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The twelfth disciple 2 Episode 42 – 43

The twelfth disciple 2 Episode 42 – 43


🎓The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 42

By: Faith Lucky

Authoress Chi Pov:
“Hold on, Jimin?” The fourth queen – Jimin’s mother shrieked.

“What’re you talking about? That isn’t possible!”

“Hold on; Who visited the King before Jimin did?” Nathan’s mother asked.

“I was the one” the third Queen – Eric’s mother – answered and the guard nodded in confirmation.

“I visited him and

we actually talked. Although,he was feeling dizzy, but he was fine. Yes, he was fine.
“So…if Jimin was the last person to visit the King, it probably means he was aware of the King’s death. And even if he didn’t have a hand in it, he should’ve said something, right? He should’ve reported it”.

“Hold on… Where’s Jimin? He needs to be brought here and explain himself” Duri snapped.

“I don’t think he’s in at the moment” a guard said.
“I saw him driving out a while ago”.

All eyes turned to the fourth Queen.

“Where’s your son?” One of the council members asked.

“Where is he?”

“I don’t…I don’t know. I’m not even aware he’s not in the palace. He didn’t tell me he was leaving” she answered honestly, anxiety running over her.

She couldn’t believe her son could do such a thing. No; she didn’t believe.

“Find the prince!”


I whimpered in the car as Nathan drove at a full speed, his hands looking so sweaty.

Despite the fact I was away from the palace, I still felt so scared and nervous; I was visibly shaken.

I couldn’t believe I was almost killed; almost wasted. Why did my life have to take this turn, huh?

I couldn’t stop crying in the car, and finally, the prince pulled to a stop.

“Danica!” He called and pulled me into a hug and let my tears get soaked on his shirt..

“My prince…” I whimpered, holding him tight.

Oh! I felt so scared; so scared.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s okay” he hushed, patting my back soothingly.

I continued crying, unable to control the tears.

“I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” he continued patting me.


When I was finally able to get a grip of myself, he continued driving and took me to his apartment. But getting there, I met Mr Williams outside the gate.

“He’s still here?” Prince Nathan mumbled as he stopped the car.

I just kept looking and didn’t say a word.

“I think he’s here to take you home, Danica” he turned to me and said.
“He was here this morning, asking after you, and I don’t think he’s ready to leave without you”.

I sniffed and looked at him through the window.

His hands were on his wasit and he was already marching towards the car

“It’s okay” I sniffed again. “i think I’ll go with him”.

I moved my hair backwards and tried opening the door, but the prince stopped me.

“I’m so sorry, Danica” he said sympathetically. “I’m so sorry for

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what you had to go through because of my family. I really hope you can forgive me”.

For a few seconds, I was silent.

“I’m not mad at you, my prince” I said with my gaze on my th1ghs. “There’s nothing to be sorry about”.

He lifted my chin up and kssed me – a snogging kss that made me a little relieved.

“Thank you” he whispered and I nodded and left the car.

I went out and Mr Williams rushed to me immediately.

“Danica!” He called with relief.
“Goodness! I’ve been looking for you. I was so worried. Are you okay, dear? Have you been

He said too many things at once, I didn’t know which one to reply to.

“I’m fine sir” I simply said with a lowered head.

He didn’t seem satisfied at all.

“Um…the DNA results are actually out, dear. And…it came out positive. Maya and I’m..are indeed your biological parents” he said and I looked at him – not really in surprise tho.

“Oh” I mumbled and took my eyes to the floor again.

So, its been confirmed after all? Kim was not my biological mother. No wonder she’s always treated me like a piece of trash. And she’s also the reason I’m in this mess. Oh! How much I hate her!

“Come on, dear. Let’s go” he supported my back and started leading me towards the car .

But before going in, I turned to look at the prince who’s car was still parked and was definitely looking at me.

Then, i walked in.


I was neatly dressed when I walked into the hospital and requested from the nurses on desk to see the doctor.

They told me he was in his office and without hesitation, I went straight to see him.
I knocked on the door and went in and he looked a little surprised seeing me there.

“Bitna?” He called, but I only glared hard at him as I walked closer.

“Is there a problem?” He asked as he took off his glasses.

“Yes” I gritted a reply. ‘there’s a very big problem.
“I’m in a big problem because of you, Doctor. Because of your betrayal”

He scoffed and stared downwards.

“Listen to me, Bitna; I never assured you I was going to do it. I only told you I’d try my best” he said.

“We had an agreement!” I half yelled, trying not to attract the nurses with my voice.

“You asked for my body and I gave it to you, but you

ended betraying me! You betrayed me!”

Silence took over as he just a stared down at the table and didn’t say a word for sometime.

“But on a serious note, Bitna” he continued. “Why would you want to stick to a family that isn’t yours? Why would you want to life a fake life, huh?”.

I stared angrily at him.

“As a matter of fact, I think you should be thankful I didn’t expose you, because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been funny” he said ridiculously and being filled with so much anger and not thinking straight, I lifted a bottle from the table and hit him hard on the head with it.

He grunted as blood splashed and fell on the floor.

Suddenly, I panicked, the reality of what had happened, replaying in my head.

Hold on..What did I just do?

I gasped and drooped the half bottle on the floor, then ran to his unconsciouss body on the floor.
Hold on; he didn’t seem to be breathing. He didn’t seem to be breathing.

No; This isn’t possible.

Episode 43

By: Faith Lucky

My hands shook immediately

Oh my God! Why wasn’t he breathing? Why wasn’t he breathing? I didn’t hit him too hard, did I?

Pure conniption gripped me as my eyes itched. Oh my! I needed to do something. I needed to save him.

No; I needed to save myself. Yes, myself.

My eyes shun brightly as I stared at his unconscious body on the floor. And without further hesitation, I turned around and left the office.

