The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 5)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 
THE TENANTE (pisode 5)
Tassshhh- the ceramic plate landed on the white kitchen titles breaking into thousands of pieces, and Sharon almost jumped out of her skin, she had been in thought while washing the plates.
‘OMG!’, she exclaimed rubbing her temple just then she heard hastened footsteps approaching the kitchen. She knew who they were- her brother and her aunt, they were scared as well.
‘Sharon Darling!’, her aunt called out holding her upper arm to guide her out of the kitchen.
‘Come on, lets go’, she said.
Francis packed up the broken ceramic. Sharon and her aunt left Francis who kept sighing obviously dejected of his sister’s situation. He was sad because he knew nothing about the incident and he was sad because he couldn’t save her and because he is unable to do anything to ease whatsoever pain she might be feeling.. She has went through a lot more than her age, he could feel her pain physically, emotionally and psychologically.
Sharon settled down in a nearby settee once they reached the sitting room, then resumed her thoughts Mr. Adebiyi never stopped until she got pregnant for him- that was when tragedy struck.. She almost died, she was probably a fool for not telling any other person all along or for trusting him so much to follow him to a quack for an abortion- I was just so scared as well, I was still young and probably still naive, I didn’t want to destroy my aunt’s home. And the abortion went well but everything turned around on getting back home when I started bleeding- heavily. I was alone- he left for his friend’s place and then my aunt walked in. She was quite early. She was so scared and furious.
‘ What happened to you!?Who did this to you!?’, she asked scre-ming at the sight if blood.
‘Ju-s-t take me to- the hos-pi-tal’, I replied with my voice almost trailing off then I passed out hearing a distant but familiar voice yelling my name Sharon! Sharon! Sharon!
I woke up 6hours later seeing my aunt weeping uncontrollably and I couldn’t help but cry as well
‘I tried talking to you Aunty,’I said bittinf my l-ips
‘I am sorry Sharon’, she replied cupping my face with her hands as tears streamed down her face- we both wept. I didn’t see her husband throughout my stay at the hospital-I asked my aunt and only gave a simple reply, ‘he left’, and I was wondering left for where?-Yoruba people are just bad. I spent a wh0le month there, five days after I was checked into the hospital, my brother, Francis arrived. I haven’t seen him in two years.
No one told me anything about my health until I was discharged.
I almost died and guess what my pains didn’t stop there and I think it would have been better I died.
Sharon ended her thought escapades when Francis emerged from the kitchen drying his hands with a towel.
‘ I thought I asked you if you could do the washing’, Francis raised eyeballs, obviously directing the question at Sharon.
‘Yeah- I thought I could, I am sorry bro’, Sharon said calmly.
./’Sharon dear, you have to pull yourself together, you know we love you’, her aunt said moving closer to pat her shoulder.
‘yes, we love you. You should stop thinking about the ugly incident’, Francis added.
Sharon nodded her head and rested against the woman’s chest. .
Sharon sweetheart! what do you think about this guys?? Say something! What do you think they never told her about her health until she was discharged?
To be continued… 
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