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The twelfth disciple 2 episode 44 – 45

The twelfth disciple 2 episode 44 – 45


🎓The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)

Episode 44

By: Faith Lucky

I moved away from the window immediately,my eyes dilating in shock.
Oh my! What is going on? What’re they doing here?

They aren’t here for me, right? Of course, not. They can’t be here for me!

My eyes watered as I continued watching them untill they walked into the house.

Oh God!

Maybe they were here for

Kim; or for that streetfighter – Whatever his name is.

Yes, they were probably here for him.

Oh goodness! But why am I feeling so scared; so unsecure?

I was almost shaken, not knowing what next to do. Who could they possibly be in the room with at the moment? Who could they be talking with?
Oh! Of course, they were probably arresting the criminal already.

The door opened shortly and Kim walked in. She was looking shocked, making it obvious that something was wrong.

“Um… Bitna” she called.
“Did you…go to the doctor’s office today?”

I flinched immediately.

Oh God; this was it. This was it. It was all about me!

“Wh… Why’re you asking me that?” I asked nervously.

“Well… some officers are here and they …”

“I didn’t do it!” I cut in immediately, my voice almost sounding tearful.

“I… I didn’t do it. Tell them to leave me alone”.

She looked at me, surprised.

“Bitna, what have you done?” She asked and I bursted into tears.

“I didn’t mean to do it” I whimpered. “I just .. I was just angry and hit him with the bottle. I didn’t know it’d hurt him so bad. Please, tell them to let me go”.
I couldn’t imagine myself going to jail.

The door opened shortly and a police man came in.

“We need to leave, Miss. Please, come with us” he said and more tears streamed down my cheeks as I shook my head and move backwards.

“Let me go. Let me go” I mumbled repeatedly.

He came towards me with a handcuff.

“Don’t touch me! Let me go!” I yelled at him.

For the first time, I looked at Kim, wishing she could help, but she looked really helpless, and shocked.

Oh God! I’m doomed! I’m doomed!

I whimpered fearfully as the police man got to where I was and placed the cuffs on my hands.

“No” I whimpered as he started leading me out of the room, my heart breaking apart.


Chi’s Pov:
The fourth Queen stood at a well hidden corner before placing the car. She was panicking.

She dialed his private line which only a very few people had, and at the third beep, he picked up.

“Jimin?” She called immediately, in a whisper.

“Mum” came his reply.

“Goodness! Jimin, where are you? Everyone’s been trying to reach you!” She snapped, but he didn’t reply.

“What is going on, Jimin?” She continued. “there are some…There are some rumours about you being responsible for your father’s death. I need you to come home

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and defend yourself so they can know you’re innocent”.

“There’s nothing to defend, mum” he gave his reply.
“I’m really responsible for it”.

The Queen felt her heart splitting into two.


She scoffed and itched her hisr.

“Hold on, Jimin. What’re… What’re you talking about? Have you lost your mind?” She asked, finding it unbelievable.

“I’m sorry, mum. But that’s the truth. Father needed to go. I couldn’t just sit by and watch a young innocent lady get killed because of him. She doesn’t deserve it. Some of these traditions needs to be adjusted so they don’t endanger people’s lives”.

“Jimin!” His mother cried out. “Oh,

my! What have you done!!”

“I’m sorry, mother, if I disappointed you”. He sighed.

“You killed your father!!”

Father was dying already!” He almost snapped, then took in a deep breath to calm his nerves.
“I only made it quicker to prevent the death of an innocent lady” he added.

“But for goodness sake, Jimin! This isn’t right! Not at all! Oh goodness! What have you done, Jimin! Why does it have to be you!”
She bursted into tears.

“Where are you?” She sniffed.

“I’m in a safe place, mother, about leaving the country. LIke I said, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine”. He answered and she bursted into more tears.

Her son. Her dear son. She was losing him.

“Jimin please…” She wept.
“Just tell me you’re lying. Tell me this isn’t true”

“I wish I could, mother. I’m sorry” he answered and ended the call.



When I was done from the room, I went out and met with Maya and her husband at the dining.
Oh! Sorry, mum and dad.

They were already seated and seemed to be waiting for me when I got there. So, I just simply joined them.

“What would you like to eat, Danica?” Mum asked as she stood up and opened the different plates on the table.

