The Trampled Rose

The trampled rose episode 5

The Trampled Rose (episode 5)
When a person does something wrong the first time, it can be considered as a mistake but if that same act is repeated several times afterwards, then it is deliberate. It’s now clear that Brandy’s affair with her husband’s best friend ‘Mavin’ was no longer a mistake but now a deliberate decision; otherwise, she would have repented from her actions and backed away after the very first day they made love. For Brandy to continue sleeping with Mavin now meant they loved and enjoyed what they were doing, without considering the fact that they were betraying Tochi who was far away in Canada working really hærd for a wife that didn’t deserve his love and to make matters worst, she was now pregnant with Mavin’s child. It’s safe to say that there was fire on the mountain but it’s clear no one was running just yet.
Immediately Brandy saw the ‘Positive’ pregnancy test result, her heart dropped instantly and goosebumps covered her wh0le body. It was at that moment that she realized she had truly messed up her marriage to the point of ‘no return’. How on earth was she going to cover her affair with Mavin if she was pregnant for him? What would she tell her husband ‘Tochi’ when he returns from Canada in few months time and sees her with a big baby bump? Who would she tell her husband impregnated her?. All these questions and more ran through Brandy’s mind as she sat on her bathroom floor. “I am finished!” She voiced out with a heavy heart.
For over three (3) hours that evening, Brandy was seated on the floor thinking about her life and wh0le existence. At that point, she couldn’t even look at herself because she felt disappointed in herself. As she wallowed in thoughts, her phone rang and it was Mavin calling. When she saw his name on the screen, she hurriedly picked up. “Hello” she greeted, “Hi, how are you?’ He asked, “I am not fine at all, there’s a serious issue on ground and I’m about to lose my mind by just thinking about it” she said in haste.
On hearing that, Mavin became a bit worried as to what the problem could be. Without hesitating, he began to make inquiries. “What’s going on? Why do you sound so worried?” He curiously asked and Brandy dropped the bomb. “I am pregnant” she said in a shaky tone. Immediately she broke the news to Mavin, he froze due to shock. For about two minutes, there was total silence because the news was a lot to take in at once.
To be honest, Mavin was shocked and a bit disappointed that Brandy wasn’t on any birth control pills to prevent her from getting pregnant, knowing fully well that they were having an affair that needed not to be known by any third party. However, the deed had already been done so the best they could do was look for a solution to the problem they were in. The phone call conversation wasn’t doing enough justice to the issue on ground so Mavin had to drive all the way to Brandy’s house that evening so they could have a proper conversation. An hour later, he arrived and they went into an intense face-to-face conversation that lasted for hours.
“What do you want us to do? I want to know what’s on your mind before saying anything” Mavin said as they sat on the couch. “Honestly, I don’t know what to do and was hoping you would take the lead in offering a solution” Brandy responded. “Do you want us to keep the baby or abort it? I am ready to face the consequences of any decision you make” he said and she was mute for a second. “I don’t want to abort this baby but at the same time, I also don’t want to lose my marriage. I am so confused right now and don’t know which decision will be the best for me and you. It’s scary how something that started as a fling has now resulted to this. Whenever I think of how much all this will hurt my husband, I instantly get sick to my stomach because I dread for the day he would find out. In as much as I want to abort this baby and pretend as though nothing happened between us, I find it difficult to do such because that would triple my pain” she soberly said.
Mavin was mute all through while Brandy spoke because his mind was full of thoughts of regret and fear. At the extent to which things had gone, he knew it was impossible for their secret affair not to come to light soon. As he sat there thinking of what next to do, a great idea came to his mind. “I have a good plan that can prevent anyone from ever finding out the truth about our affair. You will visit Canada as soon as possible so you can make love with your husband and pass this child as his. No one would ever know the true father of your child because the timing will be perfect for Tochi to believe that the child belongs to him. I will try my best to secure a visa for you to go meet your husband as soon as possible. Start telling him that you would be coming over and just leave the rest to me” he said.
That idea felt very wrong on all levels but seemed like the perfect action to take at such a critical time. Brandy agreed to the evil idea and they began to plan on how to perfectly implement it without leaving any looph0les. While they planned on how to carry out such an evil scheme, God moved before them to make their plans fruitless.
