew when chief lost his wife but no police came into the matter since chief termed it a home accident. They had to leave it as that.
The man ins**ted the flash drive into its port in the PC and played the videos. They all watched and concluded how hærd hearted Chief was.
The DCO had to excuse himself to attend to issues at the DC board. Van also requested to visit the rest room. There and then Francis decided to talk to Nike.
‘Nike’ Francis called to catch her attention since she had her head bent.
‘Yes Francis’
‘Did I in any way lead you on?’ He asked calmly
‘I do not understand you Francis’ she said silently
‘Niks don’t act like you do not know what I am talking about’, Francis spoke again half yelling.
‘Don’t yell at me Francis and yes of course you led me on but please let us talk about this some other time’ She said with rage.
Francis wanted to talk again but the door opened to reveal Van who looked at both of them disturbed.
Writer’s POV
The police vehicle drove into the Chief’s compound. And the officers stormed into house. Williams was reclining in his favourite chair with his son sitting opposite him on a couch. They were laughing evilly as though they just accompanied an evil mission.
Good day! We are from Akolaba police station, a young detective said raising his ID card and both father and son exchanged looks and burst into laughter. ‘You can laugh for all we care but we have an arrest permit, so you have to come with us Chief’
‘My son please inform my lawyer and meet us there at their ‘PS’ chief said mockingly.
‘He was led into the waiting vehicle and five minutes later they arrived at the police station, he was immediately taken into DSO’s office who was already on seat.
‘Here you are Williams’ the DCO said grinning with contentment.
Before the chief could reply, he caught the sight of Vanessa who left his his house about two weeks ago.
‘Like seriously sweetheart! You demanded for my arrest?’ He asked and burst into laughter. Van remained motionless as anger reed through her. She wanted to stand up and give him a slap across his face, she wanted to call him names but a stronger hand held her down-/Francis’s huge hands.
Just then Francis arrived with a lawyer.
He was shocked to see me but quickly masked it.
Chief we have been putting up your arrest for the past few months now but I guess you used your power to scale through. But now it is over for you. I guess you know the law of Karma and you know what it means when nemesis catches up with people. You’re on the same page with it now. No more escape route. The DSO said and commanded him to be locked up. He will be charged to court on Monday. And no bail. His offences magnanimous.
What? Francis gasped- so fast??
The trio left the police station after having Chief locked up.
Will Francis come after them?
Will Chief’s story be a prison break?? (Pls comment below)

To be continued…

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