“Um… anything, ma’am” I smiled nervously and she dished out some beans for me, together with some vegetables and meat.

We started eating, mostly in silence. But after a while, “dad” started bringing up some little chats

But not long after, a call interrupted him as he excused himself to receive the call.

I didn’t pay attention as I just focused on my sumptuous meal. But when he suddenly shirked, I was forced to look at him.


“Hold on… Where?

“Okay. Okay”.

And he dropped the call.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” Mum asked immediately.

“It’s Bitna. She’s been arrested on the charges of an attempted murder on

Doctor Lucas”.

“What??” Mum sprang on her feet immediately.

“I don’t…I don’t understand! How the hell did that happen? How’s that possible?” She gibbered.

“I don’t know, Maya”.

“Goodness! Where is she being held? What station?”

“Don’t worry. I can take you there”. Dad stood up with his phone.

“You can stay home and take care of yourself, Danica. We’ll be back soon” dad said with his hand on my shoulder and I just nodded.

And without further hesitation, he hurried off with mum.

“Hold on…Bitna actually attempted to kill someone? I don’t get. Why would she do such a thing?

I mean… Bitna didn’t look like a murderer to me. She might be stubborn, rude and all that, but she’s no murderer.

I remained quiet for a long time, unable to touch my meal. I couldn’t tell why I suddenly lost appetite, being affected by the news of Bitna.

I sank my fingers into my hair and stood up.

Goodness! It was unbelievable.

Well, at a point, I didn’t entirely feel surprised because Bitna was the daughter of Kim.


A knock came on the door and I hurried to check it out, wondering who it might be. Probably, someone that was there to see mum or dad.

But when I opened the door, to my greatest surprise, it was..


Episode 45

By: Faith Lucky

My hand fell from the door immediately.

Hold on…Scott?

What the…

“What are you doing here??” I almost yelled at him.

His eyes seemed to have become darker as he stared at me.

“We need to talk, Danica” he answered coldly and started walking towards the house, making me more from the door.

Oh! Of course, this isn’t Nathan’s hours where he had guards all over.

This house was just a normal person’s house and wasn’t well protected.

“So, you were able to escape from the palace, right!” He snorted.
“You succeeded in killing the King”.

Huh? What is he even talking about? And how did he get the information so quick?

I stopped walking when my back hit the wall and just stood, staring at him.

“Anyways” he continued.
“I’m still very glad you survived it cause I’ve missed you”.

“Have you gone sane, Scott?” I scoffed.
“First of all, you have no right to just barge in here. So…”

He shut me up with a kss which got my eyes widening in shock.


I flinched and tried to push him away but couldn’t as he was too strong for me.

What does he think he’s doing??

He bit hard at my lower lip and that was the moment I had to push hard and thankfully, I succeeded.

“What the h’ll do you think you’re doing!” I yelled as I $lapped him hard across the face.

He touched his cheek in annoyance and to my greatest surprise, pushed me down to the floor.


“Scot.” Before I could pronounce his name, he was already on top of me, pinning me and making it impossible for me to move.

“Let me go! You ba$tard!” I continued yelling.

Hold on…Where are the maids?

He grabbed my shirt and ripped it apart and I screamed.

“You owe me this, Danica” he growled and made to pull down my zipper as well.

Immediately, I spotted someone rush in through the door and grabbed Scott away from me.

Oh God!

I was breathing heavily and couldn’t see everything clearly at first as my hair ruffled over my face.

But whoever it was, he was helping me take care of Scott

I heard grunts and sounds of punches and finally, I was able to get a grip of myself and sit up

Oh my! It was Prince Nathan!
He had Scott pinned to the wall as he landed punches on his face.

“Dmn you, man! Let me go!” Scott grunted and tried pushing him off.

“You should be ashamed of yourself” Nathan said as he finally let go of his shirt.
And throwing a hard glare at me, he turned around and left.
“Danica!” Nathan called as he ran to me on the floor and helped me up.

“My prince..” I whimpered with my head lowered a bit, still feeling scared.

I couldn’t believe that m©nster almost used me.

“Come on; come on; it’s fine. Are you the only one home?” He asked and I nodded, holding the pieces of my torn shirt together to cover my chest.

“I’m… I’m so sorry. Come on; you should change this”
And with his hand wrapped around me, he started leading me towards the stairs.