The nurses on desk didn’t seem to pay attention to me – thankfully. And I just skidaddled away, got to the road and boarded a cab home.

My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked the rest of the distance home.

No. He couldn’t be dead, could he? Of course, not. There’s noway I could’ve killed him. I’m not a murderer. Never!

I tried to control my anxiety as I walked into the surprise and due to how dazed I felt, I didn’t realize the guy drinking in the room.

My head was just bent towards the floor as I tried heading for the stairs, but not untill the guy called my attention.

“Hey, Miss pompous!” He chuckled as he stood up from where he was seated and taking a look at him,I realized it was the same guy I had encountered on the streets – the one who won a fight.

Huh? What’s he doing here? Don’t tell me we’re related, please. No way.

“Wow! Isn’t this a surprise?” He chuckled. “What’re you doing here?”

“I think I should be asking you that” I scoffed in return.

“Oh! Let me guess…. you’re Kim’s daughter?” He teased, but I didn’t say a word.

“Oh! Of course, you’re Kim’s daughter!” He chuckled again and started moving closer, but I took some steps away.

I couldn’t tell why, but I just felt kind of scared – scared of what had previously happened.

“Who’s Kim to you? And what’re you doing here?” I rushed my words, trying to know if we’re related.

“Oh! Kim is just my mum’s friend. And she’s acccomodating us for the time being” he answered and I breathed in relief.

Then, I turned around and took the stairs.

“Hey; hold on, Mrs Pompous. We aren’t done talking” he said from behind but I didn’t even stop to spare him a glance.

Getting to my room, I realized my hands were shaking again and.. oh geez! It was making me so nervous.

The doctor… There’s no way he could be dead, right?

God, Please! He can’t be dead. God, please!

I arrived home with Mr Williams and his wife was already waiting at the facade of the house.

As soon as I stepped out of the car, she rushed towards me and pulled me in a hug.

“Oh! Dear, I was getting so worried. Are you alright?” She asked immediately.

“I’m… I’m fine ma’am. Good evening”. I tried brightening up my mood a bit, but hell, it wasn’t working.

“Your father told me you weren’t with the prince when he had gone to pick you up. Was there a problem?” She asked and for a moment, I was a little confused.

Should I tell her the truth? Tell her what I passed through?

No; I don’t think that’s a good idea. I didn’t want more trouble and didn’t even want to think about it again.

I sniffed and shook my head.

“It was nothing serious ma’am. Please, don’t worry about it” I said sullenly and just like Mr Williams, she also looked uncomfortable.

“Okay, dear. If you say so. Um… darling, how’s Bitna? Have you heard from her?” She turned to her husband and asked, but he shook his head negatively which made her a little sad.

She sighed and looked at me.

“Come on, dear. Let’s go in” she rubbed my arm and led me into the house.

Okay; and now I think I’m feeling really nervous. The house was looking too big to me.
Too big and beautiful.

She held my hand as we walked in and somehow, I felt relieved by it.

I continued looking around as she took me to my room…
“If there’s anything you need, dear. Please, don’t hesitate to let me know” Mum said as I sat on the big comfy bed.

I couldn’t even respond to her as I just continued rotating my eyes around.

The room was super big and beautiful and for a moment, it made me forget all about my worries.

“You should take a shower while I get the dining ready, okay?” She further said with her hand on my shoulder and I just managed a nod.

Then, she touched my hair as well and finally left.

Oh God

I placed my cold hands on my cheeks and sighed. Everything was happening so fast – just like a dream and I could hardly believe it.

In just a few days, my life had taken an entirely different turn – including good and bad. I didn’t even know which was worst.

Just in a few days, I had gotten to realize the family I had grown up with, wasn’t my biological family after all. And also, in a few days, I had gotten to know I was a God-forsaken disciple who was meant to be killed or something.

Goodness! I could hardly believe it. Didn’t even want to think about it

I actually wish there was a way I could go far from here – on a very long break. Seriously, I needed it.

I buried my face in my palms and sighed. I needed to calm myself. Yes, it was all going to be over. Definitely. I could do this.


I took a shower as soon as I got into the room. Although, there had been no stain on me, but I just felt so dirty and filthy and needed water to touch my entire skin.

The image of the bl.eeding doctor kept replaying in my head and geez! It was making me so scared.

“He isn’t dead. He isn’t dead” I kept consoling myself.

I didn’t want to believe he was really dead. I wasn’t a murderer – never!

I dried my body with a towel and came out of the bathroom after the bath and getting to the room, I took some clothes from the wardrobe.

Well, yeah. Dad had come along with some clothes.

Just when I was completely dressed, the door opened and I turned to see it was Kim.


“Don’t you knock before going into people’s room?” I snapped at her, but she gave no reaction.

She was holding a plate of.. whatever and drooped it on the bed.

“Hi” she sighed.
“How’re you doing?”

“Well, I can never be better in this hellhound. So, don’t ask me that” I rolled my eyes and went to take a brush from the table so I could brush my hair .

She was silent for a long while and I spared her a glance to see if she was still there.

“Well, I made you some stew. Thought you might like it” she said and I looked at the stew and scoffed.

“Are you kidding me? This actually looks like rotten crap to me. I’m not interested, okay?” I answered belligerently and turned back to the mirror.

But thinking of it, I was actually hungry.

Well, h’ll no. There’s no way I’m eating that.

Another seconds of silence stepped in again.

“No problem, then. I’ll check up on you later” she said and left the room, without the stew

“Take it along with you!” I was almost forced to yell after her, but restricted myself.

Whatever. I shouldn’t even care. It can stay there forever.

I finished with my hair and decided to go get some air in front of the window and tht was the moment I knew my life was doomed.

I gasped and moved away from the window immediately.

Oh my God!
The police!!

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