The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 8)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo
Van’s POV
Get up!!!! The alarm clock sounded and Van practically rolled to the floor, why should an alarm clock scare her? It was another nightmare!
She got up rubbing her rib which was almost broken, she removed the blanket and shoved it back on the bad, she staggered a little rubbing her heavy eyes with left palm and simultaneously rubbing her ribs with the other hand. She put on the lights and stood in front of the mirrored wardrobe, her eyes were puffy and red, she remember she cried for almost 12 hours out of the 24 hours in a day.
She sighed as she moved to the bathroom. She came out and picked a black skirt suit with gold blouse to wear, she carried her brown heeled sandals with a brown handbag, she packed her undone hair in a neat bun, sprayed her perfume and did a light make up on her face. She picked her phone on the dresser to check the time- it was just 6:40 am, she was an early riser and she leaves home at 7 am everyday so as to beat traffic and resume work by 8 am but now that her office is just 10 minutes drive away, she is lucky.
The earliest time she got home then was 10pm due to heavy traffic always on the way but now it would be earlier, she thought as the corners of her mouth twisted in a smile. She was very excited when she got the banking job or let’s say she had always wanted a job that would keep her outside the hell of a home for as long as 18 hours out of 24 hours. And the banking job really did a great job at keeping her out of the home but now that she is alone, she is not afraid to return home as early as possible.
She left the bedroom and headed to the kitchen to fix herself breakfast. She settled down for chicken which she saw in the freezer and micro waved with fried plantain and sweet potatoes. She ate at the dining area and cleared her
She left home at 7 am not minding how early it was and as she was about to enter her car, Aisha also came ot ready to leave for her store. They exchanged pleasantries and Aisha promised to introduce her to the other tenants on Sunday when everyone would be at home and less busy.
Van noticed the other tenants and the landlord were still around, she decided to see the old prof before she leaves and in another 20 minutes she was sitting comfortably behind her oval mahogany desk with a PC computer on it. There was a tall cabinet filled with ledgers and the likes. She finally settled down to work.
She was a marketer. She is having trouble meeting her target this month, she had been asked to find costumers whose money in the bank would be up to 10milliom naira. She has been going to meet business tycoons, chiefs,rich men begging them to open accounts in their bank but those devilish pot bellied selfish and greedy men are requesting for something she can’t give them- never even if she had been violated before. And to top it all up her boss is not helping matters he is even threatening her that he would sack her if she didn’t reach the target, he doesn’t care how she does it or he would have his way with her and cover up for her at the board’s meeting. Van knew her target would definitely not be up to 10 million naira but what can she do, nothing. She is just a nobody with bad luck! A little tear dropped from her eyes. She quickly wiped it off before someone walked in on her.
Brinnngg! The intercom rang and she picked it up, it was her boss.
‘Good morning sir’, she spoke with fear
‘ Williams, see me in my office now’, he spoke ignoring her greeting and her heartbeat increased.
What do you think the boss would say on a  Monday morning.???
To be continued.. 
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