I directed him to my room and getting there, he stood by the door while I took a shirt from the bedroom and went into the bathroom to change.

I came out when I was done and found the prince staring at a photograph on the wall.

Oh my! Taking a good look, he was looking quite charming.

He turned when he felt my presence and I became a nervous a little, the events of the previous night flashing into my head.

“Hey” he cooed and came closer to me.

“My prince…” I lowered my gaze. “Thank you for saving me”.

Myself, I didn’t even know which of the *saving* I was talking about.

Saving me from the palace? Or saving me from Scott?

G©sh! Well, I guess I had so many things to thank him for.

He chuckled and came closer to me.

“Don’t you think is high time you started calling me Nathan?” He asked and my eyes beamed.
Huh? Is he being serious?

He smiled and sat on the bed and when he didn’t say any other thing, I figured I had to join him. So, I sat next to him.

“Um…My prince” I called after a brief silence.
“I’m actually sorry about your father. I…”

“Don’t talk about it, Danica. You have nothing to be sorry for” he cut me off, making it so obvious he didn’t want to talk about it.

Huh? Well…

I shrugged and looked away.

Next thing I felt was a cold hand holding mine and I looked to see it was the prince.


I swallowed hard and looked away again.

“I’ve been looking for an opportunity to talk to you, Danica” he said calmly.
“After the incidence of this morning, I…”

Oh God! I seriously didn’t want to talk about it.

“I don’t exactly know what you might be thinking, Danica. But I didn’t just want to use you. I… I know I should’ve controlled myself, but… the urge was too strong, I couldn’t stop it.

“I’m really sorry about it, Danica. And I hope you can forgive me. And…I hope you also forget about it and move on with your life”.


My brows arched as I looked at him. What the he¢k is he…Is he talking about?

I stared at him – silently.

“I hope you find someone who’d cherish you and never reject you in life because you’re an awesome lady” he continued.

Okay; this was really getting out of hand. Why was he acting this way?

Slowly, I slided my hand away from his.

“Thank you for your time. And sorry for everything you had to pass through in the hands of my family. I hope you find everlasting peace after this”.
He stood up.

I could feel tears threatening to spill my eyes already. Was this a joke or he was actually being serious?

“Goodbye, Danica” he added and turned around and I found myself standing towards him.

“My Prince…” I called, trying as much as possible not to let my voice waver.
“What’re you… What’re you talking about?”

He turned and looked at me.

Oh God! How could I be so stupid?

Was I being cursed? First, it was Scott, now him? What did I ever do wrong?

“Y…You promised me” I whimpered as he stared at me.
“How could you lie to me? I should’ve known you could never be different from him. All men are liars!!!” I yelled and ran out the door in tears.

But just as I stepped out of the door, I paused, being confused at what I saw.

There was a red write up on the wall which had been done with a temporary marker.

My eyes dimmed as I looked at it.


That was boldy written on the wall.

Hold on; that wasn’t there before. Who wrote that?

Suddenly, I felt a hand wrap around my waist, a hand hold me from behind and I instantly knew it was the Prince.

What… What’s going on?

“Oh… Danica” he hushed into my ears. “permit me to say you must be dumb to think I’d just ditch you within the twinkle of an eye”.

I felt vibrations all over me as he released those words.
What is he talking about? I couldn’t understand a single thing.

He left me and I quickly turned to look at him.

Oh my God! He was having a ring with him. A glittering Diamond ring.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, Danica” he cooed. “I just needed you to be in the right emotions.

“I know…we haven’t really been together for so long, but I would want that to happen now. So, while we get acquainted with each other, I wouldn’t want us to be just friends. I’d want us to be something more”.

He paused and adjusted the ring.

“Danica Williams… Will you be my date?”

I lifted my palms to my mouth immediately, unable to contend it any longer.

Oh God! I bursted into tears.

“My Prince!!’ I gasped and threw my arms around him, gripping him tight.

Oh Goodness!

I wept on his shoulders as I gripped him tight, not wanting to let him go. I wept profusely, unable to believe it.

Oh God! This wasn’t a dream! It wasn’t a dream! It was real!

“Thank you” I mumbled against his shirt, not knowing exactly why I was thanking him.

Maybe, for being different from Scott, and making me feel important.

“Thank you” I whimpered again.

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