Very early the following day, Brandy began to hint Tochi that she would be coming over to Canada in few weeks time. “Wow!! Have the embassy finally approved your visa” Tochi happily asked and she said “Kinda”. The naive man was genuinely happy that his wife would finally come over to spend some time with him. He prayed and hoped that the visa would come this time around so he could see his beloved wife again. If only Tochi knew the evil motive behind her visit, he would drop-dead at how evil his once lovely wife had become in just a matter of few months apart. Too sad!
While Mavin pulled all the foreign strings he knew to secure a visa for Brandy to travel to Canada, all his efforts were frustrated and fruitless. It was either one sad story or the other from the embassy and everything began to get him scared because it meant their plan to fool Tochi won’t work. How good is God?
After close to a month of trying to secure for Brandy a visa but failed, they gave up hope and began to look for other ways out of their problem. This development made both of them depressed and moody all the time. During that period, Brandy began to feel her baby bump but it wasn’t yet visible for others to see. She usually cried every night and it was then that she truly began to regret her actions.
One evening, Mavin came to Brandy’s house so they could talk about the way forward. Despite being disappointed in himself for betraying his best friend, he still knew he had to own up and take responsibility for his actions. “Whatever will be will be, we just have to be ready for the storms ahead because it will definitely come. I am willing to have this baby with you and we can figure out what happens between us after the baby is born. We have to take responsibility as adults and do what is right by having this baby because he or she certainly didn’t ask to be created. You have to lay low for now and hide your bump once it starts showing. Let’s just get ready for the worst and prepare our minds towards it” he sadly said. The sweetness of life suddenly became sour in their mouths and it was too late to make amends. However, just when they thought they could hide their secret for much longer, something happened that brought everything to light sooner than expected.
It turns out that Tochi’s project finished before the due date so he was free to return back home earlier. This new development made him extremely happy because it meant he would be seeing his beloved wife soon. In order to make it a surprise, he decided not to tell Brandy that he would be returning home.
Having completed a 24 months project in 20 months, he was let off the hook and didn’t have any official reason to still remain in Canada. As at this time, Brandy was 5 months pregnant and stopped going out of the house completely, except at nights. She took an indefinite leave from her job after telling the hospital officials that she had an urgent confidential issue to deal with that involved her family. They agreed and let her go on the condition that she won’t be paid while away; which she gladly accepted. If only they knew she took that leave in order to hide her pregnancy from the world.
Finally, the D-Day for Tochi’s arrival came and he still didn’t inform his wife when he reached the airport. He truly wanted to surprise and spoil her with the goodies he came back with.
As Tochi sat on the back seat of a rental car heading home, the only thoughts in his mind was hugging his wife again and telling her how much he had missed her. It was such a precious moment for him but he had no idea that disaster was waiting ahead. After a 37 minutes drive, he arrived at his house and the gateman leaped for joy to welcome him. “ssshhh, lower your voice, I want to surprise my wife” Tochi happily said as he alighted from the car. With a wide smile, the gateman helped him carry his belongings from the boot.
As the gateman brought the belongings out from the car one after the other, Tochi happily walked towards the main entrance door and knocked. After knocking for the forth time, the door slowly opened and the sight of what he saw almost sent him to an early grave.
As Tochi set his eyes on Brandy that had a protruding belly, he was shocked beyond words can say. Brandy’s eyes and mouth were wide opened; she wished the ground could just open and swallow her up. A day that was supposed to be a blissful and joyful one, turned out to be a day chocked with confusion and many unanswered questions. As he stood there looking at his wife with a heavy heart, the gateman heard a horn and opened the gate.
Tochi immediately turned backwards with tears in his eyes to see who drove into his compound. Lo and Behold, it was no other person than baby daddy ‘Mavin’.
End of episode 5 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow for the next episode to see what happened next.

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