The Ultimate V-rginator

The ultimate v-rginator synopsis

[💃Get Ready To Be Played😏🙆]
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By: Authoress Kamara
All her life, she has kept away from the opposite s××. But they want is to fulfill the ultimate goal while she still wants to remain chaste and holy.

Its not awesome to have five hot following you around because of a bet and they want your v-rginity. I tell you, its not. Its scary.

Meet Bailey Hadid, nerdy Bailey with the glasses. Last year at high school and she expects it to be normal just like every other kid but this is different all because of a bet.

Wait, What bet? The bet ongoing between five friends. The first among the players that takes Bailey’s v-rginity will win the bet and of course, there had to be pictures to prove it.

And its not gonna be easy for Bailey when the players are the hottest guys in school and they want to fulfill their last goal, to get into Bailey’s pants. V-destroyers on patrol.

With these five friends determined to win the title of The Ultimate v-rginator, will our Bailey make it out alive with her v-rginity?

What’s gonna happen when they all cross paths in order to win her V-card because of a bet? What if one of the players falls in love? Will someone’s heart get broken?

Will Bailey lose the big V? Who will fall first among the five friends and who will claim the title of ‘The Ultimate v-rginator’?
Keep reading to find out
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©Kã Mä Râ💋

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