The Tenant

THE TENANT (episode 9)

© Ajiboye Ayobami Tomilayo 
‘Good morning Sir Mike, you asked to see me, Van said plastering a sly smile on her face as she entered her boss’s office.
‘And what is so good about the morning Miss Williams?’ Half yelling and Van’s eyes popped open by the rude greeting but Mike ignored her anyways as he continued, ‘Vanessa, I think I have given you enough time to meet different clients so you can meet your target of 10million naira, do you think that is a chicken change?, he asked yelling.
‘ I told you none of them were ready to have an account here with us without having their way with me- and I can’t do it’, Van said already at the edge of crying.
‘ Oh dear! Do not cry, if you can’t do it then think about the other option’, Mike said softly as though he wasn’t the one yelling out his throat just now, he stood up from his seat and walked over to Van placing his hand on her shoulder, he car-ssed her her back and the tears fall freely!
‘ I believe you really want this job, I am the boss and I can tell the management to promote you or reduce your target to the one you’ve gotten already. I have the power Van! Don’t torture yourself’. Mike spoke into her ears as he planted an irritating k-ss on her cheek.
‘I can never do that with you because you’re evil! Van said turning to face him with venom in her voice then she pointed her fingers at him and continued, even though I am a victim of rape and you think I am vulnerable but sorry to disappoint you Mike, I will never stoop so low to sleeping with you.
Mike was obviously surprised at her outburst but quickly recovered himself. ‘Oh Van, didn’t know you’ve got some nerves but I guess I would give you what the company asked me to give you’ he said with an evil grin plastered on his face as he strolled back to his table. He tool an envelop and threw it at Van who looked at him like he disgusts her then bent down to pick the letter.
‘ I guess you would be happy with that, mike said as he turned in the executive chair and Van tore the envelop open.
‘Sack letter! Van muttered and looked up smiling, I have always knew this would happen and if hadn’t I would have resigned.
‘ what the hell Van, you’ve got the gut to talk to me in that manner but I wouldn’t trade words with you, just pack your personal things, return necessary ledgers and leave the premises’, Mike said angrily
‘ I guess I know what to do so no need to stress yourself about explaining to me. Thank you!’, Van said with finality and exited the office slamming the door shut. Mike looked on dazed mouth dropping in surprise, the once gentle and easy going Van spoke to him that way. God what have I done? Please forgive me Lord!
Van was done packing and finny enough even to her she never shed a tear after leaving Mike’s office. Everyone felt sorry for her, some even wept but she had to leave. She carried her bag and walked up to her car and drove home singing along to the song playing from the speakers- she felt an unusual peace. And it surprised her as well.
She got him and put a call through to a worried Niks who promised to stop by after work. Van made herself noodles and settled down on the coach to watch a movie. She started thinking about getting a new job or starting a business. She was a good money saver, her mother taught her that and she has been doing that right from when she was was young. She could still remember the day she borrowed her mum the #20, 000 she had been saving in her piggy bank from the beginning of the year when she needed money to pay some bills.
He salary every month was #100,000 and least had #500,000 in her fixed deposit account which she hasn’t touched for more than a year. She smiled, she had the money and she thinks she could start a business.
Just then her phone rang, it was an unknown number, she prayed it wasn’t her step brother or step dad.
‘Hello beautiful’, the voice was a little bit familiar to her.
‘Hi! Sorry but who am I speaking with please?
‘Its Francis, er- er the one you ran l-ips.
into the other day’ Francis said and Van sighed closing her eyes and pursing her l-ips.
‘Francis I thought I have told you times without number that I am sorry for what happened
‘Oh Vanessa there is no need to apologize anymore’
‘ So what do you want?
‘Well Niks called me to tell me what happened at your work place and pld me to call you in case you might be sad.
Van’s jaw dropped.
 be continued… 
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